The Weird Indian Democracy

I am sure no part of this world exploits the concept of ‘democracy’ as it is in India. The completely unbridled freedom enjoyed by every individual, the whimsical attitudes of the population at large, the unruly ways the mob behaves, the insatiable desire for wealth irrespective their financial and educational status, the violent emotions and expressions, blind hero worship, extraordinary predilection for entertainment than education and labor forcing India to march towards nothing but anarchy of a very high order in every walk of life.

The corruption reported everyday at the high echelons of the society and political circles leaves a law abiding humble common man shocked. The most pathetic part of it these corruptions and misdemeanors are justified by the media and the press according to their whims. These again show how the freedom of expression and media mislead the people.

Any progressing society should first of all try to shed the prejudices and preferences. Even after sixty long years of independence, the public are willingly accept the system of caste for the sake of reservations in jobs and education, ready to take freebies, likes to be bribed for exercising their franchise.

The judiciary which is supposed to be more objective and aloof from the rest of the common society because of their commitment to ethics, law and justice shows no qualms to toe the line of political bosses or tilt the scales of justice for the sake of power and money. In the present day conditions, I feel it is uncharitable to criticize the police too as they are harassed both by common public and the political bigwigs. In the bargain they also turn delinquents.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s dream of democratic socialistic pattern is an utter failure and such a queer cross system has provided the Indians to lead licentious lives without any fear for law, ethics or moral be it societal or personal. If political leaders are depicted as goons, the entertaining artists and religious leaders are charlatans and the general population is irresponsible. We are clever enough to convert even games into gambles. India is neither capitalistic nor socialistic; it is nothing but opportunistic and chaotic.

Long live Democracy but not the one like in India!


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Comment Very well put. India is a big hypocracy not democracy. Everybody is for themselves. No rules, No laws, No justice. BIG CHAOS.

BTW, I am one of those who left India in 1980 because I got so sick of living in the corrupt environment. I wanted to change things. All I got was further harrassment. I live in USA BUT NOT AS A SECIOND CLASS citizen. Here I am somebody. Here I see value of human life. There are problems in every society, but nothing like in India. Especially, poor have NO RIGHTS in India and worse NO ONE CARES. No one is scared their karmas even though we talk about them. What a shame.

Ashok Gupta
03-Mar-2011 15:13 PM

Comment If the best and the brightest leave the country to thugs and blissfully live abroad as second class citizens who will change the situation in India?

01-Mar-2011 17:05 PM

Comment Thanks Mr Raghu for strengthening my views. Why Brazil, every country in the entire globe will try to follow norms in public and private lives and will make progress if not fast at least in the course of time. But, the rate at which the values are deteriorating in India causes great concern.

28-Feb-2011 08:21 AM

Comment Well said.In India it is thugocracy. Sooner it ends the better.So many of us the bright & brightest came to the west to live as 2nd class citizens due to non-governanace in India.A Brazilizn friend here in US who went back to Brazil after training here asked me why so many bright Indians are here in US despite so much racist contempt.He said in Brazil the Govt. offers about 60 -70% of what a professional in US makes to prevent brain drain & brains of thier offspring.The coolie of India could not care less.

28-Feb-2011 00:32 AM

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