Dada Vaswani's Message to Mankind

Dada Vaswani’s message for mankind on the early eve of New Year ON 25th November “The meatlees DAY” In New York, NJ
Congratulating the masses Dada Vaswani expressed his ardent wish that the sindhi people should keep the sindhi language, its literature, its cultural values & all that the sindhis can impart value for the benefit of mankind to keep your “sindhiyat” alive. The simplest way of doing so at initial stages is to speak in ‘Sindhi’ with children at home and help them to know more about the literature and culture.
Coming to the practical phase of life in this materialistic world, where life is nothing more than a mechanism, every person should have tremendous faith in the Almighty Father, who is the doer of all the total functioning element of nature –a true master. He further emphasized that every individual must promise, and cultivate the meaning of ‘acceptance’ (kabool) and make it a part of their living with the will of God, and in the will of God. To accept what is good and also what is also not good, for everything comes from him, good or bad. Further on, Dada showed his desire to distribute to each and every person with his own hands a token for this “Cheti Chand” day. Imagine what could that be? He wanted to give each one few neem leaves and a piece of misri.
May be some people understood what Dada meant, but few more, no! Many more including me were still to explore the new mysteries that Dada was to reveal. Speaking about the significance of the two things ‘misri & neem ’, Dada said that they relate to the good and bad experiences of life, the sweet and bitter experiences of life, and we should develop our own morale, where we stand neutral to “accept” what comes in a true sense, accepting the will of God. Specifying further the bad experiences as bad news, information about some diseases or illness disclosed, some losses attained in business and many more stepping stones to failures. No mention of the good experiences was made, as all that is good is acceptable without any hindrances of mind & emphasizing on the acceptance of the will of the God, Dada continued that in real life, the practice of acceptance brings “Shanti”(peace), creates co-ordination of the body and mind, brings joy which in turn multiplies to make ones life more joyous in the true sense.
Chou Gird Chouki Ram Ki
 Dukh Lage Na Bhai
 Quoting this couplet as the thought for this visit for the people of Bombay, he projected his views making it very clear that only total unconditional surrender to “Ram” the eternal truth, one can make life worth living without any fear of life or anxiety over self imposed problems at times. If only thinking could solve a few of all the problems, all people would do nothing but think and think.
Instead of this fruitless effort, we can learn to live under the canopy of almighty with an ardent faith of acceptance, as earlier specified and an unconditional and total surrender to Him, so that we learn to live in his circumference whatever may come, whatever may happen, not to think twice but to step in the New Year with tremendous faith of Heart in the existence of Almighty. In between the claps smilling innocently and gracefully, Dada shared some of his life’s own experiences. He said that we should learn to live fearlessly as a lion, check on our own acts, guard our rights in true sense, overcome passions and lastly ending his speech Dada ardently wished that each one of the present should contemplate on the one and only Almighty, surrender totally unto Him, learn to accept His will, to live a free and fearless life and always feel the canopy of the Lord around so that you can safeguard your self, your interest and your own life to commune with God, as we do with any one else, for it is an experienced philosophy that “God speaks to us in form of IDEAS.” Embracing his palms across his breasts and making everyone repeat after him the following lines, Dada wished every one a Very Happy New Year.

Chou Gird Chouki Ram Ki
 Dukh Lage Na Bhai


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