Let's Run Together

  Run little son, right into my arms.
Hold my hand and we will run together.
The Creator, He's waiting, and we will run together.
Run little love, right down into these waters,
right back up again, and then on forever.

Many tears, many years, so much pain in our rejection,
Little love, we can leave them behind in the waters,
together with the tears of our Maker.
The tears that He wept with us,
the tears that He wept for us,
All through the day and even through the night.

The tears, the fears, the cold, cold years
The creator, He will wash them all away.
Far, far away, they will disappear with the tide.
So run little son, we don't need to hide.

Years of love in our Creator's nurture,
Years of raising in God's admonition,
Little son, my hands are His, and so is my heart.
What love, beginning to end from your Creator,
What love, end to beginning from your Father.
Since from you, little son, God will not ever, ever part.

Look ahead my son,
and do not look behind, not even above or below.
Everything we need, we have here and now,
Little son, much hope is ours to find.

We will run together my little love
with so many beside, free as the dove,
down into the waters, right back up again
And then on forever.

Once again, it's to Life, to Life in our Creator!
We can sing and dance on the way,
laugh and clap our hands all day.
We will run little love together
with our Maker down into the waters, right back up again
And then on and on forever.... 


More by :  Miryam Nahar

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