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Comment Fantastic!!! it fascinates, but what does GURUDEV mean to the Web-reader? I mean having different nationalities. and what does it mean mis-spellt word FOLLWO. I think that a cartoon can convey a message better than 3000 word essay, so I suggest things to be clear. Read this (and do its cartoon soon). A man and two women were waiting at the bus stop, one of the women was 7 month pregnant and the other recently gave birth to a daughter, the man is so fat that his belly seems like pregnant! a little child of 5 is with the two women,"oh you are expecting what?' a woman asked "this time I expect a son, my husband likes sons" the other one answered the little child then asked the man "and what are you expecting man?" "I am expecting a bus" the man said. (men should lose weight otherwise children may think they are pregnant)

02-Apr-2011 19:42 PM

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