How I wish I had my childhood back!

  It was ages since I missed my mom,
Her soothing voice, her sweet lullabies,
Her words of encouragement
In my most distressing moments.

Like the algebraic sea
That bewildered and challenged
She fascinated and embraced
Always urging me forward
Dispelling doubts like wools of cotton
Infusing confidence
Dribbling my inertia to life.

How often she stretched her hands
Like the vast expanse of the sea
To hug the timid and wailing me for failures!
Like the halo around that black cloud
She always presented a lovely face
Raining drops of love
In the most unpretentious way
Eager to see me win the battles of life
Swallowing within my egregious blunders.

Like a deft potter pressing earth to form
She shaped me, my person and my psyche
On the interminable wheel of time
And whenever I sound hollow to mine own self
I miss her badly, very badly by me
To lift me from morass, to lift my spirits.  


More by :  N. S. Murty

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