He Stole Her

  She still hears his few words, singing
in her ears like the lyre of harp.
Too little has he spoken!
Yet a thousand times, she hears
it within her, every minute, every day,
all through the year.

She still remembers those moments,
Together they shared.
Let the decades come and go,
but never will his memory fade away from her heart.

She can still see his face
whenever she stands in front of the mirror.
The twinkle in his eyes
kindles a spark through her heart!

She can smell his fragrance
around her, the smell of the
beautiful flowers is nothing when beside
his human, lovely warm fragrance.

His gentle touch, the warm handshake,
a pat on her back, a feeling he is always with her,
encourages her to reach great heights.
The human touch, how can she ever forget it!

Even sour things tastes good
when he gives it to her !
The touch of his hands transforms its taste.
He has captured her taste buds too!!

He has conquered all her six senses….
What else does she have now, for him to steal from her?
He stole her all the while making her realize that he is
stealing everything she has ,including her heart !!!
Yet she could not resist, why so??!!!
Something special about him!
That makes her surrender to him forever.


More by :  Priya S

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