Agony and Ecstasy of ‘Aam Aadmi’

– corruption and celebration

(This write-up is based on some sample study of the news reported in Times of India, Mar 05, 2011)

India is moving through a volatile period, volatile because the young generation is ready and eager to take a giant leap and raise the image of India in international arena by excelling in different spheres – science, technology, sports, arts, literature, music cinema etc. This is a very welcome sign. This can be achieved by active support of the outgoing generation in the hands of which lie all the policy matter, may it be legislative, judiciary or executive. The outgoing generation needs to build firm steps to the young aspirants to climb up.

In support of my arguments I quote the following sample news items taken from Times of India, Mar 05, 2011. Another independent observer may choose other stories, perhaps from another edition or another newspaper, but the conclusions drawn here shall by and large not be very different.

1.  Veteran Arjun Singh is Dead

Every death is sad, though inevitable. This news item appears as a News Digest (not a head line) and a brief obit on page10. Mr. Singh who enjoyed enormous power died powerless, and sadly leaves behind the smokes of 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy, Churhat Lotteries scandal in 1980s and his controversial decisions on IIT, IIM etc. It is a pity that his political graph ran flat without any visible high points.
This phenomenon is true for many politicians in India cutting across their party affiliations who lacked national outlook and are glad merely to please their masters. They live and depart unsung.

2.  More Trouble for Raja

Following CAG report that was rubbished by some, the high-profile former cabinet minister in spite of initial support from his ministerial colleagues and party has climbed down. CBI, the high-powered national investigating agency, is taking steps to unfold the alleged irregularities. This is a good sign for a country that practices democracy.

3.  Bofors Case Closed

The same  high-voltage CBI has lost its steam to make any breakthrough over a quarter century to find the guilty in Bofors gun deal. Hon’ble Justice Yadav, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, chose to close the case on two grounds:  inability of CBI to nail the guilty, and the loss of 250 crores to aam aadmi during the past 25 years.

It is however hard to digest. Wherever and whenever CBI fails, will the guilty go scot-free? Or the investigation should be intensified? It is not the loss to the exchequer; it is concerned with justice of the land and the national honour which are far above any sum with the backdrop (as we read in newspapers from time to time) that a large amount of money is illegally parked in foreign banks.           

4. Gaddafi’s Outburst

With one foot in fire, Gaddafi, the detector dares duly elected Indian PM on issues that does not concern Libya. That sounds odd, if not ridiculous.

5.  CVC Saga: I am Rresponsible, says PM

When the dark clouds of corruption hover over India, PM, a loyal citizen of the country, gathered courage to pronounce, ‘I respect the judgment of the Supreme Court and accept my responsibility’.

However, it answers less and raises more questions. How can the Head of a democratic nation act under any compulsion, may it be coalition or otherwise? He should be free in a free nation. Is there a way to know if his arms are not twisted for all his decisions?

Whatever may be case, at least the aam aadmi is now satisfied that PM did tell the truth!

6.      Cricket World cup 2011

After putting up very high scores 370 against Bangladesh and 338 against England, India has not comfortably won nor tied the matches. Bangladesh put up 283 (and just 83 all out against W. Indies after a few days) and England almost stole the match in the last two over. Reason: India’s weak bowling!
In my opinion, Virat Kohli after a tremendous showing against Bangladesh was wrongly sent after Dhoni and Yusouf. Dhoni should stick to batting order! India could have put another 20-25 runs to seal the fate of England.

Secondly and very strongly I challenge the Selection Committee headed by Srikant to drop Ishant Sharma, Irfan Pathan and Pragyan Ojha from the team and scramble whether to take Piyush Chawla or Aswin for slow bowling! Irfan is an all rounder that we need. Ishant is the fasted seamer.

I am an optimist. I wish India to shine in every sphere including the Cricket World Cup 2011.


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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