Into The Arms of Mother Nature


Alone and outcast in the wide world
Turned down and rebuked as a castaway
Deprived of love and belonging
Shunned by all he knew and seen

Thrown one night into an orphanage
Disowned by the one who bore him
Life threw him from arm to arm
Until he landed on the streets

Dawn to Dusk he lived on morsels
That he shared with critters
Dusk brought more dark tears
As he sobbed himself to sleep

One morn as he walked aimless
Lost in his own thoughts
He saw mother Nature personified
Arms outstretched and a welcoming smile

He recognized warmth and solace
A desire to be engulfed in peace
A longing for a sense of belonging
Yearning be rocked and lulled to sleep

He ran into the arms of Mother nature
And felt the peace rush into his soul
He saw everlasting brightness
Felt complete, no pain no sorrow. 


More by :  Kanchan Mahesh

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