No Agreement on Samjhauta?

For the last time this scribe is drawing attention to the glaring contradiction related to the alleged confession of Swami Aseemanand. The Swami’s confession is crucial. Other cases depend on its veracity and on the Swami’s reliability as a witness. It has been repeatedly pointed out that the UN Security Council Resolution indicted Lashkar-e-Taiba for organizing the Samjhauta Express bomb blast. For that reason the UN banned the Lashkar and designated it a terrorist organization. It named the four perpetrators of the blast. It named the mastermind in Karachi who allegedly financed the operation and froze his assets. 

However, Swami Aseemanand in his confession to the police and to a magistrate has claimed that the Samjhauta Express blast was carried out by Hindu terrorists. The investigative agencies are proceeding with the Swami’s confession on face value and choose to remain oblivious of the UNSC Resolution. The opposition parties and the national media also choose to maintain a deafening silence regarding this glaring unexplained contradiction.

There are four possibilities.

  • First, that Swami Aseemanand is speaking the truth and the UNSC was mistaken. If so, the Lashkar was innocent regarding the train blast.
  • Secondly, the UNSC was correct and the Swami was lying. In that case Hindu terrorists could not have been connected to the train blast.
  • Thirdly, both the UNSC and the Swami spoke the truth. In that case the Hindu terrorists were colluding with the Lashkar-e-Taiba  as has been alleged by some conspiracy theorists.
  • Fourthly, both the UNSC and Swami Aseemanand were lying in which case the Samjhauta Express blast was perpetrated by an unknown terrorist outfit.
There is no explanation outside of these four possibilities. The investigative agencies, the opposition parties and the national media must choose which option to approve.

What cannot be accepted is the continuing deafening silence on the issue and the pretence that the contradiction does not exist. The current silence exposes a malaise in Indian society that betrays a dangerous sickness.   


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Rajender Gaur
14-Mar-2011 21:44 PM

Comment Sir,
I have taken the liberty of copying this entire post from Vigilonline by Smt. Radha Rajan for the benefit of readers.
Purpose Served Chidambaram, but not the way you think
The Congress-led UPA government is climbing up a neck-breaking slippery slope - to label Hindus terrorists on their own bhumi. B Raman was the first to blow this soap-bubble into public discourse when he described ULFA as Hindu terrorists. A retired bureaucrat and well-known counter-terrorism expert, Raman’s outlandish claim went unchallenged although the writer, in a private email to Raman expressed great disappointment over the thoughtless expression with the observation that ULFA could be labeled a Hindu outfit only if they claimed to be acting in the name of Hinduism to serve a Hindu cause.

The writer carried the discussion further with the argument that if there was no Hindu objective to ULFA’s actions and if Raman’s bizarre logic were to be applied across the board then we would henceforth have to name all offences with a prefix indicating the offender’s religion - Hindu smuggler, Christian molester, Muslim history-sheeter, Jain shoplifter, Parsi goonda and so on. That effectively popped Raman’s ULFA Hindu terrorist soap-bubble.

Whoever was crafting this diabolic plot was undeterred by this setback and soon came back with Hindu terror again but this time it was tagged to acts of terror in the country between 2006 and 2008, beginning with the Malegaon blasts in 2006. As Raman put it,

"I am proud to have sounded the wake-up call as early as in 2006 to the dangers of some angry members of the Hindu community taking to reprisal acts of terrorism against our Muslims if the Government does not take note of the perceptions in sections of the Hindu community that it has been soft towards the jihadi terrorists. I have been writing and speaking on this from time to time since then". (Indian Defence Review, 17 January, 2011)

The only people who seemingly woke up to Raman’s wake-up call in 2006 were former National Security Adviser MK Narayanan, former Maharashtra ATS chief the late Hemant Karkare and the Goebbelsian Congress propaganda machinery headed by the Home Minister, Finance Minister and all other wannabe Congress potentates including the Italian dynasty’s male heir; and of course the Pakistani government which not only woke up to Raman’s call but is now rubbing the UPA government’s nose especially P Chidambaram’s nose in muck. The UPA deserves it and Dossier Chidambaram but not the Hindu nation and not the Hindu victims of Islamic jihad. There are no "Muslim victims" of jihad, only martyrs who have willingly sacrificed themselves or martyrs who have been sacrificed for Allah.

It is a pity to stick a pin into Raman’s pride for what he thinks was his original insight; perhaps Raman should now seriously consider the possibility that the idea of Hindu terror may have been cleverly implanted in his mind from as early as 2005 by his own fraternity - either by intelligence officials in India or foreign intelligence officials with clever suggestions, bogus facts and disputable, even fabricated ‘evidence’. After all this is the most satanic, most functional and one of the busiest networks in the world as exposed by Julian Assange to whom the sane world of ordinary people owes an eternal debt of gratitude.

Raman is a prolific writer on terrorism related issues and is highly regarded as a man of integrity even if his analysis and conclusions sometimes tend to swing erratically from the brilliant to the bizarre. It would have been next to impossible to get Raman to speak or write something about which he was not convinced or whose credibility or truth he doubted. But if the Americans (we are suckers for White endorsement on everything from security threats to potato chips) or his own fraternity were to present it to him as hard facts (like the infamous Iraq Dossier submitted by Colin Powell to the United Nations, by Bush to the US Congress and by Blair to the British Parliament containing "hard facts" of Saddam Hussein’s mountainous stockpile of weapons of mass destruction), we know how even the most intelligent people and entire nations can be sold an ‘intelligence’ lemon if packaged rightly and if the lyrics and melody of the Goebbelsian ditty are just right.

While Raman may like to think he sounded his wake-up call bugle in 2006, the writer thinks the plot to invent Hindu terror was hatched in 2005; this allowed for the mastermind (generic for individuals or groups) to work on Raman’s mind and to plant the seed which germinated speedily into Hindu terror in 2006. Considering that Raman first floated this soap-bubble in 2006, had all this been above board, logically speaking, for a counter-terrorism expert like Raman there ought to have been at the very least two or three terror attacks prior to or up until 2006 with a discernible pattern which compelled him to conclude "as early as in 2006" that there existed a pink elephant called Hindu Terror.

Attack on Indian parliament - 13 December 2001

Godhra Train burning - 27 February, 2002

Attack on Akshardham Temple, Gujarat - 24 September 2002

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, terror attack - 28 December 2005

Varanasi bombings - A series of bombings that occurred across Varanasi on 7 March 2006

Mumbai Train Bombings - 11 July 2006 were a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai

Malegaon blasts - September 28, 2006

Incendiary explosion, Samjhauta Express - 18 February, 2007

Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad blasts - 18 May, 2007

Ajmer Sharif blasts - 15 October 2007

Malegaon blasts - September 29, 2008

The UPA government and Sonia’s minions have held Sadhvi Pragya and Pujya Swami Aseemanand guilty (without an ounce of proof so far) only for the Malegaon blasts and the terror acts in 2007, as shown in the list above; but as per this list for Raman to have arrived at his original conclusion on Hindu terror in 2006, he could only have studied the attacks on the Indian Parliament, the burning alive of karsevaks in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra, the terror attack on Akshardham Temple, the IISc terror attack, the Varanasi bombings and the Mumbai suburban train serial explosions; these were the only acts of terror that preceded the Malegaon blasts of 2006.

The Malegaon blasts of 2008 were followed by blasts in Modasa in Gujarat, serial blasts in Jaipur, on Ramjanmabhumi, last year in the German Bakery in Pune, and another near the Dasashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi and the nation is holding its breath waiting for the UPA government to pin these too on the RSS since no arrests have been made so far and no charge-sheet has been filed..

Everything would have gone as per the diabolic script that was being written by someone somewhere except that 26/11 happened. Jihadis held Mumbai and the entire nation hostage from 26 November 2008 and the UPA government which was floating gleefully on cloud seven for having successfully given birth to Hindu terror, had to deal with the nation’s intense anger against Islamic jihad.

And as Pakistan grabbed the UPA’s Hindu terror fig-leaf and repeatedly rubbed the Indian face in human waste, P Chidambaram’s "saffron terror purpose served" smirk was wiped off his face, and the UPA government, grappling with growing anger of the people, and loss of credibility against the government as scam after scam after scam exposed almost the entire top leadership of the Congress and allies, fielded an ashen-faced Pranab Mukherjee before media cameras to roll the rosogolla of RSS terror in his mouth. What started as Hindu terror thus climbed down to saffron terror and has now touched nadir with RSS terror. Descending from the grand heights of Hindu terror to the depths of RSS terror was nothing short of the UPA government confessing to the plot and accepting its defeat to make the ‘terrorist’ mud stick on Hindus.

This is exactly how Gandhi’s assassination following the vivisection of the Hindu bhumi in 1947 was pinned on the RSS by Nehru’s Goebbelsian propaganda machinery for fear of attracting the attention of Hindus to the very real Hindu anger which turned against Gandhi. The INC and its shameless allies have every reason not to want the idea of Hindu anger to take root in people’s minds. From Nehru to Pranab Mukherjee, Chidambaram, Lalu, Mamta and co., the fear of Hindu anger against politics of minority-ism and minority-pampering secularism stalks their minds.

And that is why from 1947 until the present, it has paid the Congress handsomely to attribute all actions resulting from Hindu anger on the RSS; knowing that it would be counter-productive to act against Hindus as Mulayam Singh Yadav realized to his utter dismay when, as Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh he ordered karsevaks to be shot at sight. But if Hindu anger were to be portrayed as RSS extremism and the full might of the state’s covert power were to be employed to remove the RSS from public space, then Nehru and Nehruvian secularism, which favours only the Abrahamic religions, and as embodied in Congress politics and Congress-appointed judges in our courts, can still occupy center-space in the nation’s polity.

Raman may express indignation (with unconvincing sincerity) all he wants over this motivated name-calling of the RSS and Hindus but he cannot deny that he took credit for inventing Hindu terror. This writer for one is not squeamish about violence, terror or Hindu terror or RSS terror; so let us confront Raman’s pink elephant frontally.

If Raman was the first to refer to Hindu terror in 2006 and let us give credit where it is due, then Raman as an expert on terrorism and counter-terrorism came to the conclusion because Hindus attacked the Indian Parliament, Hindus set Hindu karsevaks on fire in Godhra, Hindus attacked the Akshardham temple, Hindus bombed the Hindu holy city of Varanasi, Hindus set off serial blasts in Mumbai’s suburban trains, and oh yes to add secular spice to general religious terrorism Hindus also attacked the Indian Institute of science. There are simply no other precedents of terror attacks other than these prior to the Malegaon blasts in 2006 in which Raman perceived an emerging pattern. If this is laughable Mr. Raman, no one is laughing.

So much for prior cases and precedents; now let us look at the nature of these attacks and see if there is any pattern to them. Some of the striking features of these acts of terror are-

Gun-toting and maybe explosives carrying terrorists as in the Indian parliament attack case, in IISc Bangalore and Mumbai 26/11

Terror acts using explosives

Terror acts using incendiary matter and inflammable cocktails containing RDX, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil

Low intensity explosives like crude bombs

High intensity explosives like RDX

Pressure cookers

Low casualty mortality rate as one or two individuals

Medium casualty mortality rate between 10 and 50

High rate of mortalities in the hundreds

The writer is not a terrorism or counter-terrorism expert but has enough intelligence which does not see a pattern here that points in the direction of Hindu terror. Crude bombs do not cause extensive damage and cause nil or very low mortality while medium and high rates of mortality are caused by use of two devices - high intensity Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or Timed Incendiary Device (TID). As their names suggest, the first uses explosives improvised to cause maximum damage accompanied by killing metal shrapnel and glass splinters; the second causes maximum damage by fire.

The Mumbai suburban train blasts and the Jaipur serial blasts were caused by IEDs while the terror attack in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra and Samjhauta Express have been caused by TIDs. Islamic jihadis seem to have used both IEDs and TIDs when they took Mumbai hostage in November 2008. Even before investigating agencies could determine what caused the Malegaon blasts in 2006, and notwithstanding the fact that SIMI took credit for the same, Raman gave credence to the Hindu terror fiction.

One reason why other terrorism experts dismissed the Hindu terror theory was the fact that Hindus as individuals and Hindu groups do not have access to RDX and this is a critical factor in the argument. It is around this critical factor that the diabolic plot to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi has been crafted and executed.

RDX is a high intensity explosive and use of RDX even in miniscule quantities causes immense damage and destruction

RDX can be used not only in bombs but also as a component along with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, as reports suggest, to make TIDs

RDX is therefore only available with the army in India and is under army lock and key

Every ounce is strictly accounted for and it is in the army’s interest and in the interest of the nation to declare any theft of RDX no matter how small a quantity

Some Islamic states which use jihad as a weapon of foreign policy to serve Islam’s political objectives, allow non-state groups to possess RDX to be used in acts of jihad against target nations and peoples

Therefore while it is possible for jihadi groups in India to get hold of RDX through the seamless global jihadi network and the nation’s porous borders, it is next to impossible for Hindu groups to access RDX from jihadis or from the Indian army

The Indian state and army have so far not allowed non-state actors to possess RDX in any quantity

When Raman blew the soap-bubble of Hindu terror in 2006 without a shred of hard evidence in which to root his claim, the time had come to put substance into the soap bubble. JN Dixit, a distinguished and highly regarded career diplomat whom the writer knew personally to be a well-cloaked fierce nationalist, was the UPA’s National Security Adviser when the UPA came to power in Delhi in 2004. After Dixit’s unexpected and sudden death in January 2005, MK Narayanan was appointed NSA. One of the first things that Narayanan did was to hand-pick Hemant Karkare as chief of Maharashtra ATS; a position for which Karkare had no experience. These questions deserve to be asked -

Why did Sonia Gandhi appoint MK Narayanan, Intelligence Bureau (IB) man and more important, her family loyalist, to the extremely sensitive post of NSA (The writer is not even going into the mysterious circumstances causing JN Dixit’s sudden death which made it possible for Narayanan to be appointed to the post)

Why did MK Narayanan appoint the inexperienced Karkare as chief of Maharashtra ATS

The second question is significant because the most important scene in the Hindu terror plot was shot in locales in Maharashtra, in Malegaon. Read this together with the RSS alleging that Col. Purohit, a serving army officer with Military Intelligence (first Intelligence Bureau, now Military Intelligence in the Hindu terror plot), began his machinations to divide and weaken the RSS from within in 2005[i] and what we get is no clichéd conspiracy theory but a diabolic plot to move India in the direction of post-Hindu India.

If we also read it in the context of Sonia Gandhi’s towering ambitions to become Prime Minister being foiled by an active campaign by Hindu nationalists opposing her on grounds of her foreign nationality, then what we get is a determined decision by whoever planted Sonia Gandhi on this unsuspecting nation, to politically dis-empower and decimate Hindu nationalists as was done in 1908. As in 1908, so in 2005 when the plot to label Hindus as terrorists was hatched, Hindu nationalism was sought to be annihilated only with the complicity of shameless Hindus in polity.

The core objective of the satanic plot to break the Hindu spirit and keep Hindus in a state of turmoil seems to have been to launch a full scale attack against Hindu sanyasis, to defame and defile them and to physically annihilate the RSS - two institutions which best represent the Hindu nation and sense of nationhood and may be termed to be our immune system. Weakening any one of them is guaranteed to weaken the entire Hindu society vis a vis the Abrahamic religions and their agenda for a non-Hindu/post-Hindu Indian polity.

What follows is the writer’s interpretation of the facts which have been put in the public domain. The only note of caution that the writer sounds is that no corroborative evidence, has so far been presented by any of the state ATS, the CBI or the NIA to back these "facts" which have been given to us; nevertheless, it is possible as the writer hopes to prove, to present the same facts in a different fact-sheet. If the government has a better explanation, let it pass muster in the courts.

Col. Purohit was probably hand-picked by someone in the UPA government to penetrate the RSS

The RSS, a passionately nationalist organization will go out of its way to meet with individuals and groups which work in the nation’s interests

It is through such meetings and interactions that the RSS builds up a corpus of social capital

There was growing anger among Hindus against the BJP which after its surprising defeat in 2004, was directionless, suffered loss if identity and purpose, and most disturbingly its leaders were fighting bitterly and publicly among themselves

The RSS too was floundering, and burdened by an irresolute leadership, it did not demonstrate any ability to respond effectively to increasing jihadi attacks against the nation, growing militant evangelization by all denominations of the Church, or to the visible political disempowerment of Hindus matched by a corresponding political ascendancy of Muslims and Christians

Col. Purohit was planted on the unsuspecting RSS in the immediate aftermath of the defiling of the Kanchi Matham by Jayalalithaa

The comprehensive failure by the RSS, the VHP, the BJP and the Hindu Dharmacharya Sabha to respond effectively to Hindu anguish and humiliation, and their collective failure to punish the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for her crime against Hindu dharma was a telling sign of a weak immune system

This probably gave the mastermind the idea to destroy the already weak Hindu society and dis-empower them totally in their own land

While the truth about the total absence of leadership in Hindu society had been established by 2004, the structure of the RSS was still alive and functioning and potentially it could still throw up a leader with the strength and vision to make RSS responsive to the threats that confronted Hindus and the Hindu nation.

Col. Purohit, in the course of his interactions all through 2005 is almost certain to have grasped the hierarchical nature of the RSS, its well-entrenched chain of command and the process of succession

The plot seems to have been executed on three fronts - to try and sow seeds of discord among parivar organizations; to attempt to physically eliminate the then Sarkaryavah, Mohan Bhagwat who was expected to take over as Sarsanghachalak; to embroil angry Hindus within the parivar and outside and at least some sanyasis in terror acts which Col. Purohit and his handlers would craft and detail

Hindus have the right to demand that the UPA government prove that it did not pick Col. Purohit to penetrate the RSS. Whoever masterminded this diabolic plot is almost certain to have had an Intelligence background if they could pick a man from Military Intelligence to head their CIA-like Dirty Tricks Department. Knowing full well that one of the arguments from terrorism experts to dismiss the Hindu terror story would be to raise the question how non-state, non-Muslim actors in India could access RDX, the mastermind picked on an army man who could then be passed off as the person who had access to the RDX under army lock and key.

What is obvious is that even as these grand plots to defile Hindu society were being brewed, the nation’s intelligence and investigating agencies were being deliberately sent on a wild goose chase, chasing the Hindu terror pink elephant and that is why Ajmal Kasab and his fellow-jihadis could walk unchecked, unchallenged, unnoticed into this country through Mumbai, in Maharashtra whose ATS chief was hand-picked by the then National Security Adviser.

If the UPA government can cynically appoint a retired judge of the Supreme Court to look into the 2G Spectrum scandal who has now been accused by a former Union Telecom Minister of deliberately ignoring facts and worse, of lying, we cannot put it past the UPA to hand-pick its men to head the nation’s security, Intelligence and investigating agencies, including the IB, R&AW, CBI and NIA to fulfill its agenda. After all, the CBI has covered itself in irreparable shame and incompetence from 2004 and the R&AW has proved that it was incompetent in the extreme to detect and discard traitors and betrayers in its ranks.

Sadhvi Pragya and Swami Aseemanand are in custody; Dayanand Pandey or the Peethathipathi of the Jammu Sharda Saarvagya Peeth and Col. Purohit have been removed from public spaces but we do not really know if they has been ‘arrested’ or simply made inaccessible to anyone by the government for fear of more dirty secrets tumbling out of the UPA closet. The nation’s English media exhibited yet again its shameless and unconscionable selective morality when it opposed brain-mapping and narco-analysis conducted on the domestic help of the Talwar household; and yet, not one among this immoral species raised his/her voice when Sadhvi Pragya was subjected to the same.

The UPA government and the National Commission for Women now headed by a Congress Chairperson, the immoral species called English print and electronic media, not Navika Kumar, not Barkha Dutt, not Sagarika Ghosh, not Teesta Setalvad, not Arundhati Roy, not Suhasini Ali, none of them whimpered, forget their usual screeching/hectoring/moralising when lawyer for Sadhi Pragya, Mahesh Jethmalani told in open court that Sadhvi Pragya was taken into custody on 10th October 2008 and kept in illegal detention until the 23rd without being produced before the local judicial magistrate within the mandatory 24 hours after arrest.

These self-styled keepers of the nation’s conscience did not protest when Sadhvi Pragya was subjected to narco-analysis and brain-mapping tests and tortured in custody. The media did not ask the UPA government to explain how it could plant a Muslim accused in the Malegaon blast case of 2006 in the same cell as Swami Assemanand who was arrested for the same crime. The swallow and vomit pulpit thumpers in the media did not put the UPA government through the ringer to ask probing questions about Swami Aseemanand’s so-called confession which he first made to the Muslim accused sharing the same prison cell. We cannot be blamed for thinking that the media is complicit too in the plot to label Hindus terrorists.

Given the Intelligence connection to the rogue army officer Col. Purohit and the Intelligence background of the mastermind of the plot, the nation may never know the truth behind pinning the blame for the Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif and the Malegaon blasts of 2006 and 2008 on Swami Aseemanand and Sadhvi Pragya. Secure in the knowledge that Islamic jihadis are not deterred by possible /intended Muslim victims of their actions, the core objective of this plot seems to have been to cynically attribute these acts of terror including the Samjhauta Express blasts to Hindus knowing full well that this would exonerate SIMI, HUJI and the Indian Mujahideen who have always promptly confessed to terror attacks.

Dossier Chidambaram’s ‘purpose served’ facetious remark would have remained unchallenged except that November 26, 2008 happened and took the mastermind of this plot, who concocted the brew and served it to the nation, completely by surprise. The mastermind could have handled more jihadi acts of terror like the Mecca Masjid, Ajmer Sharif and Malegaon 2008 blasts without turning a hair and would have continued with the diabolic script of pinning everything on Hindus except that 26/11 could not be pinned on Hindus and Pakistan now began to turn the tables on the Indian Home Minister and threw the UPA government’s Hindu terror brew back on his face.

The nation will never know the truth behind the death of Sunil Joshi and who killed him; the nation will never know the truth behind who hand-picked Col. Purohit for the job and most importantly the nation will never know if Hemant Karkare died because he was indeed ill-equipped literally and figuratively to deal with 26/11 or because he finally realized that he, his department and his men had been used without their knowledge to serve an ignoble cause.

The RSS letter to the Prime Minister dated 11th February 2011 has placed several hitherto unknown facts before the nation. The UPA’s credibility and morality are now not only in question but also wholly suspect. This government has to go and its extra-constitutional foreign remote control must also go but even as they go, and go they will, the BJP has to prove that its moral quotient is at least nominally better than the Congress.

A final word to one and all; there are no Hindu terrorists on Hindu bhumi. When Hindus pick up arms because the state fails intentionally to protect them and when the state fails intentionally to deal effectively with threats to the Hindu nation, then every Hindu who fights to defend his bhumi is a kshatriya.

Radha Rajan,
15 February, 2011.

RSS letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reproduced below, dated 11 February 2011

RSS Letter to the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Ma. Sarkaryawah Suresh (Bhayya) Joshi'sLetter to Prime
Sarkaryawah Suresh (Bhayya) Joshi's Letter to Prime Minister of India
9th February 2011

Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singhji,

Sadar Namaskar.

I am constrained to make a demand on your valuable time justified by the seriousness of the subject of this letter. Stated briefly, the purpose of burdening you with this letter is to bring to your attention the deliberate attempts to distort, even pervert and politicise, the ongoing investigations into the bomb blasts at Malegaon, Ajmer and Hyderabad and to cast false aspersions on the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS].

A single fact in the Government's hands will nail this lie. The Maharashtra ATS [MATS] has evidence in its possession to show that the accused in the Malegaon blast case, Col Purohit and Dayanand Pandey, were, simultaneously plotting to eliminate Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat, the then Sarkaryavah - General Secretary - of the RSS (currently the Sarsanghachalak), and a senior RSS leader Shri indreshKumar. At the time of the Malegaon investigations itself a senior Maharashtra ATS official had informed one of our prominent leaders about this conspiracy by the above mentioned Malegaon accused. Yet, shockingly, some elements in the investigative agencies have been trying to club the RSS with those very same people who were plotting against it. The fundamental question that arises, but not addressed, is: how could the RSS be bracketed with those who were viciously hostile to it and conspiring to kill its leaders?

The Charge Sheet of the Maharashtra ATS dated 20.1.2009 on the Malegaon blast submitted to the Court contains the transcripts of the audio CDs detailing the conversations of the said accused. They revealed that, while the plotters were organising chemical attack on Sri Bhagwat, they had given a pistol to a named, specific person to eliminate Sri Indresh Kumar. The CD recordings showed that theconspirators were spewing venom at the RSS and the BJP. This extra-judicial confession conclusively proved that the RSS was a target of the accused persons in he Malegaon case.

Recently, the media [Indian Express dt 28.1.2011] has reported, citing Military Intelligence [MI] Report, that Col Purohit had also admitted [as early as on 29.9.2008] that, at the instance of Dayanand Pandey he had plotted to kill Sri Indresh Kumar - the reason being Col Purohit's suspicion that Sri Indresh Kumar was an ISI agent. Purohit had also said that the plot was activated during Col Purohit's visit to Panchmarhi during January 2008; that, at that meeting, Dayanand Pandey asked Col Purohit to procure weapons for killing Sri Indresh Kumar; that Col Purohit handed over a 9 mm pistol to one Alok, close associate of Dayanand Pandey, at Bhopal Railway Station to kill Sri Indresh Kumar in Delhi. MATS and MI had interrogated and obtained this confession from Col Purohit, which corroborated with the audio recordings mentioned earlier. So MATS was fully aware of the specifics of the conspiracy to kill the RSS leaders.

But despite being in possession of such explosive, critical and specific evidence of the plot the MATS took a "conscious decision" and told the Bombay High Court in July 2010 that, as there was nothing '"specific", "no further action is required to be taken" on the alleged plot to kill the RSS leaders, "except to wait for the outcome of the pending trial". The MATS told a clear lie to the court. It admittedly has specific information about the plot. The plot to murder any one is a serious issue. In this case it is an independent offence, unrelated to the Malegaon offence and trial. So there was no need to link the end of the Malegaon trial to probe this murder plot. It is obviously just an alibi for not probing the murder plot. Delaying the probe also helps destruction of evidence. Yet, the MATS did not even register an FIR in 20'08 or later against the conspirators whose extrajudicial confession on the CD had nailed them. This is virtually a decision to abort probe into the conspiracy to murder,which is criminal. The shocking decision of the MATS not to probe the plot to kill the RSS leaders raises unanswerable questions like:

Was the investigation aborted because the exposure of the plot would foil any attempt to bracket the RSS with the Malegaon conspirators?

That the decision virtually to abort the probe only helped the detractors of the RSS to carry on insidious campaign against the RSS gives out the motive. We also understand that the murder plot issue was also discussed in the Maharashtra Assembly earlier last year.

The RSS had decided, in good faith, to leave the issue to the MATS and the Maharashtra and Central Governments. But with the MATS criminally forsaking its basic duty under the law and the governments at the State and at the Centre keeping silent about it, the RSS is taking appropriate legal advice about its future course of action.

We were shocked when the involvement of Col Purohit in the Malegaon case and in the conspiracy against the RSS came to our notice. But because the issue was sensitive, we had left it to the government to probe his role fully and truthfully. But, as that has not happened, we bring out here the circumstantial evidence that shows that Col Purohit had been playing a political role. We would like to mention how Col Purohit had mysteriously attempted to divide the RSS and its friendly organisations from within. Using his position and his nationalist ideas, he began accessing senior RSS functionaries from the year 2005. Claiming to possess exclusive intelligence no one else had access to, he and his associates planted canards like, that Indresh Kumar was an ISI agent and that the top

10-Mar-2011 21:57 PM

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