Boycott All Chinese Exports!

In graphic detail an investigative report filmed inside China was telecast over the Headlines Today TV channel. The report exposed the huge fake industry racket flourishing inside China with full complicity of the Beijing government. A large work force is employed in factories manufacturing fake replicas of well known brands. These are exported all over the world with Chinese customs authorities allowing free passage. It might be recalled that some time back such fake medicines with spurious Made-in-India labels pasted on them were unearthed in Africa by the Nigerian government. 
This fake industry racket in China not only provides employment to a Chinese work force. It also helps augment the earnings from exports that the Beijing government desperately seeks at present. Although China is attempting reform to expand its domestic market and decrease dependence on exports there is some way to go before it achieves tangible results. At present export earnings help Beijing to keep afloat its State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by advancing loans from government banks that are never repaid. An estimated 60 percent of China’s urban population is employed in these SOEs.
The fake industry racket not only cheats the world at a mammoth scale, it also creates serious health and safety hazards. The news documentary showed how China’s fake battery cells can lethally explode, fake medicines can cripple patients and fake food products can poison victims. It might be recalled that some time ago America complained about Chinese toys that could injure children.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is presently visiting India. He is accompanied by 400 businessmen as part of his delegation. Before he departs he is expected to further expand China’s trade with India which is already balanced two to one against India. The UPA government is expected to welcome this burgeoning trade relationship balanced heavily against India. With cabinet ministers openly acting as Beijing’s paid agents, bracketing low polluting India with heavy polluting China at every step and in every way, New Delhi’s puppet government cannot be expected to act otherwise.
However India’s civil society can act. It can demand of Beijing to accept international inspection inside China by appropriate international agencies to monitor its industries and prevent fake manufacture that imperils the safety of the world’s citizens. It can also demand that Beijing honours its written assurance given to India in 2005 that while negotiating the border dispute no settled populations will be disturbed, thereby giving up its claims to Arunachal Pradesh. If China fails to meet these two simple demands India’s civil society should declare a nationwide movement from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to boycott all Chinese exports. 
People will have to be educated about how the Indian government is selling out to China. All citizens would have to be educated and persuaded to boycott every single Chinese item put up for sale. Every retail shop would have to be warned that if it does not stop selling products made in China people would boycott all purchases from that outlet. Every single big business firm dealing with China would have to be warned that unless it starts winding up collaboration with China the people of India will treat that firm like a pariah. All this would have to be accomplished in the nationwide movement. 
Premier Wen and his large delegation may scoff at any such event happening. They are welcome to their perceptions. If they do not comply with the minimum demands outlined above time may correct their perceptions. Premier Wen should know. The puppet government in New Delhi can commit. Ultimately it is the people of India who will deliver.   


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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