We all have our favorite metaphors. Our views on life encapsulated into nice and tidy little sayings. With metaphors we can say paragraphs about our personal opinions in just a few short sentences. And our personal favorites can often say more about us then were willing to admit to ourselves. "Life is a bowl of cherries, You reap what you sow, Laugh and everyone will wonder what you've been up too, etc.

I have my favorites too. And a few I even wrote myself. I'd like to share one with you and then elaborate a little. This won't take long. 

"Life is like a tunnel. From the light you came and to the light you will return."

In a world that takes itself far too serious I find it rather comforting to think were all just a bunch of cosmic spelunkers, Stumbling around in the dark of a tunnel and trying to reach the other side. We drive away the darkness and light our path with the artificial light of religions, ideologies and philosophies. Each content in the knowledge that their light is the one true light and if everyone else would just see things as they do it would make this whole messy trip thru go so much better. Its not always an easy path we walk either, Nosireebob. We bump our heads on low rocks and stub our toes on high ones. Some of us climb sheer walls while others fall into deep crevices, Their screams fading and growing distant while the rest of us stand there in awe and wait for the splash or kerplunk of them hitting bottom.

Still, One way or the other we all eventually make it thru to the other side. Some of us come out of the tunnel looking fit and invigorated from the experience. Others, like myself, come out battered and tattered...gasping for breathe and vowing Never Again! 

That's when I believe were all going to find something few of us dreamed of while making the trip thru. The light we had all dreamed of, the love of God that kept us searching, is now shining on each and everyone of us the same. The love and light we had sought cared not of the artificial light we chose to guide us thru the darkness.....but rejoices in our return and welcomes us each and all. 

As only the light of unconditional love can. The love of God. 

What then? I know somebody is going to ask, So I will try to answer. I can't speak for you of course, but I plan on going cosmic bungee jumping. Your welcome to join me. 


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