Something Loomed Before Me

It was right there in front of me. So close that it could almost touch my chest. The bathroom where I stepped in was enveloped in darkness as there was no power cut for some time. I groped my way in the darkness as I wanted to urinate. I had stepped on to the dais and positioned myself to do what I came for.

A visionary gleam of a faintly visible object focused in my eyes at that moment. It was on the narrow ledge where soap was kept and almost within striking distance near my chest that was exposed bare as I was not wearing a shirt. I stood as if rooted to the spot unmoving, holding my breath.

Just a second before, I had been watching the TV at the movements of a cobra, poised with its hood in an upright position, its fangs ready to strike. That sight was imprinted in my mind and I tried to visualize this object close to my chest as a horror. I felt palpitations in my heart rising unsteadily and I tried to keep my emotions within control. The object before me was clearly identical to that of a sinister looking miniature-sized serpent, its hood raised and almost ready to strike at the slightest provocation from my side.

I stood immobile of movement, in the darkness staring at the object, hardly daring to flinch. Had I not seen it; the consequential effect would have been drastic. Gathering courage to the maximum, I slowly drew back without alarming the unidentifiable object within my reach. When I had managed to withdraw away, I ran out and bolted the door and shouted for help. Neighbors rushed to the scene with torches flashing in their hands. Armed with stout sticks, they got into the bathroom.

“You are lucky!” one of them remarked, “That was an eight –foot cobra, so deadly that its venom could cause instantaneous death to its victim. Its bite is so fatal that its victim would hardly walk more than eight feet before he collapses.


More by :  Jayaprakash Raghavan Pillai

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