Belief in God Vs Astrology

The most common past time, globally enjoyed by man kind is - astrology! The world over, people look to the stars to help them predict the future. People use astrology / Jyotish to peer into the mist beyond and every time they see a dark shadow, they imagine landfall.

Yet, if one really believes in GOD, any GOD, astrology has no meaning to them. God is more than capable of looking after the welfare of His devotees. If a common king can provide immunity from prosecution for his special servants (diplomats are one modern example), what can the universal King achieve? If our fate revolves around the planets in our solar system, than lets remember,

the Sun revolves around the North Star,
and the North Star revolves around God.
So, who is the final arbitrator of our fate?
Let God, who is the centre of the universe,
look after you!

If you believe in GOD, any GOD, give up worrying. Worry is for those who have no one to look after themselves. An orphan needs to worry. Prince, living under the watchful gaze of a loving father / King need not worry.

If you believe in GOD, any GOD, think yourself lucky that your doting parent is immortal!

If you believe in God, any God, consider the universe to be engaged in God's eternal lila, divine play. Astrology than has no meaning for you ! If the Universal Play has been written by GOD, who are we to rewrite His script !?! To assume that we have that sort of power is foolish ! Surely, God, the omnipresent, omnipotent Lord of the Universe, can not be dissuaded by a few outpours of verses, or indeed, how can we hide our karmas from Him behind some polished stones (gems)?

Using gems, yagnas, japas, meditation and blessings we try to avert the future. If used correctly, it can work, but only if used correctly. Not many people know how to do it correctly. To use Jyotish correctly, we must be intellectual enough to know exactly how the planets interact, how karmas link different people, and indeed, how the universe works ! It is an exact science. To assume we know how it all works because we can calculate the "movement" of stars (from our limited perspective!) is ignorance at best!

If you believe in God, any God,
Let life be life.
You be you
God be God.

Comments by Rohini Ranjan on the above article:

Interesting article! Several questions emerge: Assuming that there is a caring, protective and benevolent God (father/mother/beyond gender) who will take care of us all, why does one need to ask for such caring? Why is this 'giving up' required? A human baby does not have to ask for his human parents to protect and care? Why must the divine, Omnipotent Parent be so demanding of our attention and subservience?

Also, regarding astrology: If your view is correct then astrology and astrologers were created outside the divine plan (Why would God create or allow to be created a system and its followers if it was not necessary?).

On the other hand, if astrology/astrologers were created outside God's plan then surely there is a zone of freedom which God does not want to control or interfere with? After all, we are all children of God and expected to grow up to be like our Parent!


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Comment i need help i am going through major problems in my life...since last 2 years i pray to god every day every hour in a day....but my problems becoming worse day to what to do pllz reply

darshana ambokar
22-Aug-2015 12:25 PM

Comment Dear sir,

I need some information and clarity about of my career and development
My dob is 16-05-1983 at 10.25pm can you pls give the remedies and which job is comfortable for me pls give me the information.

Keshav goud

13-Jun-2015 23:40 PM

Comment " Using gems, yagnas, japas, meditation and blessings we try to avert the future. If used correctly, it can work, but only if used correctly."

So you mean if we use correctly THE REMEDIES we can rewrite the Script which has already been written by God..Almighty.. We can interfere in the Plannings of God..

if you believe this then why do you say - " If you believe in God, any God, consider the universe to be engaged in God's eternal lila, divine play. Astrology than has no meaning for you""

Ashish Gautam
09-Dec-2014 07:09 AM

Comment hello sir ,my dob 08/01/1980,11.40 noon mumbai. i have met more than 100 astrologers, nt able 2 find any solutions abt my prob m fed up n sumtimes feel vry deepressing plz if possible let me knw the main cause of my proublems n great solution. thanking u frm the bottom of my heart.

prithvi mehta
21-Apr-2014 15:06 PM

Comment All of you people who are addict to god subconsciously, wants to be god.!. You are a human being so behave like one, but astrology definitely knows some events that will happen. They know something that you don't.

jacob tolentino
23-Mar-2013 05:25 AM

Comment I think you are right!
All the bad things in the world are alluring and addicting. Like alcohol, cigareetes, drugs, lust for women and similarly knowing the future.
It is amazing to think that even in the 21st century of technology, a great majority of people from all nations believe that the stars influence our lives. Many top foreign universities are doing reseaches on astrology based topics in the name of metaphysics.
I believe there is a superior intelligence behind this design of the universe which seems logical. So if that superior intelligence created all the million of galaxies with the billions of stars and planets and black holes, then why should'nt we believe in that superior intelligence other than some scientifically undefined power of the stars.

The most important thing is life is a test for human beings who have free will unlike other creatures. So if God creates people with some physical disabilities or some people who study astrology or those who do crimes, then they are accounted for it in the afterlife!

19-Jan-2013 03:05 AM

Comment Another mention use of gemstones, japa, yajnas and meditation as unnecessary. I agree with use of gemstones being unnecessary. It hasn't been endorsed in ancient literature of Parashara, etc. As for yajnas, japa and meditation, however, please do research again. It appears that your views of Hinduism have been marred by British education and culture where you may have inadvertently been exposed to a Christianity based culture. There is nothing inherently wrong with it, until you start using incorrect facts to support an article on a Hindu conception of God/Astrology. It can potentially misguide people so my request is to get your facts right, analyse your opinions, study Hindu scriptures well and only then write articles such as these. I mean no disrespect, but it is imperative that this comment goes with this article so future readers can think for themselves and form an informed opinion.

Rohit Kulkarni
05-Nov-2012 14:09 PM

Comment Since this article is published on a website which aims to explore all aspects of Indian culture, I am taking liberty in my comment to focus my arguments on the Hindu understanding of God and Astrology (or Jyotisha). Firstly, Jyotisha Shastra is considered as the "eye of the Vedas". This tells us a lot. If one studies this subject appropriately, then one would realise that it really and truly is the eye of the Vedas. A lot of concepts in Vedic literature are rather obscure and mystical and Jyotisha certainly provides the necessary insight in understanding them. Secondly, the aim of Jyotisha was never to predict when will one get a job abroad, which car one would buy or indeed entertaining idle curiosities. It is a divine science which has unfortunately been denigrated due to public ignorance and most importantly the vile and disgustingly commercial attitude of a lot of its so called practitioners. Thirdly, now that I've mentioned what it wasn't meant for, it is important to clarify what its purpose was. It's purpose was to provide guidance to people in fulfilling the duties of their life which come to them due to "prarabdha" (or karma we have to work through in the present life). It give us a sense of purpose, direction and a reference point as to the importance of human birth and the immense potential it holds in our spiritual progress. If one does not know the purpose of their life, it becomes hard to get most things right. So finally I would like to say that don't comment on Jyotisha shastra based on commonly held opinions. There is not a grain of truth to such opinions. One must be questioning, rational, intellectually sound and open minded if one desires to unfold the secrets of Jyotisha. My suggestion would be to research properly. Know what its really about and not discard it just because it is not accepted openly due to prejudice and because it may make you look like a backward person. Remember, failure of one or even a million astrologers is no evidence that the science is inherently useless or doesn't work. Just like the failure of one or even a million doctors or engineers is no evidence of their vocations being baseless.

Rohit Kulkarni
04-Nov-2012 16:40 PM

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