From Womb To Tomb

  Inventions and innovations may or may not
Walk together with the passage of time -
But they promote our thought processes
Like effervescence by adding water to lime!
The bubbles from such steam create the momentum
Followed by the uproar -
As they are found while surfing on the oceans,
Along the sandy beach shore!

Discovery of the fossils reveals the age of lives
On this huge planet earth -
And reflects on the heredity of living beings
In death since the holy birth!
Time glows like river flows to glorify
The new banks on the other side -
But thinks about the happiness,
And what to do in case if it has to hide!

Renovation of the age-old ideas may create the debris
That will need to be dumped -
While, out of excitement via achievement,
New ideas into the brain can be pumped!
The culmination will signify the essence
Of the two through the crazy bonding glue -
And keep the whole world wondering
What's in for the future without the real clue!

Arrival of Fall claws softly on the flowers
To preach demise of the summer's heat -
And compares the nakedness, without the leaves
On the trees, that cannot be beat!
But the beauty of Spring enchants the views
And throbs each corner of the heart -
Just like a lightening among the dark clouds
Shown on the hidden weather chart!

Life, in an essence goes through the rituals
From the moment a creature is born -
And moves rapidly along the roller coaster
To remain afloat, without being torn!
Hardships may begin from the womb
To erect there heads from dusk until dawn -
While the body without a life will rest happily
In the tomb greeted by the lawn!!


More by :  Hillol Ray

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