Eating the Crow Hot

Life is strange, many a time we end in sticky moments which shows us in a bad limelight where we never intend to end up. Sometimes it may be a little awkward moment like breaking things close to the heart of people close to our heart, sometimes it may be an ugly moment wherein we are forced to be with a person whose presence we would never be able to stand or even worse, it may be a moment wherein people stretch us to an extend wherein we fire them and feel much more stupider than before, whatever it may, there of course is a way out, deal it raw while it is still hot.

I still remember those days of childhood when I used to run away after breaking something valuable, those times when I cry without reason, after fighting with my sister ferociously.  When we grow up the overalls change but the kid of old days lurks in some dark corner of our mind. We always love to showcase ourselves as good, sweet and perfect. It is in our basic nature to go for an easy option than to shoulder responsibility of our mistakes and negative emotions. We love to cover up than to accept the basic fact that mistakes do happen in humanity and negative emotions are also part of our race.

This may sound silly but it feels better to take responsibility for our mistakes than to dodge away to something stupid. The courage to look straight into the eye of the storm and to sort things straight makes us feels better. Speaking our heart out in a gentle way will always help us out of many sticky moments. When I learnt the technique of dealing it hot, I stopped acting like some Miss Perfect, who I am not.

The courage to be my own self in the midst of hypocrites feels great. To be what I am in a society wherein everyone pretends the prototype the society accepts and respect a lot boosted my self-esteem. I am part of my society and i love to be so, I know that I have to spend most of my time with this society but I learnt one more thing, I have to spend more time with myself than with the society.

An entire world opened up when I learnt the secret of dealing things hot. Now I don’t wait for perfect time to work out my dreams and ideas, I just take every next moment to analyze and take my first step. Success or failure never counts; living every moment is what really counts. Nothing can replace the happiness and elation I get when I think that I have taken my first step even if it is imperfect, even if it shows me in a dull light. I know that I can’t afford to be Miss Perfect all the time; I also know that little by little my success is on the way.

Most sticky moments of life are like eating a crow, eating a crow is of course difficult, but eating it hot is always a better option. I am happy that I have learnt the technique of eating the crow hot.


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