The snow was falling heavier, it was getting dark. The snow grew deeper. They labored to stay on the path, but it got narrower and dense with brush.
Shane held on tight to his little sister Tina. He kept telling her they would be home soon. He was beginning to get frightened, but he didn’t let on that he was.
“We’ll be home soon Tina, don’t you fret now. We’ll have hot cocoa and cookies.” With trembling voice.
Tina was feeling uncomfortable. She began to cry, and the wind was freezing the tears on her face. Oh I wish we had worn our hats and mufflers, Shane thought.
Their tiny bodies were slowly shutting down, soon they’d want to rest,  because they were tired.
They heard footsteps…Shane thought, that’s strange; nobody ever comes here.
Suddenly a figure loomed in front of them. Shane smiled at the welcome sight. He was only too happy to get help at the moment.
The stranger was just as surprised at the children; he didn’t think anyone would be out in the foul weather. The boy could hardly speak, his teeth were chattering and he was out of breath.
The stranger sounded kindly, “where are you headed little ones? “
Shane said, “we were going to find a tree for our cottage, but lost our way in the storm.”
“What’s your name little ones?”
“My name’s Shane and she is Tina.”
“Glad to meet you, I am, well you can call me Chris…let me carry you to the sleigh, you will be more comfortable there, I was looking for a tree for the Misses.” He lifted the children easily; they barely weighted anything in his arms. What would have happened if he hadn’t fallen upon them? He shook his head at the thought.
After he tied the tree to the sleigh, they rode hurriedly to the children’s cottage. Their grandmother was waiting for them at the door. She saw the stranger and thought; he must be an angel in disguise.
“Thank you sir, how can I ever thank you. We were not expecting it to snow, providence brought you to us. May I offer you a hot cup of cocoa and something to eat? I have them ready and waiting to be served.”
Chris accepted her offer. He also wanted to see how the children were doing. They soon warmed up by the fire; grandmother had changed their wet clothing for dry ones. They had blankets wrapped around them.
“And have you been good little children for your grandmother?”
They both nodded and smiled as they felt the hot chocolate go down their tummies. They were feeling better now. The fearful experience was forgotten.
”Well, then, be looking for your special surprise from Santa.” Chris said in a teasing voice. I have to run now; have to bring the tree to the Misses.” He winked as he took his leave…
Shane thought, after Chris left, he reminds me of someone, I wonder who he is?   


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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