Analysis of Thought Process

“Mind is the essence of everything
  Due to mind’s purity all becomes pure
  Due to mind’s clarity all becomes clear
  Due to mind’s well being all becomes well
  The essence of everything is one’s mind.”
This quote is from “The Flight of Garuda” by Terton Tsele Nastok Rangdrol.
Mind is a workshop where thoughts are created, directed, implemented and manipulated and directionally channelized  in a way that produce purity, clarity and well being. Thoughts based on life time’s experience do help us to see things better and clearer. 
We don’t see things as they are
  We see them as we are
We make judgments based on what we hear and see and perceptions reflect the condition of the mind. The flexibility of the mind is unimaginable, for it thinks and re-thinks to twist the same thought and implement according to convenience of the situation. Mind can be a source of joy, sorrow, happiness, misery or even bliss. It is the ability of the mind that elevates the person’s focus to know right or wrong and similarly it is the mind that is the cause of downfall of the person’s implemented thoughts that fetch negativity, ruining the peace of such an uncontrollable process.
Charles Darwin’s theory of “evolution of mankind’ attests the fact that the development of the mind is a natural progression explaining the various states of development at different levels of growth, till ultimately it conditions the mind for higher intelligence of self and God realization. The purity of thoughts and its constructive implementation in life’s daily acts help to have maturity to understand self, and that is the first primary step towards God realization. Its energies are focused towards the spiritual level and the understanding that develops gives strength and dynamism to deal with people who are deaf to the true sounds, for they hear only the noise made by the words and don’t sense the meaning of the sound produced. Sometimes the undeveloped mind twists the whole concept of understanding, implementation and exploits the positively put forth thoughts and suggestions, but this is purely due to the immature  and unconditioned  mind. The result of all this is most unwelcome or unacceptable for it causes nothing but humiliation, which builds inferior complex that is unhealthy for healthy living.
In the laboratory of the body, mind is continuously undergoing development to give expression to different passions. An unspoken language of the body, gestures or signs is understandable and its projection is clearer, meaningful, and free of all adulteration. Our own judgment is far better ( as per our perception), where the thoughts are clearly seen and implied in the required direction., where we judge, criticize, appreciate, love, hate, humiliate or differentiate. We set our actions as per thoughts that we develop to build up the thought process. Like any other achievement, developing the thoughts bye and bye with experience of trial and error way, an individual can accomplish the power of positiveness  which is no less than a trophy, that is a reward in life.    


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