Samjhauta Blast Plot Thickens!

Last Saturday Swami Aseemanand’s lawyer alleged that his client had confessed to his role in the Samjhauta Express bomb blast under police duress. Is this believable? Can our civilized police actually put a devout Hindu swami under duress? Swami Aseemanand himself had a different version to explain his confession. Aseemanand in prison was befriended by a young Muslim, Kaleem, who was wrongfully arrested for his involvement in the Mecca Masjid blast case. But Aseemanand knew that Hindu extremists were behind the blasts. Kaleem’s plight made Aseemanand very remorseful. Overnight he was converted from a rabid Hindu communalist into a loving secularist. Overcome by secular emotion, he confessed. Doesn’t this version appear to be more believable? 
However, there is a slight complication. It transpires that the US Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent David Coleman Headley’s wife, Faiza Outalha, reported to US investigators in Islamabad that Headley had a hand in the Samjhauta Express bombings. The New York Times reported these warnings from Outalha that were passed on to US officials in Islamabad in December 2007. This detail is now part of the US National Intelligence review ordered by its director. According to an American official Outalha "felt she had been innocently used in an express train bombing". She connected Headley and Lashkar to the Samjhauta attack. This indicates that Pakistan and Lashkar carried out the Samjhauta attack. The UN banned Lashkar-e-Tayaba for attacking the Samjhauta Express. The UN named four Lashkar terrorists who perpetrated the Samjhauta blast and put them on them wanted list.   
So who is speaking the truth and who is lying? Was the Samjhauta Express attack carried out by Lashkar or by Hindu terrorists? Perhaps both speak the truth! In that event Jihadi and Hindu terrorists jointly attacked the Samjhauta Express. That would mean that CIA and FBI which controlled Headley, ISI which controls Lashkar, and RSS which controls Hindu terrorists, are jointly spreading terrorism in India. Fortunately the razor sharp mind of Digvijay Singh seems to be already probing this angle.  Ironically, where circumstantial evidence clearly suggested Hindu terrorists the authorities remained silent, such as the Godhra train fire.
Digvijay Singh recently endorsed at a book launch “RSS ka Shadyantra”, written by Mr Aziz Burney. The book states that 26/11 was a conspiracy hatched jointly by the RSS, Mossad and CIA. Burney described to the media Digvijay as a “like-minded person". He reportedly said: "When two like-minded people talk, you can't say who has influenced whom, but yes, we both benefit from each other." Doubtless Digvijay Singh will get to the bottom of the truth about terrorism in India. There is still a long way to go of course. As yet the roles of MI6, remnants of the defunct KGB and Chinese intelligence in the Samjhauta Express blast have not been uncovered. But the plot thickens. Watch this space.  


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment If Swami Aseemanand has indeed confessed, we can conclude that he is also like Swami Agnivesh, a semitic swami in saffron clothes.

And pray, can someone produce evidence of his direct association with RSS? His connection with RSS is only like Sonia Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi.

14-Jan-2011 01:12 AM

Comment My apologies! My hard head got in the way!

13-Jan-2011 10:46 AM

Comment Seadog, is Indian police "civilized"? Is Aseemanand's ridiculous confession "believable"? I fear you missed the intended sarcasm. Next time I'll be less subtle! In any event, what value the 'confession' after the US and the UN have actually identified the four Lashkar terrorists who carried out the Samjhauta attack? The confession will prove valuable only to Pakistan.

My Word
13-Jan-2011 10:22 AM

Comment "Can our civilized police actually put a devout Hindu swami under duress?"
May I remind you of the Kanchi Shankaracharya's case?
He was administered a narco test/medical drugs without information and his videos under influence were clandestinely released to the press.His manner of arrest hardly needs repeating and the Supreme court censure of the TN govt and the complete lack of evidence was NEVER covered by the press.Neither were all the illegal acts of the TN govt reported.
Similarly, Sadhvi Pragya's horrendous treatment by the ATS is too recent to forget.
The details of both cases are available.
Please google for the details of this creature called Aziz Burney. You may be more than surprised.
Digvijay is a jobless scoundrel playing to the gallery.
Why does the press cover only these people? Why do they play up their words again and again to bait the BJP?
Did the ELM even bother to report the murder of Swami Laksmananda Saraswati?

13-Jan-2011 03:14 AM

Comment More people die of hunger and poverty, in India than of terrorism. Collectively, India might have lost close to 5,000 precious lives because of terrorist activities....but I read a stat that 17,000 farmers killed themselves in 2009 alone owing to debts.

It's clear that instead of arguing who is more dangerous - Hindu extremist or jihadi (99.99% indians would unanimously say "both"), we need to come up with a plan to make food, employment and education available for all.

12-Jan-2011 04:40 AM

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