Trekking - A Way of Life

“Trekking” - the first picture that flashes across your mind when you hear the word would be of a person climbing a hill with a bag twice his size on his back. That picture for many might be very scary! Truly that would be the case only in a hard core trekking trip perhaps a trip to Ladakh that has world’s one of the best trekking trails. 

Two years back when I had gone for my first trek to Ramnagaram, 48 kms from Bangalore, I had no idea what the day had in store for me. A bunch of my friends who were totally into adventure sports pulled me along to give me a taste of trekking. I was a little hesitant in the beginning but somehow I got convinced. When we reached the spot, all that I could see was a huge rock in front of me and I was told that we are supposed to trek upto the summit. The trek to the top took us 2 hours and during the entire duration of the trek, all I did was curse my friends for getting me into the middle of it. I will not deny that the first time it was really difficult but now when I come to think of it, the experience was nothing less than remarkable.

Since then I have been for a couple of treks around the country and each time the feeling of it is mind-blowing. Trekking up a mountain for hours, finally reaching there and looking down at the world, the feeling is ecstatic. When you stand there and feel the cool breeze blowing all around you, you realize all the puffing and panting on the way up was worth it. There are many for whom trekking is a way of life. They trek to unknown places, lands where no one has trodden before. If asked about their zeal for trekking, they would say, they do it because it makes them feel alive! Such is the passion and enthusiasm that people possess for trekking.

Trekking has got various grades and levels and depending upon one’s own ability, he can opt for any particular grade. These grades are decided based on the difficulty levels, the steepness of the climb, the distance and the climatic condition. It is not everybody who has the power to make it to the highest grade but what I feel is that every person should at least try once.

It has been well said by a great philosopher that “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.” So just try it out once, there is no harm in trying. It is perfectly fine to fail but to give up even before you try is not the way. Every person has their own set of strengths and weakness and that set varies over time. Unless and until you keep exploring unknown avenues, you will never really know where your true strength lies. So, shed off your fears and give it a shot, trekking just might turn out to be your next best hobby!
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Comment A lucid and an inspiring post on trekking. I like trekking very much too. I have participated in couple of Malaysian Independence Day Hikes that are rated difficulty 5. It is a great feeling to Hike between Hills that vary in altitude between 600 and 800 Meters surrounded by tropical trees. Some trekkings are very scenic that combines the Sea view, trails set on tree shadows. These trekkings are like a beach walk though they are 10Kms long.

Keep Writing and introduce new places to readers and your feelings on visiting it.

Ramesh Anand
28-Nov-2010 19:45 PM

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