Being Nothing

Everyone says 'I' want freedom, 'I' want to break all the bonds. But this is not possible as the very 'I' remains there. One cannot be 'bond-free' unless he/she becomes free from this 'I'!

We are always being taught that becoming free from everything is enlightenment. But this concept being 'free' is very wrongly perceived many times. Running away from this life, living in jungles, Himalayas is considered as the 'free' state. But unfortunately it is not!

We know that the petals of a lotus never become wet, even if they are in continuous contact with water. This is the same case! You have to be just like those petals. This is like 'inside everything but being nothing'!! That is the real way to be followed.

Just leaving the lively life is not at all the way and if that were, why God would have given us such a wonderful life? Running from the things is the indicative of coward person. A rainbow, with all the seven colours in it, is anytime more beautiful than any single colour! Same is the life! You cannot, rather should not escape from any aspect of life. Just go with the life and you will find the truth, that is just 'flow with the flow'!


More by :  Akshay Patil

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