Meditation and Beauty

(Inputs from Manjiree Surve, yoga and meditation expert)

Meditation releases the unlimited power of the subconscious. It enhances inner as well as outer beauty. Ageless body and timeless mind can be achieved by daily practice of meditation, listed below are practical tips for effective result-oriented meditation.

Beauty is more than skin deep. It is feeling and being beautiful 'inside out.' This is very important, irrespective of the number of cosmetics a woman applies, if she is not mentally and physically healthy, she will not be truly beautiful. Our face is like a mirror, it reflects our innermost thoughts, expressions and feelings almost involuntarily and so does it show the quality of mental and physical balance that a person has maintained. And this balance is the cue to a truly beautiful and charming persona. 'Beauty therapies if supplemented with regular practice of correct meditation a woman's face will bring forth her inner balance and tranquility. Such an expression is inimitable and cannot be induced by any amount of beauty treatments and cosmetics,' asserts Sarla Rao, founder Sarla's Beauty Studio in Thane.

What does meditation do?

1) Builds concentration

Effective meditation helps develop concentration. A difficult task, thereby is completed in lesser time and more effectively than ever. The power of the mind is enhanced and thereby stress levels are cut down drastically. Lower stress, automatically means better control over situation and a relaxed frame of mind even in difficult times, which invariably means a happy and radiating face and an active body to match.

2) Matured and thoughtful attitude

By regular meditation along with chanting of meaningful affirmations, one develops and strengthens the power of the mind. This leads to a thoughtful attitude towards every task in life. Such an attitude reduces stress levels and enables an individual to see the 'best' in every situation. This optimism reduces the ageing process and enables a woman to be in best shape in body and mind.

3) Enhancement in positive emotions

Meditation enhances positive emotions like love, respect, happiness etc. Positive emotions are very useful for balanced secretion of vital hormones within the body. Functioning of glands becomes balanced and proper. Negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealously etc. are harmful to the body. Process of ageing accelerates by excessive negative emotions. Positive emotions make us young and energetic, happy and joyful. It is through meditation that positive emotions can be increased and we can remain in the zone of positive emotions throughout the day.

4) Unleashing the power of the subconscious mind

We all know that the power of our subconscious mind is many times more than that of our conscious mind. We can call subconscious mind as divine mind or in other words it is the divinity within us. During meditation we pacify our conscious mind and activate the subconscious mind. We can use the unlimited power of our subconscious mind through meditation. We can achieve beauty, health, vigor, vitality, happiness etc. by taking the help of the divine mind within us.

Dispelling some myths

Let us first clearly list some of the misconceptions about meditation:

  • Meditation is something automatic only few persons can do meditation effortlessly ' No this is wrong. For proper meditation one has to develop habit of meditation by daily practice.
  • Only elderly persons can meditate ' This is clearly wrong meditation can be done by anyone irrespective of age, so long as they want to.
  • By doing meditation person becomes passive and he loses his activeness in daily life ' This too is totally untrue. On the contrary persons practicing meditation are active and happier in their day to day life. Due to practice of meditation their efforts are well directed, as concentration increases.
  • Meditation requires lot of time daily - No according to time available one can do meditation. Daily meditation is an investment of time and not a waste of time.

How to meditate effectively?

  • Sit in a relaxed position: Fix a place in the house for daily practice and a fixed time for doing meditation. Do not change this time and place of meditation, you can sit on the chair or on the ground in crossed legged position. Clothing should be loose and comfortable. Keep thin pillow under your buttocks if you are sitting crossed legs on the ground. This will ensure proper circulation of bloods to your legs.
  • Take deep breath followed by a longer exhalation. Repeat it twice or thrice. During exhalation consciously relax all parts of your body.
  • Close your eyes gently and start observing your breathing. Your breathing will become slow and rhythmic.
  • Start observing your thoughts. This will make your mind thoughtless and relaxed.
  • Start uttering in slow self-audible voice. Utterances should be short and well worded before meditation. For example ... I am beautiful ... I am powerful... I am healthy etc.
  • Your utterances should be supported by strong emotions and visualization

By this way you can make yourself happy and beautiful. This is the simplest and most practical, result oriented method of meditation. We have everything within us we should not totally depend on outside things. Therefore make resolution and daily meditate for a beautiful body and mind forever.  


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