Muni Badnam Hui... Woman's Day

International Woman’s Day started hundred years back in 1910 in Copenhagen, Denmark to end poverty and hunger, and inequality among men and women workers. Slowly and gradually this concept spread across the world, and today it covers diverse issues like education, health, women empowerment, equal opportunity among others. At no time all these issues have been denied, but never implemented with the care and concern these deserve. To add woes to injury this day has been heavily commercialized, and the basic objectives have been forgotten.


International Woman’s Day is a western concept, and as such in India many people do not give much importance. It becomes a day to hold meetings for women to express their ire against men folk, and for government agencies to formulate welfare schemes without finding ways to implement them. As a result, the wheel of the concept remains static. The dowry system continues more among the educated and the rich and the poor still continues to sell a part of his paltry property to meet the demands of the family of the bridegroom. Dowry death is still prevalent. Women education remains a distant dream. Government proudly declares to educate the children free up to the age of 14, and the same time several Govt schools are closing down, thereby facilitating the private schools to flinch the poor parents.


The scenario in spite of these blemishes is not bleak. It is here that we worship our mothers, worship goddesses like Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga, even the rivers like the Ganges, Yamuna, Cuvery and Narmada. It is here we chant, ‘Yatra pujyanti naryah, tatra ramyanti devah’ (Where women are worshipped, there dwell the gods). Very lofty ideas.


Men, whether one believes or not, deep in their hearts are very possessive of their women folk They have fought wars and given their lives to protect their honour. From the ancient times India had many women scholars, singers, writers and thinkers who have played great roles to mould the society. At the same time poverty, illiteracy, superstition and old customs have made the lives of women very miserable. It will be unfortunate and shameful instead of bringing a sea change in our society, if the educated mass looks to the west and damn every Indian customs. It will be a sad day if educated girls are just satisfied with new make-ups, facials, high heels, visiting pubs en mass, take to boozing, and don scanty dresses to compete with or outdo men.


The Women’s Day will be worthwhile if women folk bring happiness in the society, peace at home, love in each heart and spread the fragrance of beauty all over.


‘Boloji’ is proud to have many outstanding women writers in its forum. ‘Boloji’ India extends on this great day its whole-hearted greetings to women of the world!


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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Comment Dear Ruparadha, thank you. It is pleasure to get your aproval, since the article deals with women of all ages, specially the youths.

14-Mar-2011 10:36 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
Thanks for such a great piece of work. I agree with you absolutely.
with best regards,

14-Mar-2011 09:35 AM

Comment Thoughts walkthrough...
I love and respect your sincere statements, patriotism is inborn and shall never die wherever one is, our hands shall fold to our gods and our elders always. What I do not like is the reluctance to replace the evils customs by modern ones. I am not talking of external aspects, but of inner feelings. Thank you for your thoughtful response.

09-Mar-2011 19:45 PM

Comment Respected Sir,

I do agree majorly with you... but not with few lines though like..."IF educated mass looks to the west and damn every Indian customs..."

i do notice that you have an IF clause prefixed to your statement...yet i would say...

the very fact that they are 'educated masses' mean that, they have their own mind to analyse what customs to truly believe in and what so called customs are blindly just being followed since fore fathers. To top it all I believe that though country is modernized and people follow western fashion, the patriotism, devotion to God they believe in, customs and traditions of their religion followed by every Indian (irrespective of the gender) runs through veins.

My Gucci dress, Christine Dior perfume and Guess pointed heals will not distantly affect me chanting gayathri mantra or hanuman chalisa, my patriotism or me respecting my elders.

For me Woman's day celebration is just this... celebrating Womanhood with freedom to thought, freedom of speech, freedom to do something for upliftment of society and freedom to believe in whats right.

09-Mar-2011 11:11 AM

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