World is Shaken

by Japan earthquake and Tsunami

The entire world got a shock by the devastating earthquake measuring 8.9 magnitude on Richter's scale, the biggest ever in Japan's history, followed by a deadly tsunami that swept Japan, specially the north-east coast of Hunshu island. The shallow earthquake, focal depth just 8 km, occurred at 2.46 pm in the offshore close to the land. There were large aftershocks within first two hours. It is due to the subduction of the Pacific plate below Japan islands.
It may be placed here for record shake that over the past one and half months there have been three earthquakes - Christchurch in New Zealand on a New Moon day, after a fortnight in Mexico on a Full Moon day and today, two days after the New Moon day. Besides it is said that the moon is very near the earth and will be nearest on Mar 19, 2011 in the last 20 years!
a 10m-highTsunami, it appears, is spawned by the massive earthquake. 19 coastal countries have been alerted. Before we have forgotten the deadly tsunami triggered by 2004 Sumatra tremor, this one has occurred. Interestingly, or shockingly, tsunami is a Japanese term that means 'Bay wave'. But this one is so extensive that it has shaken the Japan sea and the entire Pacific Ocean.
The damage is beyond description. The buildings in Tokyo at a distance of 370 km swung like pendulums. Some buildings even caught fire. The city of Sendai not very far from the earthquake epicentre has lost 300 lives. The oil refinery in Ichihara has caught fire. Some cities have been submerged. The nuclear plant that caght fire is now under control. 20,000 people have been evacuated so as to protect them from possible nuclear radiation. Luckily there is no threat from radiation.
A ship with 100 people has been swept away. A train too went missing. Several cars and houses were left floating as paper boats. Many roads are damaged, many walls have collapsed and fishing boats are stranded. The airport at Sendai is under flood waters. The damage is beyond description. The tsunami affected areas present a gruesome heart-rendering sight.
The loss to Japan is beyond imagination. There is a need for all the nations to come together to help out Japan and its million sufferers. We hope India rises to the occasion to provide all possible help to Japan. I wish all the Members of Parliament donate their Constituency Development money and the 50 billionaires, included recently in Forbes list, donate liberally for the reconstruction of the affected areas in Japan.
Boloji expresses its sorrow and sympathises with the people of Japan over the unprecedented loss.


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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