Mind: A Master Friend

Human beings, the most intellectually developed living being on this creation base, fail to use their power to control situations that arise from time to time on the path of life. It is a habitual routine that directs the mind to do and act on the path, find the truth or the opposite. By tuning to mind we go away from truth and by bringing the attention of the mind we come close to the truth  and know the reality.

The mind is an instrument that keeps us occupied and pre-occupied with the dissatisfaction that the world offers. But contrary to it there is more to life. We have to step back to find a way to spiritual concept. Senses spoil the mind. The attention of the mind is pre-occupied by illusion that it derives  in the company of senses. In the company of mind, the soul lives in a dilemma wasting its birthright. Mind is the seat of everything . It controls even the  worship to free the soul and find salvation. But It has to be recognized and has to be turned into a friend. With its help and only its company and its attention can we arise up consciously to the subconscious state. We are totally aware of our drawbacks, our right and wrong doings.
The mission of coming in this world is to achieve compassionate love of the lord and find true salvation; but contrary to it what is achieved is yet another bondage. We are not mind, we are soul. This is not our home, it is a halting inn. Minds nature is outward and downward, and soul’s is directing attention at the third eye inward and upward, where the soul returns to the source through meditation. Training the mind, stilling the mind, giving it the taste of the sweet sound, there is no reason for it to be back to the world. It is just a matter of transplanting the attention from inward, for which we have to give time and dedication, unconditional love and compassion. Turning to Him for everything is a practice that elevates the mind to be friendly to the soul. The next need is of longing.
The burning desire to hold the attention within to see him there in his true form is the objective of human life. A little sense of duty and sacrifice towards our daily appointment with the master at the same time, same place, to show that we are his good children, is gifted back bountifully with his grace, a sign of his acceptance to the prayers that take us to his kingdom of eternity. It is not easy. We have to be more receptive to the truth and find sources that help mind to settle to dance with the tune of the lord. It is only here now, that the soul feels free from the clutches of the mind to rise inward and upward with the master’s grace to be with him for eternity.


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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