Who Dare Bell the CVC?

The Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), Mr PJ Thomas, has decided not to resign from his post despite the criticism against his continuance leveled by the Supreme Court. However the CVC has graciously decided to recuse himself from overseeing the G2 Spectrum scam as the CVC because he was a former Telecom Secretary. There was an allegation against him resulting in a pending court case that is lying dormant. The Supreme Court questioned the propriety of a CVC functioning while he has a court case pending against him. The opposition demands that the CVC ought to resign. But who can make him resign? 
Theoretically the Prime Minister can make him resign. But the Prime Minister might be thinking. The CVC like the PM has never been accused of accepting a bribe. As for alleged impropriety, is it relevant to the CVC’s good functioning? After all, the PM would recall that as a Punjabi speaking Sikh he entered the Rajya Sabha after giving a sworn affidavit that he was a permanent resident of Assam and he resided in the Chief Minister’s house. He would also recall that he was appointed PM by Mrs Sonia Gandhi first and was endorsed by the Congress parliamentary party later. People questioned the propriety of these actions. But did that prevent Dr Manmoihan Singh from being such a popular PM? And in any case, why should he dismiss the CVC as long as his mentor, Sonia Gandhi, does not order him to do so? No, there is no reason for the PM to ask the CVC to resign.
Theoretically President Pratibha Patil after the Supreme Court criticized the CVC could also order him to resign. But the President too might be thinking. She would recall her own experience. She would know how meaningless and irrelevant allegations and court cases can be. Her husband Devi Singh Shekawat had a criminal case for allegedly aiding and abetting the suicide of a teacher. The victim wrote a suicide note alleging this to the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court. Two lower courts ruled that there was merit in the case. There was also another land grabbing case against the President’s husband. But the actions of a spouse should not of course in any way impinge upon the fortunes of an incumbent occupying high office. 
However the President experienced allegations and court cases involving her too. In one case as the head of an organization she was accused of reneging on payments collected from farmers promised profitable returns. But the case that attracted the most attention was the murder of VG Patil who had ordered an inquiry into funds collected for Pratibha Patil. The murdered victim’s widow alleged that President Pratibha Patil’s brother, GN Patil, conspired to have her husband killed. The murdered victim’s widow further alleged that Pratibha Patil as the Governor of Rajasthan misused her office to shield her brother. The Bombay High Court after considering the allegations ruled: “We have scrutinized the entire record…in our considered opinion it is a fit case where the investigation should be conducted by the CBI.”
The CBI launched an investigation into the case. Its sleuths went to the site of the murder in Jalgaon on April 4, 2007. Three days later the main assassin, Raju Mali, died in mysterious circumstances. Less than three months later on July 25, 2007 Pratibha Patil was sworn in as the President of India. The CBI probe was aborted because the agency cannot question the President. In the light of all this the President would know that mere allegations and court cases in no way mar the functioning of an official. Why should she dismiss the CVC?
Many people criticize for the sake of criticism. They should learn to live in Incredible India. They should savour the amount of freedom granted to them which is more than in any other democracy in the world. In Incredible India citizens have been liberated from the shackles of conventions, norms and even laws. Why can’t critics sit back and enjoy life? 


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Must I remind you of your own cartoon "ULFA Wants Full Freedom"?

This excessive freedom available in Incredible India is killing me. I can't bear it.

BTW: Nice article!

04-Dec-2010 08:21 AM

Comment The effect on the citizens is incalculable:
Patriotism, national belief, religious belief, public and personal propriety, tenacity at work, inventiveness,personal pride, cultural values, historical pride etc: everything suffers.
Belief in the system is now badly eroded. I do believe that we had a chance to change for the better in the 70s and lost the opportunity.
Even in the best of states and the better cities, the youth are badly deflated.
But again....the Bihar elections mean real change, at least by the "expert" opinions of countless journalists.
Recently, Arun Shourie gave an interview, where he lamented that the BJP is no different from the Kkangress. I would love to have your opinion especially on this subject.

02-Dec-2010 22:53 PM

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