Pisces:The sign of Mystics

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, one of the two mutable signs ruled by Jupiter that has often been associated with a mystical quality. Those individuals in whose charts, the sign of Pisces is prominent, either by virtue of hosting strong planets or the moon, or charts with Pisces rising in the first or personal house, serve as good examples for these attributes. I must quickly point out, for the benefit of beginners, that like other factors in astrology, this Pisces influence is also amenable to being modified (diminished as well as enhanced) in charts and so must be kept in mind when making a horoscopic judgment. 

Those with prominent Pisces have been called mystic and psychic; they have been labeled as simpletons, and they have been stereotyped as 'those who dwell in deep waters'! They have been cruelly described as "homely" and even unintelligent at times, and have even been portrayed as shrewd. They have been found to be nebulous by some, with their awareness and psychic-ectoplasm hovering between realities, giving the impression that the Pisces is focused on a realm that is neither here nor there! So many diverse labels and such controversies characterize this 'mutable' sign that forms the tail end of the zodiac. Pisces stands for fish and fish is a simple life form, many say. It is also one of the oldest life forms and depicts survival and adaptability without which no life form can aspire to thrive for long. Pisces reminds us of the smell of the seas, the chaotic primordial sea from which creation arose, according to Hindu mythology, as gods and demons churned the ocean of milk and found nectar as well as poison. The secrets that the ocean can hold in its bosom are unfathomable, and yet it is made of transparent water that keeps moving and seems so incapable of hiding anything or keeping something buried within.

Controversy can be the epitome of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces); after all they depict the initiation of movement, as the fixed energy (indicated by the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) begins to overcome inertia and works its way towards the frenzy of motion, depicted by the movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). The mutable signs signify the state of evolution in which one has the maximum freedom to choose one or the other potential path, to remain static or to become dynamic. The outcome seems to be almost entirely in the hand of the individual at the mutable stage of soul-development. Mutable signs, then, are pregnant with possibilities and in that symbolic sense the mutable signs in our horoscopes, the houses they represent and the planets that are placed in these signs represent our potential and possibilities. We may go as far as stating that these represent the tasks related with our growth that we came to this earthly existence for accomplishing.

While tropical astrology designates Pisces as an area of zodiac that is ruled by the Lord of the Oceans, Neptune, the Indian system of jyotish assigns the rulership of Pisces to Jupiter, his other area of reign being Sagittarius, which is also considered as its special place, or moolatrikona. There is a direct, dynamic, and forceful side to Jupiter, typically signified by Sagittarius, the archer (Vivekananda, known for his directness, had a strong Sagittarius element in his chart). However, Jupiter also has a dreamy, philosophical side that resonates well with Pisces. The absent-minded professor Jupiter has a depth that is well in tune with the nature of Pisces. Einstein's chart has Pisces in the 10th house of accomplishment with some striking planetary placements there. The nature of his work in a sense exemplifies the Piscean theme that encompasses the wide stretch between pragmatism to something that is almost esoteric in the sense of being a series of concepts that stretched the mind and also the boundaries of physical science. That his work and concepts have been of help to the householder and the holy men, alike, is a tribute to the enormous scope of what a finely tuned and therefore well-prepared Piscean mind can accomplish.

The apparent secretiveness of Pisces is not a passionate attempt to hold things back and to not share, a trait that is typically attributed to Scorpios. Pisces are taciturn because they are simultaneously receiving information from so many sources and perceiving things at so many levels. Little wonder that they often seem distracted, smiling at nothing and give the appearance of being "not quite all here". Those with moon in Pisces are often in tune with other realms, whether they know it consciously or not. Words that spring forth from their lips (or pen) may have sources that extend beyond the immediate reality. 

With Saturn, the lord of karma and 'time' ruling the 11th and 12th, namely, houses of gains and loss -- for many of those with Pisces ascending or with Pisces as a prominent sign, or perhaps by virtue of having an exalted Venus there -- worldly gains and losses are not uppermost issues to focus upon. There is a detachment between the material reality that dances to the tune of rigid rules signified by Saturn and the intrinsic higher qualities of Venus. Pisces is the sign of exaltation of Venus and artistic appreciation and expression comes easily to these individuals. The great poet of India, Rabindranath Tagore, who won the Nobel Prize in literature, was born with Pisces rising and moon placed therein. The pearls that the Pisces dives within to retrieve often are expressed in a poetic and ornate manner. Pisces is not comfortable with logical and linear communication or expression. For putting two and two together in a linear manner! It is hardly surprising that mercury the logician and communicator is debilitated in Pisces. 

The Pisces find it easy to communicate (3rd house) their deep-diving treasures (8th house) through the channel of arts and poetry. Often they prefer to recite (Taurus, the natural sign of voice, speech is in the 3rd house in a Pisces chart) rather than write (the jurisdiction of 2nd house). They can be generous and not very money-minded, and at times find their lessons in the areas of good financial management, thanks to the teacher Saturn, which rules over their 11th and 12th houses indicating income and expenses. Jupiter's debility in Capricorn, the 11th house in a Pisces rising chart is not happenstance, but probably indicative of the reminder to the Pisces that he or she is a spirit who has come to this earthly reality to learn how to be human! Pragmatism need not be mutually exclusive of spirituality.

The 10th house often holds that which is considered a pinnacle of achievement, or at least one of the most desirable projects. When looking at a Pisces rising chart, we find the other sign of Jupiter, Sagittarius placed in the 10th! The sharp clarity of expression, the fresh aroma of freedom, that touch of wildness which Pisces often dream about, that makes up their fantasies comes naturally to Sagittarius. Pisces may often find themselves attracted to Sagittarius, not because of some physical attraction, but due to the traits that they feel (they 'know'!) would make the partnership complementary and complete!

While the Aries make good fathers (Leo falls in their 5th house, sun being the significator for father in jyotish), Pisces make good mothers (moon the indicator of motherhood rules their fifth house). Even the Pisces fathers! Nurturance, teaching through feelings, emphasizing the caring and sustaining part of ones nature as the child grows, comes naturally to the Pisces.

With his existence and awareness divided between realities, fortunate is the Pisces that has found a partner, perhaps a spouse, who brings to the relationship the strengths of organizational abilities, the respect for order and routine in life, typically qualities that Virgos possess. In return, the Virgo receives free trips to realms that are often beyond his or her wildest fantasies! 

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Comment Dear Ramanan,

Greetings! "Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda" (Could have, would have, should have) is a rather pessimistic Kaliyuga Mantra and I seriously advise against, to anybody! :-)

Many today, and particularly amongst jyotish, are seeking the Holy Grail: That one book, that one article, that ONE TECHNIQUE, that ONE System, that ONE ayanamsha, that ONE... ONE... ONE...(!) that will solve all the quest, all the uncertainty and then KARMAbhoomi, planet earth (Mrityuloka) shall turn into Swarga (Paradise!).

Ain't happenin', brother (or sister if that is the case!)!! Please continue to read and study more and also develop inner satiety and then you will connect better or at least get closer to Nirvana, Moksha and MUKTI!
Ma Shakti Dey, har klanti ley
Ma Buddhi Dey, har bhranti ley
Ma Bhakti Dey, Ma Shanti Dey, Ma Mukti Dey!



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Comment Dear Rohini, It is good but i think that you could have written more..connecting moksha and jupiter as pisces is the natural 12th of the zodiac indicating the same.

R V Ramanan
22-Nov-2012 07:59 AM

Comment good.
need some more info on Pisces.

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