Magh Saptami Greetings

Feb 10, 2011 is an auspicious day in Indian calendar. It is Magh Sukla Saptami, seveth day of the bright phase of the moon. This day is referred to as Magh Saptami, or Rath Saptami or Surya Jayanti, the birth day of the Sun God who symbolizes life, energy, learning, light, truth and many more positive attributes. On this day, it is believed, the sun god pulls the reins of his seven horses northward. People in India take bath at the time of sunrise in sea or rivers and at many holy places like where the Chandrabhaga river joins the sea at the famous sun temple in Orissa, at Allahabad, Haridwar, Puskar and numerous places in South India. A great celebration takes place at Tirupati temple in Andhra.
The sun temple in Konark is a magnificent example of ancient Indian architecture. The gigantic temple with 24 well carved wheels, symbolic of perhaps 12 full moons and 12 new moons in a year, and 7 horses representing 7 days of the week or 7 colours in the spectrum of the sun light, appears as if it will take off any moment into the sky.
In essence, it is spring festival. Farmers in some parts of India start the harvests, too. Sun god is worshipped in many parts of the world, starting from the ancient Maya civilisation in South America, in pre-islamic Middle east, Persia and in many more places. It is only to signify the importance of nature in human lives.
May the sun on his birth day, that is Magh Saptami, fill the divine light of knowledge and drive away the darkness of negative thoughts and attitudes from the life of each and every humanbeing on the earth.
'Boloji' offers its prayers to the sun god to show the writers, authors and readers and all others new path with wisdom and love as the milestones to forge ahead in peace.  


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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