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At my birth place there was a cinema hall, behind  the weekly market place. On the weekly market days the cinema hall laughed like a child whose mouth was full of candies and who was not able to put them all in, smiling at the abundance. When I went away from my home town to another town for my graduation, I landed in a city that was famous for cinema halls. Most of the inmates of the hostels in the colleges in that city used to go out to watch films before the bell of study period rang. 

I was not a very regular company of the regular goers of those cinema halls. Once my friends got tickets for me and took me to watch a movie. I heard a commotion and I was awakened by the movement of the people all around me who were ready to go out of the hall. The show had ended. But I had slept well during the show!
It was not that I disliked movies. I was afraid of the crowd. For that reason I avoided going to cinema halls. Then television came as if to keep me away from the crowd and DVDs and computers helped me in my solitude to have a change, watching films on them in the company of  the crowd I liked. For some years it was a company but when the third one joined us it became  a crowd as the idiom  goes: Two is company and three is crowd! But this crowd I miss now with a heartache when I am alone and now I yearn for that crowd  to cheer me up during  my moments of depression.
My walks sustain me during my moments of desolation cause by my being alone. While returning from my usual walks one day I thought to pick up a movie. I entered the shop for the CDs and I asked for a good movie. They came out with many names of the recent film stars. And I heard the word “Heartache.”

There is a barrier of language between me and the young men who were trying to help me choose a good CD of Indian films. Their  language is different from mine. These Indian films, particularly Hindi films from Bollywood have tried to break the barriers of language becoming so popular worldwide. And in this part of the world where Arabic language is spoken Hindi films are very popular too. But I was at a loss I did not know the name of the actor whose name was Heartache. I blamed myself for  not being in touch with the latest hits of Indian cinema. Then the young man pointed to a poster on the wall of Hritik whose name he had (mis)pronounced as Heartache. And in his own way he was right too because this new name that  this actor has got in this city where I work, is also fit for him as an epithet. He handed me a movie with a smile on his face. I went home and watched the movie.

This movie was about a child whose physical growth was better  than his mental growth due to an accident. He was sometimes deliberately made by others a laughing stock of the society. One of the school teachers, like his old classmate, the basket ball champion,  and his friends  harassed him whenever they got a chance to do so. But he gets power of love from a young and beautiful girl for who later he became a heartache. He got physical power from a creature from another planet “Jadoo” whose magic makes him a winner in the basket ball match and in the love game too. The movie was good because it showed how the children like Rohit can be empowered with love and care and can be inducted into a life of happiness and healthy development of personality like other children  who are born normal and  healthy.
But there are children in this world who are born healthy and the way  society makes them sick gives one a heartache of a different kind. It is not an ordinary  sickness which can be cured easily. The atmosphere of jealousy in the family, the desire to earn a lot by some evil men in the society, the desire to break the monotony of a boring life,  the desire to do something new in the young children themselves and the complacency of  parents have destroyed the young children and  their entire life  when they are made to live through this fatal fascination called drug addiction. They become a terrible burden for themselves and their families, for their friends and their communities while those who have destroyed their lives are living with a conscience which does not stab them at all with their sense of right and wrong, since they are not born with a sense of right and wrong perhaps because of this they do not feel  remorse for their wrongdoings. On the contrary, they are gloating over their success in making the future of others  a wretched victim of their self-centered sadism.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Anil K. Prasad

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