There was a girl called Shruti, who was very beautiful and was working in the service sector. She was living and enjoying her life to the fullest and was very passionate about everything whether it was her work, her life, her friends and others. Suddenly, a strong wind came and destroyed everything.

She lost her job, her confidence, her hopes and her friends too showed their back. She was layed off due to recession. At that point of time, she was not getting any other job because the market was hit badly. She wasn’t able to digest the fact that she has been thrown out of the company without any prior notice. She was broken completely.

Shruti was no more like before and used to think of killing herself. She thought herself to be a big loser in life and nothing would change for her. She got so frustrated and disturbed by the consequences happened to her that sometime she used to walk aimlessly on the road for hours and hours. She stopped receiving everybody’s call and stopped meeting her friends too. She never wanted to go back to her hometown as she knew very well she cannot face her family and that’s why she did not tell anybody in her family too about it.

She knew that nobody in this matter can do anything so whatever has to be done will be done by her.

The only solution which cropped up in her mind which will end up all the problems was to end up her own life. So, she decided to buy a loaded gun. She was very much well aware of the fact that the process of buying a gun legally is a long one and will have to go through all the formalities. So, she found out the names of the seller from the internet. The next day she reached the place called Karunanagar in Delhi. She enquired about the guy named Alfaz from the people residing near by. She met the guy and asked her to sell the loaded gun. He asked the reason for it but she did not tell him and paid the double price for it. The guy handed over the gun which she kept immediately in her bag and left.

The moment he left then and there she took out her gun and aimed at her own head.


More by :  Ekta Harlalka

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