Sushma’s Strange Sacrifice!

It was pointed out in these columns that the Attorney General’s assertion to the Supreme Court (SC) that the selection committee was unaware of the pending court case against Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) PJ Thomas before appointing him amounted to perjury by the government if found false. Leader of opposition Sushma Swaraj had claimed that as a member of the selection committee she had apprised the government about the case. She threatened to file an affidavit in the court to nail the government’s lies. It was further pointed out in these columns that the controversy surrounding the CVC’s appointment may be dwarfed by a much bigger controversy if the government had indeed committed perjury
Well, Home Minister Chidambaram after that quickly set the record straight by admitting that Swaraj had spoken the truth. Oddly enough Swaraj also hastily reversed her decision to file the affidavit in court. She said: “The Home Minister has admitted that I raised the palmolein oil import case (involving Mr Thomas) at the meeting and recorded my disagreement precisely for this reason, there is no dispute over facts. Therefore, there is no need for my affidavit.” 
Wow! What a gracious leader of the opposition! With the government on the ropes, Swaraj did not go for the kill to nail the government’s lies. Instead she showed such touching and rare magnanimity! Alas, if half this generosity had been displayed on the JPC issue an entire session of parliament would not have been scuttled.
However, such sacrifice displayed by Swaraj may yet prove wasted. She feels personally vindicated by the government acknowledging its false statement made to the SC. But what about the honourable judges of the SC? Will they also overlook the falsehood stated on behalf of the government to the court by the Attorney General? The SC can by itself take up the issue of the government’s perjury in light of Mr Chidambaram’s public acknowledgment that the selection committee had indeed been informed about the pending court case against Mr Thomas when it appointed him as the CVC. One does not know how the SC will view what appears to be clearly a case of perjury by the government. It will not surprise if at the very least the SC administers a strong stricture against it. Meanwhile, the inexplicable grace displayed by Swaraj towards the government may best be left for pundits to analyze.   


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment JPC may be the quid pro quo. If a deal has been struck, it is hoped that at least the Parliament session will be held and budget will be passed.

03-Feb-2011 03:49 AM

Comment Ravi Shankar Prasad also wriggled out of this question when Aarnav asked him if the BJP was proceeding with its' suit.
There is some quid-pro-quo somewhere.

02-Feb-2011 21:43 PM

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