Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Most people, when they think of jyotish, the Indian system of astrology, invariably (and in my opinion mistakenly) think of temples, gongs, incense, pot-bellied priests, amulets, poojas and gemstones - all against the background of indecipherably mysterious but soothing chants. It seems that despite all the 'airing' that has gone on over last many years and despite the increasing openness in recent years - some individuals still consider jyotish as being some kind of a cloistered and sacred closet that has a mystical aura without which it cannot exist (therein lies the myth!). Some of these myths originate from ignorance or perhaps from partial knowledge while others are really rationalizations put forth by tropical astrologers who feel the need to reconcile with the differences caused by different frameworks but somewhat rules and symbolism. 

Like any other form of astrology, jyotish has its share of psychics that knowingly or inadvertently use the horoscope and astro-symbolism as launching pads for their psychic readings. The advice they give is valuable and accurate, perhaps more so than that given by many astrologers, but their experiences should not be converted into astrological rules as they pose a problem for those who truly utilize astrological rules as a logical structure. Perhaps there is no purely logical astrologer as all of us are psychic and intuitive to some extent, but we are talking about relative degrees of logic vs gut feeling here. 

While denigrated and brushed aside as a fatalistic activity by nay Sayers, jyotish and its associated 'Hindu' theory of karma (though "Do unto others as you would be done by", the famous and familiar saying is hardly of Hindu origin or in Sanskrit, for that matter!) do not promote fatalism (doom and gloom!) or in any incontrovertible fate or predestiny as being cast in the granite of time. Quite the opposite is true, actually! This is indicated by the very significant role of muhurta or elective astrology (choose the right moment and you can change your basic fate) and remedial astrology (karma can be changed) are powerful messages against such 'modern' myths that try to chain jyotish in the fetters created by their ignorance of what is the true big picture. If fate is sealed and we are merely sinning and hopelessly spiritual failures of puppets in the hands of some patriarchal God as some religious thoughts of more modern vintage would like us to believe, then what purpose does astrology serve? Other than confirming the morose existence and dire fate that we are destined to bear through our lifetimes and beyond (some even do not think there is a beyond!) - how would knowing a fate that cannot be changed serve us or our spiritual progress? Remedies on the other hand provide a ray of hope, but the concept while great can suffer the same fate as the opposite concept of predestined fate does. There are remedies and there are remedies. The commonest favorite being expensive gemstones and the recent trend of a large number of priests in some distant part of the globe chanting your sins away, for a donation. Astrologers are a resourceful bunch - always falling over one another in their eagerness to help! If gemstones are too expensive, they offer secondary and even tertiary gemstones; even a metal plate with mystic numbers engraved would do in a clinch! The list is endless and the sources for these are not any less in number. But can it all be that simple? Paying for your past sins is not a new concept and is prevalent in all religions other than some very modern bubbly ones, of course. But the concept of a rich person being able to clean up his karmic plate by frequent visits to the jeweler or to the internet-based priest is a bit difficult to absorb! I am not saying that this may be necessarily impossible, but difficult to accept lock stock and barrel, all the same.

Modern practitioners and students of astrology generally toy an uneasy relationship with remedial astrology. Although many individuals think of astrology as being a science, none of us are really oblivious to the empirical nature of the craft of astrology. Most of us worldly beings must, of necessity, live in a reality that is deeply grounded in the physical/material where cause is followed by effect and where symbols of rational thinking and scientific progress surround us and form much of our perceived daily reality. It is, therefore, difficult not to feel uneasy when we move away 'afar' from a very earthy and rational way of looking at things that are a part of our 'human experience'. When the links between the cause and effect regarding anything or any phenomenon seem tenuous and weak, we understandably become dubious and anxious. This has nothing to do with what is indeed true in the universe or what works, but just the different natures of the 'perceived' reality that we live in and the other much larger one which is home to the astrological phenomena and spiritual reality.

Astrology -- if we take a step away from the usual beaten path, falls into a domain that many skeptics would consider as being one infused with superstitious 'magical' thinking. Most of these people are grossly misinformed, if not totally ignorant, and convincing them by using their rules of understanding becomes even more difficult because truth be told, we astrologers ourselves do not fully know the detailed modus operandi of astrology. We take for granted many primary assumptions or axioms. Some examples would be: why does Jupiter signify as a karaka for children? Why is Aries ruled by mars?? How do different orientations of the zodiac work - simultaneously??? How do planets affect us or how do they indicate certain effects?? When does fate reign supreme and when does free-will take the reins? Despite the lack of concrete and rational explanations, we continue to practice and believe in astrology because we and those who came before us have empirically observed that it works! This, in itself is not something that we should feel tiny about! Many of the modern pharmaceutical preparations that we use, started out as folk remedies, were used for centuries because someone serendipitously happened to try those out, and the blessed weeds worked! The path from 'superstition' to science may to the open mind, would seem to extend from the willow bark to the wonder drug aspirin! Such may also be true for astrology, in an analogous manner.

I consider open-minded astrologers as a daring breed of pioneers willingly exploring uncharted waters! But, many of us modern astrologers draw the line when it comes to the use of astro-remedies. Remedies such as gemstones, which are believed to resonate with or against certain planetary vibrations or qualities, one must admit, assume a lot and do require a strong modicum of belief. One asks: What are these planetary vibrations? Why can we not measure these with our marvelous scopes and gauges? Are these energies akin to light, magnetism, sound, or do they represent a subtle form of energy that lies tantalizingly just beyond our boundaries of physical perception? On somewhat similar principles rests the basis for using natural essences (flower essences), herbs, which are utilized in rectifying ill effects caused by or relating to planetary afflictions. The long line-up extends at least upto the horizons of our perception and conceptualization.

Vedic astrology, despite its very strong ties with the Karmic hypothesis and its implied 'fatalistic' misconception, has a very well developed and detailed remedial system. Ironically, this also underscores the fact that Vedic astrology supports the view that destiny can be changed by our willful actions and certain procedures, and hence really advocates the supremacy of individual choice and free-will! The remedial medicine bag of the Jyotishi (Vedic astrologer) includes tools such as penance, fasting, special spiritually-endowed sound vibrations (mantras), glyphs and devices (yantras) and religious ceremonies (pooja) with charity (the concept of tithe may sound more familiar to some readers of this article!). Some of these measures undoubtedly sound fantastic, perhaps even voodooishly magical to the 'modern' mind, and even to some who have otherwise an unshakable faith in the veracity of astrology! In matters of 'belief' such as these, there is always a degree of personal decision involved. We alone can ultimately decide how far we would be willing to let our circle of acceptance stretch, regardless of the perceived or actual truth in the phenomenon under scrutiny! It must be noted that even within science, many scientific phenomena may sound magical and fantastic -- despite detailed and satisfactory explanations -- to those who are not specialists in the specific area. Medicine is probably privileged to have a lion's share of these over the years that it has ruled the roost of healing crafts. 

In Vedic astrology, a given planet is described as having two kinds of attributes. It is either strong/weak (a quantitative attribute) or benefic/malefic (a qualitative attribute). One need not block ones mind by getting hung up on the terms. Many astrologers refer to these two attributes interchangeably, sometimes out of carelessness. On the other hand there also exist in traditional texts references to planets which are cruel, kruras -- the sun for instance -- but which are not necessarily malefic; somewhat akin to having a strict father or teacher! It is important to understand that gemstones are only capable of strengthening weak planets. They must not be used when the planet is a malefic. As a ready-reckoner, when a planet is in exaltation, in its own sign, in its special sign (moolatrikona), in the sign of a friend, in an angle or trine or in its angle or kendra of power (e.g., Jupiter, mercury in 1st, Venus, moon in 4th, Saturn in 7th and mars, sun in 10th), then it is strong. A similar brief consideration for determining a malefic planet would be: if it rules the 6th, 8th or 12th houses or if it rules the obstructive or badhaka house (11th, 7th or 9th signs from the ascendant if the latter is in a cardinal, mutable or fixed sign, respectively), etc. Evidently there is more to these attribute determinations than this. This has practical implications. For example, if the lord of the 6th house is weak (moon for an Aquarius horoscope), we must not recommend that the person wear pearls! On the other hand, if the sun is in Libra in the same horoscope, wearing a ruby (sun's gemstone) would improve matters pertaining to the 7th house!

While weak benefics can be strengthened by gemstones, malefics can be propitiated by other forms of remedials, including fasting, performing good deeds or giving charity, immersing oneself into specific mantras and other devotional acts. A malefic planet indicates a karmic factor that may be amenable to correction or pacification (Shanti), hence the importance of penance or voluntary suffering! It must also be noted that though mantras can be utilized for strengthening weak planets as well; however, they are generally very specialized and require appropriate rituals in order to be effective. Merely chanting them after reading them off a text or a web page might not do the trick! It is safe to say that listening to properly recorded chants does induce some benefits, though.

I prefer to view a birth chart as a map of the earthly manifestation and allocation of the cosmic energy, the breath of life primarily for the current lifetime. The horoscopic houses are the 12 corridors of human experience that are illuminated by the 7 planetary candles, all of which are manifestations of the Prime Energy Source from which the more you take, the same remains behind. Each planet finds certain corridors that are harmoniously and brightly lit by its light. These represent the strong positions for the given planet. There are also those corridors that would not be well lit by the same planet's presence there (the planetary energy is not fully expressed). In such a case, one may resort to boosting the light, by using the lenses or reflectors in the form of gemstones or herbs. Of the 7 candles, some candles have a clean flame (benefic), while others also produce smoke (malefic)! A candle might produce an intensely bright and blinding light with plumes of smoke (a strong malefic) or it might produce a smokeless dim light (weak benefic). Think of it this way, if gemstones are reflectors or condenser lenses, then penance and mantra are like HEPA filter air purifiers in this analogy!

A gemstone may be worn to fortify a benefic planet that is weak in the natal chart at any time, or it may be worn when its planetary period, such as vimshottari dasha or sub-dasha (a method of lunar progression) is operational. In the case of slower moving planets, if they are weak in transit while one is experiencing their dashas at an important phase in life, gemstones often help. Since, in these situations, the planet is the source of the effect or the motivation factor, we would like it to be as strong as is possible. If the planet is weak and malefic, then we would leave it untouched! Doesn't this make a weak malefic sound like a karmic windfall?

Selecting a gemstone is a complex, tricky and time-consuming process. Even many practicing astrologers get discouraged, start cutting corners and eventually lose faith in the efficacy of using gems as remedies. Some also start adopting less effective alternative approaches such as using secondary and tertiary stones, all of which exercises eventually lead to disillusionment and crushed expectations. Not only must the gemstone conform to the physical and chemical specifications (purity, specific gravity etc.), it must be of the right size as well. And, it must be worn and tested by the individual for a few days before accepting it. This requires a very cooperative, understanding and conscientious jeweler. 

Mantras are very effective means of propitiating planets, regardless of whether they are weak or strong, malefic or benefic. More than just prayers or cleverly strung together sound vibrations that have a primordial resonance with the energies of the Creation, mantras can serve as effective barriers, as well as dynamic expressions of the soul-being. When we chant a mantra for a given planet, we are not merely paying our respect to it, or our surrender, but we are in essence becoming one with the energies represented by the planetary essence. Unless the mantra permeates our very being, whether we understand the meaning of the words or not, unless it perfuses through each and every cell of our physical and other bodies, it would not become effective. There is much truth in the vital importance of the process of initiation and attunement to a certain mantra, preferably through the blessings of a guru, as these requisites are thought to make the mantra come alive.

Probably the most important and practical remedial procedure that I have found extremely effective in my experience involves penance, fasting and charity. It must be realized that not all karma can be dissolved away with upaayes or remedies. Not all karma needs to be dissolved. Karma is what generates our lessons and if we are not here in this earthly plane to learn, then why are we here?

Astro-remedies must not become a hermit crab's borrowed shell! It is true that they can often very effectively shield one from pain and loss while increasing insight and wisdom, but the seeds of karma often remain unaltered unless they are faced head on and understood, the pain felt and released so that true healing may begin. Fasting, volunteering ones services and charity are basically statements of ones intent to voluntarily experience pain, deprivation, hardship, so that one can resolve issues. Unlike the eye for an eye misconception, karma is no mindless executioner. Any remedial must not be indulged into as a 'trade' or barter with God. It must be carried out as a recognition of personal responsibility, at some level of ones existence, for what is happening and as a means of atoning for it. One must always remember that today's karma was yesterday's act of free-will!

I shall now describe a very simple method that one can follow or prescribe to others without fear of setting up some sort of a karmic cascade. The first step in this is to determine planets that are likely to represent significant karmic areas. Some of the nativities would be very aware of their selves, they would have done the basic homework and this can be quite effective and helpful to the jyotishi. Something as important and as ancient a companion such as our karma, the body of our actions, cannot be expected to leave its signature only in our charts! It would leave its traces in our palm prints, our thoughts and actions, our experiences in life and in cyclic and repetitive actions or circumstances that are strategically placed along our path to attract our attention from other distractions in life!

Whether one enters into the study of a horoscope after knowing about the background of experiences that the client has had, particularly when the client is spiritually mature and has no need to play guessing games or the need for proof that astrology works, an expensive exercise, by the way, since he or she is the one who is paying for it, OR one discerns certain accumulations of energies and strains in a chart, things such as polar opposite planets, such as Venus and mars, or mars and Saturn, or Saturn or sun when present in the same sign or nakshatra, or when benefics, particularly luminaries, sun and moon are in close proximity to the lunar nodes, or when a planet is combust because of its closeness to the sun when it is malefic in a horoscope, such as for someone with Pisces, Virgo or Capricorn rising -- in such situations, one needs to look further into the areas represented by the afflicted planets. Planetary energies often manifest in many different ways and the beginner, or for that matter advanced jyotishi, must not be shy to ask questions to confirm and to aid in ones diagnosis, especially when a costly remedy is being formulated. A reading is not a wrestling match or a game of minds, and it certainly has no room for showmanship. It is a serious opportunity where much spiritual sharing can take place with lessons learned by both the client and the astrologer on many planes. The best attitude that both the astrologer and client can be in is one of complete openness and surrender, not to each other, but to the Supreme Intelligence that is overseeing the beautiful sharing that a jyotish reading is!

From a karmic perspective the trines (trikonas) are the most benefic houses and so are their lords functionally benefic planets. The planet that rules a trine and angle, also known as yoga karaka is also an important benefic. The planets that rule the trik-bhavas, the 'tricky' ones, the sixth, eighth and the twelfth are the malefics. Obviously, these houses are functionally malefic areas in a given chart! Write down these planets, in two lists, the benefics and malefics under the horoscope that you are studying. Many consider the death-signifying planets, the marakas, and the kharesha or the lord of the 22nd drekkana falling in the 8th house or the one ruling the 64th navamsha from the moon, or the sign lord ruling the mandi or gulika sign, etc. Let us leave these aside for now. The death-dealing planets in particular, I have reservations against calling these as malefics! Death is a transition, not a finality. Although it is a certainty, despite our myopic view of reality, it need not be treated as some malefic milestone along the path of the soul's journey!

Now look for flaws in the list of benefics that you have prepared. Are any of these also ruling the trika or 6th 8th 12th houses? Out they go from the list of benefics! Is one of these also a natural benefic and ruling the kendra houses, it loses some points as a benefic. The planets that remain after these comparisons and considerations then need to be looked at. How strong are these, based on standard scales of strength, shadbal, vimshopak or through the simplified system that I published in The Astrological Magazine (1980) and NCGR memberletter (1992). Does a planet stand out in being unusually weak? This is the one that might need some help! Then we look at the malefics in the same way. Is one planet more malefic than the others? Is it also strong in bala? This is the one that might need to be focused on. The weak malefic is a blessing in disguise, the strong benefic is a blessing that is already manifest! The weak benefic and the strong malefic planets are the ones that require remedial assistance! I am deliberately refraining from getting into the more detailed and useful analysis of varga charts other than mentioning that often the remedial hint shows up strongly in a specific varga chart (marriage - navamsha, trouble with vehicles - shodashamsha, with progeny - saptamamsha, etc.). However, the basic principles remain the same.

Wearing the color represented by the strong benefic is helpful. Fasting on the days represented by the strong malefic is helpful. The best help one can give a weak benefic is to wear its gemstone, but the earlier described conditions apply. Helping charities signified by the weak benefic planet is something one can easily do, or working as a volunteer to support the causes represented by the weak benefic is another thing that can be done. How to find the causes? This is where our lists of significators and karakattwa of planets come in handy. A good compendium is provided in Uttarakalamrita, and other texts. Effort is what it is all about! It is the karma of most jyotishis to work hard in sifting the large body of information that is available through the horoscopes in order to synthesize meaningful patterns out of those!

Let us now look at the sample chart that we are going to prescribe a karmic remedy for:

In this chart Aquarius rises with moon and retrograde mars in ascendant, Ketu in 4th, Saturn and Rahu in 10th, Venus in 6th, Jupiter in 7th and, sun and retrograde mercury in eighth. The lords of trines are mercury, Saturn and Venus. Let us put these under the heading of benefics. Note that mercury the lord of 5th also rules over the 8th, which happens to be its primary or mooltrikona sign as well as sign of its exaltation. So, mercury is certainly not a benefic. Saturn, on the other hand, is the lord of ascendant but also is the lord of the 12th house, and hence not an unqualified benefic. Venus is the lord of 9th and 4th houses. This would make it a yogakaraka since it rules over an angle, the 4th and a trine, the 9th. However, please note two things. Firstly, that Venus being a natural benefic, its rulership of an angular house takes away some benefic points from it, according to standard Parashari dicta that natural benefics ruling the kendras are reduced in their benefic properties, the reverse being true for natural malefics. Secondly, the mooltrikona of Venus, Libra, is placed in the 9th house in a horoscope with a fixed sign, Aquarius rising. This makes Venus the lord of the badhaksthana. Venus, therefore, in this chart is not an unblemished benefic. But, notice, how it is placed in a trik-sthana, the sixth and its dispositor, the moon is placed in the ascendant. This indicates a karmic signature. True to her astral signature, she had many serious problems regarding relationships and other Venus-related karakattwas. The presence of Venus in the 12th in navamsha does not help relationships, either. The mutual aspect between Saturn and moon in navamsha influencing the 2nd and 8th house and the fact that these are lords of 1st and 7th houses in navamsha is meaningful. Many of the problems of this lady were due to her extreme lack of self-confidence and a tendency to limit and confine herself into situations that were not conducive to developing a relationship in the society she chose to be born into.

Now, let us look at the malefics. The lords of 6th, 8th and 12th. The lord of 6th is moon, the lord of 8th is mercury, and the lord of 12th is Saturn. Notice that other than moon, the two remaining trikeshas or lords of trika houses, namely, mercury and Venus are mixed malefics, since they also have some benefic properties as indicated when we discussed benefics. Moon is the only planet that is clearly a malefic in this chart. It is also the ruler of the 7th house (relationships) in the relevant varga, namely, the navamsha chart. It being in the star of Rahu who forms yuti with Saturn is another negative factor.

In a case such as this, where there is no clearly defined benefic, gemstones do not form a good method of remedying karma. On the advice of someone, this individual had tried wearing a pearl and within hours developed a severe sinus infection that became widespread and toxic landing her into an emergency room and kept her hospitalized for a few days. This happened in Jupiter bhukti of Saturn dasha. Note that Jupiter is placed in the star of Venus which is in the 6th house, the house of sickness. Jupiter would tend to give the effects of Venus in its bhuktis (as propounded by Krishnamurthi, the father of Stellar Astrology). Venus also happens to be placed in the sign of the malefic moon in this chart and therefore is not beneficial. This, despite the fact that it is a yoga karaka by definition. This is a good example that warns us of the necessity of taking into account factors such as badhakasthana lordships (Venus is lord of badhaka house for Aquarius risings). During this same period, the individual was able to resolve and understand some of her relationship issues and scars of abuse by her spiritual teacher from her past. She grew spiritually, and so there was activation of the seventh and 9th house effects. Anyway, getting back to our discussion of remedial astrology, she was advised to remove the pearl, by me when she was referred to me, and the removal of the pearl seemed to stabilize her mental turmoil as well. The removal of a gemstone, even if it was originally mis-prescribed is not something that must be done suddenly. I suggested to this individual, who already practiced meditation, etc., to observe a fast and certain other specific procedures and then the pearl was removed and she decided to offer it in charity to a cause that was in tune with the attributes of moon, in this case, to a shelter for single mothers without a home.

Moving along our original path, in such a case, with no clearly defined benefic or semi-benefic planets being there other than Venus which was only 19% in strength, I would be rather wary of prescribing any gemstone. If we prescribe a diamond, an expensive choice, there could be improvement of materialistic and financial matters, however, health and spiritual areas would suffer. Health, because Venus is in the 6th and represents illnesses in this chart. Strengthening it would result in strengthening the 6th house, which is not desirable. Venus is in the star of mercury which is strongly placed in the 8th house. Chances of a chronic disorder surfacing and getting worse then would become a strong possibility. This is because chronic disorders which tend to be of karmic nature are better reflected through the 8th house.

One thing that must have caught the readers' attention in this chart is the number of planets that are retrograde, the ascendant lord himself, Saturn and mars, all are retrograde. Some jyotishis tend to consider retrograde planets as undesirable, however, in the shadbal system of Parashari astrology, vakravastha or retrograde status is considered as strengthening and adds to the chestabal of planets. It is also stated that natural benefics when retrograde become benevolent, while natural malefics when retrograde become strong but qualitatively malevolent. I feel this area needs more study and is not so cut and dry or as simple as it is made out to be. Mars is the lord of the 3rd and 10th in this chart and is placed in retrogression in the first house in company of the sixth lord. The presence of Saturn and Rahu in the 10th often brings about sudden ups and downs in ones career. Overall, these are not conditions that would be likely to reflect an easy going career. Lots of responsibilities, technical skills and strain at work is possible and is indeed actually the case in this person's life. Mars is fairly strong, as it happens, and rules over a neutral and a benefic house. It is very strongly associated with completion of tasks indicated by the tenth, and personal efforts, ruled by the 3rd. Moreover, it is a karaka or significator for action and personal efforts, initiatives. a remedial procedure that would take away the sharp edges off Martian energies in this charts can reduce stress levels and make life a little easier. Wearing a gemstone is not going to help because the planet is already strong. Pooja, penance, fasting and charity, on the other hand would help harness the Martian energies in a constructive way.

Mars is a fairly cruel influence and when it is present in the rising (1st house) in a sign that is ruled by Saturn, representing confinement, restraints, control, it is indicative of unhappiness. Moreover, the sign is airy and fixed. The fire of mars is fanned by the airy element and its movement is restricted in the fixed sign. This increases the degree of discomfort. Such is not true when mars is in Capricorn, its sign of exaltation! The earth gives it a firm base to burn on steadily, while the movable nature of Capricorn allows room for some movement. The mental, airy environment of Aquarius is not easy for mars to cope, and indicates frustrations and abusive environments or one who grew up in environments where there was too much controlling going on to allow for healthy growth. The Chandra Mangala yoga, the combination of mars and moon falling in a saturnine sign in a woman's chart is often indicative of one who was controlled, while in a man's chart, it indicates one who can be controlling and the oppressor. A note of caution is wise to mention here for the benefit of the overzealous beginner: one swallow does not announce summer and one combination does not clinch the final diagnosis in astrology, or elsewhere!

We have talked a bit about the horoscope, the different houses, but we have not talked a lot about one very significant factor in jyotish, namely the planetary period that one is experiencing, the vimshottari dasha! In this nativity's case, from mid-1996 she has started the 17 years long mercury mahadasha. That is almost one fifth of ones life! Surely, such a long stretch of time must be taken into consideration when determining the suitable remedial upaaye for someone. We have already discussed how mercury is a mixed malefic and benefic planet in this chart and being placed in strength in the 8th along with the 7th lord, it has affected the relationships and several other things. Mercury is retrograde and this makes it even stronger. Retrograde planets are generally believed to be indicative of karmic influences. Having said that, I wonder if there is any other kind of influence, even possible, other than karmic! Rhetorical question!

Let us look at this mercury a bit closer! It rules the fifth house, which is the house of creativity, of entertainment, of joy that is felt in ones heart, of romantic relationships, and above all, it is the house that indicates that portion of karma that is intimately connected with efforts, the plastic portion of karma that can be modified so that we may sleep easily in future! And I do not mean the future as in tomorrow, or next year, but for even longer periods of time, maybe even lifetimes. Divine grace, mantra siddhi is also studied from this trine. Our ninth house indicates our bhagya or fortune, the karma that is already ripe and available for the picking. However, the fifth house whispers to us what we must do, so that we have good fruit waiting for us tomorrow, and for a series of tomorrows. It is easy to see why the fifth house in a chart gives us some indication about the likelihood of our efforts to improve our future of being successful. If the fifth house is afflicted, then the path would not be easy and it is kinder to prepare the client whose fifth house is afflicted to not expect quick remedies or immediate effects when they decide to follow a remedial plan. The lord of the fifth house and other significant planets in association with this house would indicate the deity, if one is religiously inclined, that may be worshipped to improve ones karma (advanced jyotishis often look at the spiritual varga, vimshamsha, also). If rituals are not your thing, then the planetary energies one reads from the fifth house can give important hints about the remedial measures that may be taken, the charities and causes that might be supported through a gift of time, service or other gifts of energy. Please do pay extra attention to the fifth house, in every chart that you study. Particularly, because from a karmic point of view, this house is in a primordial form in each lifetime and can be wisely shaped, molded and in some sense this is where the signature of our free-will exists, the keys and answers to many of our karmic burdens lie in this very important house. I would like to very quickly remind you of the principle of horoscopy that goes under the moniker "bhavat bhavam". The house that is as far removed from another as the latter is from the ascendant, holds the key to the area of life that is indicated by the primary house. The third house from ascendant is where our courage, our personal efforts, our communication and our co-borns are studied from. The third from the third house is the fifth house in our horoscopes and this, therefore, is our higher third house! It deals with our higher communications, our personal efforts in a longer time-scale, and those souls and influences that are our soul mates, our soul co-siblings, that we often draw to us in the form of our children! Much of what we receive from our inner reality, indeed our internal communications reach us through the fifth house. This is where our intuitions emerge from and this house forms an important link between the earthly selves that we are and our antahkaran, our inner track, our inner source, the personal parcel of divinity, our angels that we carry within us. Divine Grace comes to us through the signature that is indicated in the fifth house!

The nativity under consideration is an individual who is embarking on a journey that activates her fifth and eighth house, both ruled by mercury whose dasha she is now experiencing, would have a very interesting journey, indeed. The presence of the 7th lord in 8th with exalted mercury indicates that there would be a turning inward experienced by this person, and this is beginning to come true, already. Mercury rules over younger people, children, those who are in the path of learning, teachers, communicators, healers, programmers, etc. Working with these kinds of people will feel easier and more fulfilling for this person, who by the way is a software programmer and trainer, as well as an energy healer. It is hard to miss the boat when the indicator planet is strong. The individual is coping very well with the deep loneliness she feels within but it is allowing her to concentrate and focus on what could prove to be a very fruitful period in her life. She does not have any striking affliction that would indicate that mercury is very malefic, such as communication defects, nervous or other brain disorders, etc. She does have rather unusual thinking but some of it could be due to the qualitative difference attributed to her retrograde mercury. It would be appropriate to suggest a suitable remedial for propitiating mercury, such as fasting on Wednesday, spending time in contemplation and meditation, charities and service that are in tune with those pertaining to mercury. However, let us look some more. Her mercury is in the star of moon. Moon is the sixth lord and is placed in ascendant, afflicting it. It is not good to have an association between the lords of first and sixth or between these two houses. Penance would tend to minimize the negative indications.

What is a dasha? It is a way of progressing the natal moon! Starting with the natal position of the moon in a star which gives us the janma or birth dasha, we can think of the subsequent dashas as being areas of the zodiac that are sequentially illuminated by the progressed moon! One cycle of dashas lasts 120 years, and during this period, the moon is progressed through 120 degrees! But, this is not quite a degree a year progression. The moon progresses through the 120 degrees at varying rates of progressed motion, and this is why it covers the 13d20m in sun's star in 6 years but takes 20 years to progress through the same distance, 13d 20m in Venus's star! So, as it progresses forward, think of the moon turning on switches as it progresses into a planet's star, the period would be what we would call a mahadasha! Right now, in our example, the Vedic progressed moon is turning on the switch named mercury! It would become active and the areas that it represents in a chart will gain importance. It will become the prime mover in a sense. Its transits, as well as areas ruled by it in sign but more so in nakshatras would become significant during the dasha period. The same would be true for the lord of the smaller periods, but to a lesser extent. And if the two planets representing the two switches, namely the dasha and bhukti, are not wired conducively or mutually harmoniously in the chart then there would be disharmony, loss of energy, opportunities wasted. This would be the case when a planet that is in the 6th or 8th from mercury would co-rule, such as mars and moon.

Mars in this chart is very strong, and is not quite a strong malefic, as earlier discussed; however, it is placed in the 6th from dasha lord mercury and is not exactly very congenial towards it! Moreover, it is aspecting mercury with its 8th aspect. Note that mars is aspecting mercury but mercury is not aspecting mars. However, being a partial benefic, we need not worry about mars, right? Wrong!! Notice whose company is mars in! The lord of the sixth house, afflicting the ascendant. Mars is not an island, and in a situation like this, one must always take into account the fact that it would be transmitting through its aspect some of the venom of moon, passing it on to mercury. Since mercury is the fifth lord and for all the other reasons already discussed, even if we propitiate mercury, it would still be under the influence of mars and moon!

We could propitiate mars in this case and that would help. Again, not through gemstones but through resonating to the energy spectrum that is indicated by mars, by surrendering to it, supporting its causes, fasting on Tuesdays etc. Now, the root of problems here is not mars, but moon! The sixth lord afflicting the ascendant, casting its glance through mars on to the lord of 7th, a benefic in this case, and mercury, the strong lord of 5th, a karmic indicator, a planet that indicates and is associated with karmic free-will of a higher nature, a planet that is in the asterism of moon and is under its influence, in a sense. 

Therefore, in this chart, moon is the planet that must be propitiated, first, and then mercury the dasha lord or any other planet. Since moon is a malefic in this scenario, we would look for a day when a Monday falls a few days after a new-moon day (a beginning!), preferably a day when the moon is transiting a star that is either ruled by moon, or mars or mercury. This is often not possible and hence one can choose a star ruled by Jupiter or one of the benefic stars. In practice, any Monday would do in most cases! On this day, there should be a special meditation, carried out with sincerity, an expression of intent done privately or in company with loved ones and friend, the intent being a surrender to the energies that are represented by moon, seeking its help and blessings. This is best done early in the day, followed by a light breakfast. Over the next few Mondays, assuming there is no medical or other contraindications, one gradually switches to a liquid diet, completely avoiding all dairy products on Monday, total abstinence from drugs, tea, coffee, alcohol, and preferably a light vegetarian repast with which the fast is broken, later during that day. The intent is not to pass out from starvation but to feel the hunger, feel the emptiness, and eventually, one must try to make the fast complete, taking only fluids, weak herbal tea, some juices, water on Monday. This would need to be continued for a year at least, but preferably throughout the dasha of mercury. Other acts of penance, and serving causes that resonate to moon's domains and attributes, mothers motherhood and maternity related issues, very little children, infants, blood banks, and above all, just plain and simple caring, would all help.

In this case, by the Grace of God, the recommendations were followed and much spiritual peace was regained by the individual as well as the development of a relationship within six months. She continues to observe the fast and other activities and continues to gain a better sense of who and where she is at and is an accomplished healer, already.

Please do not post reading requests in the comments section here. ONLY comments on the contents of this article are welcome here. If you wish to order an astrological session (SKYPE Interactive Only!) with Rohiniranjan - Click here


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Comment Tapan ji,

If you have such UCHHA BICHAR then why are you not focusing on ISWAR and wasting internet bandwidth on astrology forums and articles, Mahatma ji?

08-Jun-2014 09:47 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

DOB: 17th August 1969,
POB: Pune, Maharashtra, India.
TOB- 21:10 PM
When my property litigations with my twin brother will be solved?
His TOB is 21:00PM

Please help mu.

26-May-2014 06:11 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
You explained the chart only on the position of planets. Without sphoot bichar no horoscope can be predicted correctly. Because the actual position of a planet means in which condition( Shayan, Savabasati, Nidra etc) it is situated. And this prediction can only be obtained through a lengthy mathematical calculation.Apart from this, Dashabarga bichar,as well as Astabarga and Mahastabarga bichar also required to calculate a horoscope almost 100% correctly.
Only after the correct prediction, the question of remedies will be arise. And as per my opinion, the best remedy is to recite the name of Iswar. It is needless to say that,you must have to know the Iswar chetana.

Tapan Acharya
20-May-2014 15:40 PM

Comment And the THRONG continues to arrive, and arrive, at this site where after compuserve, I first opened my SOUL, somewhere around when the last century ended and the 21st began!

DESPITE the gentle reminders of the owner of this site, OUR (mine and those of you (most!) who post comments and more or less invariably come across as not really folks interested in astrology or what I have written over the years and shared freely, but only greedily self-absorbed in your little personal plights and dramas and in search for candies but not CANDLES such as the VOTIVE kind...?

And MOST of the so called, drifting reading-seekers with their tales of WOE with no seriousness or sincerity or understanding, are just taking up SPACE, cyber-space, that our generous HOST at has been paying for, all this time!

Those who revisit, PLEASE THINK ABOUT THAT and please DO something about that...!

MY entire effort and sharing goes to WASTE here, if people respond and comment about how nice my article is (They have not read it, obviously!) but then post their birthdata and tale of woes, and ask me to recommend a GEMSTONE for fixing their problems which were ALL CREATED BY THEM THEMSELVES...?

Karma Ki Gati Nyaari, [Bandhuon and Baandhaviyon!]

Love and Light and REALITY?


(Thank You, Rajender ji! I must write more for/at your site! :-))

14-May-2014 19:56 PM

Comment Hi...Many astrologers told my marriage life wont be good and i end up in divorce..Below is my birth details...Kindly tell me which parigaram i can do to make my marriage life good...Please help me out

Name: Sasikala R
DOB : 19.08.1989
Time of Birth : 10.12 PM
Place of Birth : Chennai

14-May-2014 08:30 AM

Comment My date of birth is 2-1-1962 and time is 22.01. What gemstones do you recommend to wear to improve my life. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.


06-May-2014 21:02 PM

Comment sir,my dob is 5th dec 1986,11.30 am,raju,srinagar,j&k...someone had said i do have an afflicted 5th house....kindly suggest me some measures

03-May-2014 00:28 AM

Comment Thanks for your answer.

You mean to say that gemstone of favourable+weak planet should be worn.

But can wearing gemstone of a strong planet, say, exalted ascendant lord will make it behave in a negative way?

Suppose ascendant (Capricorn) lord is exalted Saturn in 10th house. Blue Sapphire rarely suits anyone but suits this person. Should s/he not wear this as it will badly impact the strength and results of the planet (Assume Saturn Vimshottri Dasha is going on)?

29-Apr-2014 12:38 PM

Comment My date of birth is 10-10-1976 & time of birth is 1.28 am in kolkata west bengal.
Problems with career growth from last 4 years. request to analyse my chart & advice accordingly.

Manoj Jha

manoj jha
22-Apr-2014 07:04 AM

Comment hello sir my date of birth is 21 05 1982 at 10 pm . Pls help me reg my financial problem

17-Apr-2014 09:35 AM

Comment Dear MS ji,

With all due respects to your astrologer, do you really think it can be that simple and straight-forward? Namely, that planets can be ordered or manipulated like servants to move from this room to that room, etc. Even Shani-dev, who represents 'servants' would not be expected to be that servile!

That said, I do feel that a planet that is strong, and well-placed, can only indicate that much more! Or promise that much more, even if that were possible. One already in good health and peaking at optimum -- how much more can that be tweaked? If a billionaire wants to get even richer, would that not constitute greed?

Kudos to the billionairs who became intuitively aware of that and turned into philanthropists! ;-)

The weaker and more needy parts of our horoscopes are which we are meant to focus upon, and address as an agenda and purpose for each of our lifetimes!

I am not convinced that such a pursuit can be solely achieved by making our jeweller or gemstone seller happy or rather happier!

But, to each his own fixes and solutions, I suppose...?



11-Apr-2014 20:53 PM

Comment Namaste sir,

My Date of birth is 6th december 1984 Time 08:39 Am visnagar.
Sir pls show me path to save my image,i have lost of enimy who is harmimg my reputations...wht i do?

08-Apr-2014 06:11 AM

Comment One day, I met an astrologer. I asked him about suiting of gemstones to a person. He said that suppose if someone has exalted Mars in 10th house and he wears Red Coral, it will be like taking out Mars from the 10th house and moving it to first house (as gemstone is worn with body). If a favourable planet is in evil houses – 6th, 8th or 12th or is afflicted, only then wearing of gemstone is preferred. It will take out that favourable planet from that afflicted position and will shift it to first house, as it is worn with body.

Similarly, if someone has debilitated Jupiter in ascendant, he should keep solid pieces of Turmeric in a copper pot covered with copper lid and keep it in bedroom. It will be like shifting of Jupiter to 4th house.

Also, many astrologers say not to wear gemstone of a planet if it is in higher degrees in a good or exaltation sign. Wearing gemstone will further increase its degree. It should be worn if a planet has less degree in a good or exaltation sign. Suppose if some planet is exalted and is at 28 degrees in that sign, one should not wear the gemstone as instead of strengthening it, it will make exalted planet weak because wearing gemstone increases degrees of the planet.

What is your viewpoint on such recommendations? Does this shifting of planets work with such remedies? Does wearing gemstones increase degrees?

04-Apr-2014 06:22 AM

Comment Monu,

Opinions differ and some even insist that most gemstones are not effective. I personally advice and recommend penance including fasting, serving others (seva) and worshipping (though not for atheists!). Belief is important!


23-Mar-2014 17:37 PM

Comment Very detailed article on remedies through gems. But i do not know why are gems worn. Are they remove the ill effects of Malefic planets or they strengthen the benefices/malefic or can they be used in Mahadasha / antardasha of malefic plants.Can the gems representing lords of 6th, 8th or 12th lord be worn.

22-Mar-2014 13:45 PM

Comment DOB : 12-01-1976
Time : 6:50 am
Place : Lakhimpur Kheri UP
I do not have good income source and no good job. Kindly suggest what to do.. I have to take care of my siblings and you know..
Please help me...

Sandeep Kumar
20-Mar-2014 04:18 AM

Comment Respected Ma'am,

My complete name is Amrit Bhandari, born on 17Jul 85, 7:45pm, New Delhi. I am observing failure in everything I am doing (both new and old, personal or business). I am presently self employed and I am constantly losing (deals and personal wealth) inspite of putting both smart & hardwork. The income generated has come down tremenduously (even a household helper is making more than me). Please guide with relevant solution

Amrit Bhandari
18-Mar-2014 06:40 AM

Comment Sir,
Namaste Dhonk,

My Date of birth is 2nd October 1966 Time 06:30 Am Murshidabad.
Sir pls show me path to survive from my financial crisis,

Pravin Godha
15-Mar-2014 00:55 AM

Comment resp sir
charan vandan my dob is 28-10-1966
at 5-45 a m
place gwalior in m.p
i hope first time i am getting remedy and meeting on this mail with a genuine person
kindly tell me what i have to do for continue my pvt job or marketing in this job there is sales target and i work heard but not getting well in this age no body give me emmpoyement while i a and having two child
kindly give youur valuable remedy such as gemstonre or other upay
thanking you
sandiip sacxena
again charan vandan to you

11-Mar-2014 07:23 AM

Comment hello mam my date of birth is 18march 1993.time of birth is 03:45 ..akhnoor..district-jammu..mam pls give me my birth report..which gemstone should i wear..mam i have got habit of thinking of negative things again and again in my mind...feel anxious..depressed...i want to get peace of mind..pls tell me how to get it

surbhi gupta
28-Feb-2014 07:14 AM

Comment Hi

my DOB is 12-06-1965 tob:9.10 pm i have consulted many astrologers and do lot of prayers and visit temples and also do charity.........i am wearing diamond and also emerald and blue sapphire for shani

please let me know why my sitaution is not improving

23-Feb-2014 03:16 AM

Comment Hi my name is ravinder my date of birth is nt confirm bt its in march most probably things are nt going gud fr me huge debt on me undecided abt my future negative feeling is always on rise.....possitive energy is like water in thar desert......nt wht to do in life business or should stay in services ......pls help pls suggest some stones or any other remedies

20-Feb-2014 05:29 AM

Comment date of birth 02.7.1976
time 13:13 hrs
birth place: polavaram (andhra pradesh)

I am not getting up grade in my job.

19-Feb-2014 04:44 AM

Comment sir my rasi adhipathi is Saturn and my boy friends is sun.he is pooram n I am uthraadam padam4.@astrologer told sun n Saturn r enemies.kindly suggest pariharas for us to get married n live happy

07-Feb-2014 11:45 AM

Comment Date of birth of my daughter is 10-0201988, time-00:05 hrs, dist. Sonebhadra of Uttar pradesh. She is sufferring from white patches on skin. Please, advise the reason & remedy if due to astrology.

A. K. Shukla
05-Feb-2014 10:27 AM

Comment my birth is 26september 1994 time 4.10pm and my husband is amit gupta 17august 1989 time 7.10am . and marriage date is 18may 2013
humarae bichae bhot problems chlau hae aur mujhse chidhtae bi hae wo mujhae samajhtae hi nai na hi pyar kartae .. kab ye sabh problem khatam hoga kab wo mujhae pyar aur samjhayenhae .. kab hum ek sath hongae.

kajal jaiswal
24-Jan-2014 23:10 PM

Comment Sir... m 32 yrs old ...not married ..I m postgraduate and hv done many courses and hv done jobs in private sector .now m doing teaching course and want to make my carrer in teaching field parents worried about my marriage ...year ago I was in a relatuinship bt that person ditched me when he came to know m manglik nd he is not..he said he dnt want to die...this incident made me hate was first n my i dnt believe man I hv no iob no friends m woried about my future i always wanted a simple loving caring husbandbt now Iit awems ipossible nw I m concentrating on my carrier..plz suggest ...that helpme to bring happiness in y life .all I want to be date of birth is 1 dec 1981....time-12:10 of birth-delhi
Thank u sir

22-Jan-2014 07:20 AM

Comment Hi,
my DOB-27-10-1982 time 4:36 morning and Husband DOB 28-12-1981 and time 2:30 afternoon.We got married on 12-12-2008 night 12:12 am.
From the day of marriage we are querreling each other simple things and life is becoming hectic and so scared wat will happen to our kid as well.
please suggest wat i can for our happy life

20-Jan-2014 06:01 AM

Comment I am already wearing Pukhraj from some time now but one year back one Shastri ji told me to wear Panna and I wore it but one of my friends took me to his astrologer who asked me not to wear it other wise it will give ill effect. Although I am not wearing it from past one year but I have it with me and is very expensive. Please please help me whether can I wear it or not as it depends on the degree of mercury and it's current position.

DOB - 23/07/1968
Time - 17 hrs
Place - Mussoorie, DehraDun, Uttarakhand

Rajesh Rawat
18-Jan-2014 13:53 PM


15-Jan-2014 09:21 AM

Comment Hello Sir
My date of birth is 26_06_1977.
Kindly suggest favourable gemstones for me.
Thanks in anticipation

15-Jan-2014 08:24 AM

Comment My date of birth is 12-07-1965 at 6.25 pm. I am a proffessional photographer. I have tremendous economic inconsistancy. and I also have dyspepsia. I used to do social work. I have a son (12years old). I will be thankful if you suggest me remedy to mobilise my work.My wife is a service holder in a private firm

Sujit Kundu
09-Jan-2014 04:42 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I am really sorry to say that, this article posted on 29-3-2001 couldn't be read by me until 8th January 2014, 23:23 hours !!!! I am so sorry for the delay and please pardon all the requests of readings requested in comments !!!!!

I am glad to say you "Thanks for making the article look so simple that the flow of reading could not be stopped until the end !!!!!"

"....Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya" The real Guru.

Shall I request you please hint me understand the SARVATOBHADRACHAKRA with example/s of its usage?

My Sincere Pranaams and thanks in advance.

Om Namah Shivaay.


08-Jan-2014 13:11 PM

Comment my DOB is september 14th, 1962, at 1.40 PM and place is ahmadnagar, maharashtra. For the last four months i'm without job. need immediate as i've to take care of my family, your feedback will be extremly helpful.

Mukesh Maini
08-Jan-2014 05:13 AM

Comment Sir,

My DOB is 29-05-1976 and my birth time is 7.10 am. Struggled a lot during my age 19 yrs to 31 years.Now compared to that like is okay but struggling. Kindly advice for career and financial progress.

05-Jan-2014 00:02 AM

Comment My date of birth is 14/06/1981 and time of birth is 3.40 a.m. I am facing problem in my marital life. Please let me know how long the problem will continue and will there be divorce in my marital life

Mousumi Chakraborty
01-Jan-2014 01:05 AM


29-Dec-2013 09:09 AM

Comment lost my business,autocomponents before 6years,want remedy for realestate business success and solve finance crisis,will granite business is good for me.

29-Dec-2013 09:07 AM

Comment My date of birth is 09.10.1977 at 07.28PM. I am facing a lots of problems related to court, jail, so in the office of central govt kindly provide the vedic remedies.

pravakar dash
29-Dec-2013 00:47 AM

Comment My date of birth - 10/03/80 & my place of birth was Patna between 6.30 to 7 am in the morning.

1. I am unable to get job from last two months. Kindly suggest the remedies for the same.

Thanking you


22-Dec-2013 14:16 PM

Comment What if Saturn and Mars are in the 6th house, Jupiter 7th house, ketu 9th house, moon 1st house and sun, mercury, venus, rahu in 3rd house of ascendant aries.I have no idea about houses the numbers I have mentioned are the numbers displayed in the kundli. However DOB is 16-07-1982 TOB is 8:00 am and Place Delhi, India. Please suggest some remedy as I am facing lot of problems at workplace. I dont want to lose the work as I am the only earning member for our family.

15-Dec-2013 06:00 AM

Comment please suggest me the right gemstones to wear.

DOB: 10th sept 1979
Time: 13:55 hrs
longitute: 088.26E
latitute: 026.42N

13-Dec-2013 16:17 PM

Comment Sir,
I am suffering a lot in my life. Strugging much more in life. My date of birth is 21 april 1985 evening 04:05pm. So plz help me sir.

kuntal banerjee
13-Dec-2013 11:17 AM

Comment My dob is 07-10-1968, time 00:18 am, place Mumbai,
I dont have ajob since 1 year and also health problems please advice

12-Dec-2013 01:28 AM

Comment namaste
My DOB is 15/12/1960 time 18-08 my question will I ever have a steady life I feel sense of uselessness on all fronts, I feel I am simply wasting my life.

Mr Rajiv S Purohit
03-Dec-2013 01:21 AM

Comment Greetings Mr Ranjan
I have to complement you on the in depth analytics you have used to explain the analogy between bith planets, gemstones and effects of meditaion on one's life. Thank you- great article.

I have a bit of a strange query- I feel I am in a blessed situation- great home, family, career and education. For about 6 months my husband and me have been trying to upgrade and find ourselves a home, unfortunately nothing seems to be working out. Perhaps its for the better, and our current home is lovely and suits every logical need. It's the illogical part of upward mobility, which is wanting us to this get me to my query. What can I provide you so that you may kindly guide/advise us when may be the most optimum tie for us to househunt and put a bid for a home.

I realize that compared to many folks who approach you, my query is of low importance, so whenever you have a chance, kindly do get back to us.
Thnak you in advance.

02-Dec-2013 16:35 PM

Comment My date of birth is 12-06-1986 and time of birth was 3.40 am, and birthplace is in Ahmedabad. I am facing lot of problems in my life as well I am facing financial problem too please suggest for a suitable remedy AsAp.

17-Nov-2013 01:28 AM

Comment Sir,
My date of birth 18/11/1988 and time 6:00 pm in tirupathi. In my kundali childrens place how it is sir?,
in my horoscope lord of fifth house in sixth place and fifth was seen by mars,shani,guru(vakra) is it ok or any remedy is there kindly help me thank you sir.

11-Nov-2013 00:10 AM


09-Nov-2013 13:17 PM

Comment my date of birth is 27/07/1987. i am fasing lot of problems how to overcome of it please suggest me. my birth star is aslesha.

03-Nov-2013 02:55 AM

Comment I would like to purchase the book regarding astrological remedies. Kindly let me know where I can get it. I am living in Delhi

30-Oct-2013 09:08 AM

Comment Namaste Ji,

I am keerthi, I need a clarification about garuda, i am only child to my parents, My parents are suffering a lot from my child hood, There is no happy life in my house, especially to my father, He dosen't live happily , One day he told that in his age of nine, One garuda flew from his opposite side while he is walking, the garuda directly come towards him and hit his shoulder and died. It dies on his shoulder it self, Then they gave that garudan to sage who follow vaishnava, He will collect the things from peoples, and buy a new pot and live in river that is our rule in south india, I think because of that only he is suffering a lot. i am asking is there any dhosa for that, How to resolve that dhosa, please answer

24-Oct-2013 15:47 PM

Comment Sir namaskar,
my DOB is 16-12-1959..Time 6.30 morning....Running continuosly with problems since last 27 yrs...if there is any end to how , and what is the remedy as per Vedic Astrology.

Please Help me.


Farhat Ul-Ain Farooqui
18-Oct-2013 02:27 AM

Comment Very interesting article about astrology.
My Dob:22/01/1988,Time:09:37,Place:Bangalore
My question is when will i get a job and also can you suggest gemstone for courage.

14-Oct-2013 06:31 AM

Comment All of you very kind folks, do you not see the "click here" so kindly added at the end of all of my articles, by the owner of :-)

This is NOT a site for making reading requests! Please click on the click here hotlink and then you fill out the form completely. That is the ONLY way I can provide a reading in a systematic manner!



04-Oct-2013 12:53 PM

Comment D/Sir my name is bhushan b. My DOB 22-11-1976 time 05:51 am at Bhandara (Sakoli) Mah.
My problem is get angry quickly. My financial position is weak. having loan of 7 lacks. I am a teacher (age 36), My job is temporary. How to make it permanent please suggest the remedies for above problems. Please!

04-Oct-2013 09:41 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I was advised by an astrologer to wear a ruby ring on my ring finger and an emerald ring on my lady finger , both in the right hand respectively.
The problem is that recently i came across a family friend who also holds some knowledge in astrology and has advised me to take of the rings as they are effecting negatively on me. I am really confused. Please let me know the if either of the two. I will be really thankful.
My birth details are as follows:
Date: 20 November 1990
Time: 2:03 am
Place : Barnala, punjab.

Thank You

Navneet Kaur
03-Oct-2013 16:33 PM

Comment sir my dob is :06-12-1984 Tob:08:39:AM Visnagar,

having a problem with society peopls and social and relational problem.pls guide me,

03-Oct-2013 13:48 PM

Comment i don't know more astrology,
but, pls tell me due to which bad combination or which bad affiliate or aspects , i am facing these type of situation.

sir my dob:06:12:1984 Tob:-06-12-1984 AM Pace:Visnagar,gujarat.
sir i met many of astrologer but not get succeed to solve my problem.
since Saturn transit tula rashi i am facing bad reputation in society,suddenly starting very bad Talks transformation about me in air(in society) i got my i my down in society,these all the gosips are wrongs ,but no one peoples ready to believe me ,i lost my all good friends, i can't judge this problem is due to rahu mahadhsa's or malefic Venus's or moon Saturn oppose problem or venus marsh conjunction in makar rashi's problems ............because the gossips about me is very very bad like this man is have phisical relation with another man, pls help me toget away from these bad situation because this is planetary effects , i can't handle on self curages,pls help me........god will grace you sir...............i m in very tense about my dark present how will my future............pls

03-Oct-2013 13:44 PM

Comment Hi,
My name is sandeep , dob 07-10-1968, time 00:18 am , place Mumbai,
I dont have a job since 1 year, health not good any remedies please help

19-Sep-2013 00:23 AM

Comment hello sir....

I am going through a worst financial and mental condition now days....please help me out....dob 21-10-1974 around 6 am at kolkata.... please suggest me something....


partha roy
09-Sep-2013 00:55 AM

Comment Hello sir...:-) , Namashkaar,

U r great sir...:-) ...,

Aapki book "Primer" ke 9th chapter ne saari problem solve kar di.....:-) kitna easy kar diya hai aapne planet ki strength measurement ko..:-)

Phir se kuchh poochh raha hun......:-) ......itna hi kaafi hoga agar aap ye bata dein ki inke jawaab aapke kaunse article mein milenge.

# Neech ka planet vakri ho to exaltation strength mein kya kuchh point milenge (suna hai neech ka vakri uchcha ka ho jata hai)?

# What is tropical longitudes which needs Precessional correction? (mera matlab...sabhi births ke liye to precessional correction nahin hota hai naa)?

# Agar planet ki strength already 80-85% hai to stone pahanne se strength aur badhegi ya nahin...?

Regards sir...:-)

Aneessh kumar
03-Sep-2013 12:39 PM

Comment my dob is 14/05/1988,
time-00:20, place:-shahada(maharashtra)
q.1 when will get married and when are the chances to get stable job?

02-Sep-2013 08:01 AM

Comment Haan Sir,
Sahi baat hai....kaafi chit-chat ho gayi...:-(

Theek hai sir...aapko lagta hai batana chahiye to bata dijiye nahin to mere liye aapka aashirwad hi kaafi hai...

Aapka itna time aur energy lee uske liye maafi aur atyant Dhanyawaad
Aapse chat karke kuchh to maine seekha hi hai jo mujhe kaam aayega..
Ek baar phir Dhanyawaad Sir...

Aneessh Kumar
29-Aug-2013 06:11 AM

Comment Mehnat karo, Aneesh baboo, paki pakaai kab tak khaaogay? ;-)
Utar padho Jyotish Mahasamudra may. Pahlay thodi thand lagaigi, kampkapi aayaigie, phir datay rahay to gotay bhi lagaogay, moti bhi dhoond paaogay!

Love and Light

(enough chit-chat!) :-)

28-Aug-2013 09:23 AM

Comment 'sly spectator' aur capital letter mein 'LEARN' ke alawa kuchh samajh mein nahin aaya....

Jab kisi ki baat yaa kahaawat samajh mein naa aaye to insaan ko impress hona chahiye... But main to pahle se hi impressed hun... :-)

Regards sir,

Aneessh kumar
28-Aug-2013 06:26 AM

Comment Dear Aneesh,

This reminds me of the typist who typed my doctoral thesis, on the typewriter that I borrowed from my doctoral teacher (actually, he offered me that! And found the typist too, for me!!)

EX DI MT KE was a simplified system of gauging strength when things were simpler and THAT was when the experience was experienced and shared later! Which confuses the likes of you!

You have a choice, as everyone has and did: Numbers or WHAT THOSE MEAN...? Really...!

Don't just remain a sly spectator! Get involved and LEARN!! ;-)

Love and Light!,


26-Aug-2013 23:04 PM

Comment Hi sir,
Good morning...
I searched birth time and date of ur example horoscope(18 sep 1956, 5:20PM, Near Jaipur Rajsthan) and checked the Shadbala. :-).

for instance...Venus has total 420.3 virupa. How this concluded as 19%..:-)..


Aneessh Kumar
26-Aug-2013 21:10 PM

Comment Ok sir.

You told in article that if planet already hv enough strength (You used strenth in %) then gemstone will not work. Thats why I wanted t know.

Many Many Regards Sir...:-)

Aneessh Kumar
25-Aug-2013 14:26 PM

Comment Aneesh, not sure why you are finding this simple thing so difficult!

Anyways, snacks will not quench your appetite :-)
You should attend some courses or find a teacher etc to learn astrology systematically. Probably with some good search engine or word of mouth, etc, of people who have personally taken the course you plan to enroll in.

Just to clear the air, I do not teach or run a school or correspondence course, on or offline, at this time, and I have no liasions with those that provide such services, so would not be able to recommend such, unfortunately :-(

Love and Light and Good Luck!


25-Aug-2013 10:23 AM

Comment Sir,
Agar ek example ke saath planet ki strength % mein bataayen pls pls pls.. As u did in example horoscope in this article...

Rgs. :-)

Aneessh kumar
25-Aug-2013 06:05 AM

Comment Thanks a lot sir,
And no prob sir... Ur articles r too good and enough to learn..


Aneessh kumar
25-Aug-2013 05:57 AM

Comment Dear Aneesh,

Thanks, but unfortunately, I have no plans to teach jyotish, at this time (on a one on one basis). I would have to charge people for my time and those would be so prohibitively high since teaching would surely cut into my other activities and pursuits. So, it was a conscious decision on my part to stay clear from that path! Same is true for translating articles in hindi or getting those translated by others (time overhead for making sure they are conveying the original meaning etc...).

Sorry, could not be of help there, but I hear that now a days there are many schools and online courses etc available. So, perhaps keep looking for those and contact others who have taken those courses etc and their impressions about their experience, etc.

Good luck!


PS: The best way to learn is not by rote or passive learning, but from charts, charts and charts, as I have always been insisting, whether others listened or not! L&L <== RR

19-Aug-2013 16:54 PM

Comment And Yes...:-)
I m trying to understand the individual components that go into shadbala.

I found predictive significances in Saptvargaja bala and drik bala. As I came to know, very low Saptavargaja bala means planet harming some houses and negative drik bala means planet being harmed by some planets.

How to know that which planets giving negative drik bala value to the planet?


Aneessh Kumar
19-Aug-2013 13:30 PM

Comment But I found your tips real tips only.

After reading your articles, I hv become basic learner to advance learner...

Thats why I wanted your articles in hindi...but still ur articles taught me a lot which I cudnt be able to learn in last 5-6 years..

Best Regards Sir
Aneessh Kumar

Aneessh Kumar
19-Aug-2013 13:01 PM

Comment No dear! Half of Vmax!
Now, if you are serious about this quest, you should read BPHS or even a more contemporary book that elaborates the math involved. Such as Usha Shashi's or Raman's or any of the many published books articles etc on shadbala (Google or other sources may be searched).

Try to understand the individual components that go into shadbala and although scriptures are somewhat silent on the significances of each sub and sub-sub components of Shad bala, focusing and thinking on each as a component and not just focusing on the final rupas or percentages, you will see and begin to have a sense of what those entail and represent. And often those have important predictive and analytical significances when delineating a chart.

You will also begin to wonder if the strength scale should be a linear plot or a curvilinear plot. This would be consonant with other biological phenomena plots; natal horoscopy though astronomy and math based, is AFTERALL a study of a biological phenomenon, or COSMO-BIOLOGICAL SYMBOLOGY! :-)

If it sounds like I am suggesting that you get a Ph.D. in biology and astrology, and turning you off, my sincere apologies! The other option is available too! Just follow blindly what the software churns out and throws at you, as a jyotishi!

My heartfelt gratitude to you for asking an astrology related important question and not posting a covert or overt personal reading request ;-)

Love and Light,


P.S.: If you are serious about astrology, feel free to participate in a few FREE forums (none of these are mine, by the way!). One is a Yahoo Group forum called JyotishGroup. The other is:

19-Aug-2013 08:41 AM

Comment Hi sir,
U mean to say if we get half of minimum requirement in shadbala
then it is 50%?

And what abt Rahu Ketu bala?


Aneessh Kumar
19-Aug-2013 07:39 AM

Comment just as any percentage is calculated!

100/Vmax x Vact = %

18-Aug-2013 19:14 PM

Comment Hello Sir,

I want to ask...How can we know the strength of Rahu and Ketu in shad bala like other planets? And How to know the strength in percentage as you took in example horoscope used in this article..?...Shad bala tells us bala in rupas not in percentage...

Aneessh Kumar

Aneessh Kumar
18-Aug-2013 13:20 PM

Comment sir,

good morning

sir my dob is 29-05-1983 at 12.35 pm sir i have no marriage and job please tell me sir which date i got a job and marriage please sir

06-Aug-2013 10:16 AM

Comment My date of birth is 5th August 1977,9:12am,
Jodhpur, please if you can guide me

Chandrika kapoor
12-Jul-2013 11:42 AM

Comment My date of birth is 5august1977,9:12am,jodhpur.please if you could guide me
Would be indebted to you. Regards

Chandrika Kapoor
12-Jul-2013 04:51 AM

Comment For readings: (fill out the form there and submit)

09-Jul-2013 22:04 PM

Comment Dear sir,
I read your article. It was excellent. Thanks for such an enlightened article. I would like to ask some question regarding my horoscope. My date of birth is 27 May 1968 and time of birth is approximately 5.30pm. My place of birth alwar rajasthan. I am very much confussed regarding my birth chart. Some says that my zodic sign is Taurus and some says it is Jemini. I am little bit confussed which is correct. Generally, as per taurus sign, predictions are more accurate. Further, I would like to ask why I feel always restlessness and unhappiness. I am unable to concentrate in any work and feel always depressed. What should I do regarding mental peace and stability? Kindly suggest remedies.

Rk meena

Rajeev kumar meena
09-Jul-2013 19:27 PM

Comment Respected Madam,

My d.o.b is 14th September, 1963, time: 9.23 p.m., Mumbai. I am facing several disgestive problems and hyperacidity since the past many years which refuses to subside. Also, the doctors I have visited so far offer contradictory diagnosis. I was advised earlier to wear an emerald and ruby for my digestion problems, which I did. However later another astrologer asked me to wear a yellow sapphire, pearl and ruby, which he said would solve all my problems entirely but that is not happening. Also, i am facing relationship and misunderstanding problems. Please advise.

mrs m jain
09-Jul-2013 06:32 AM

Comment Respected Sir
My DOB is 14/10/1969 time in between 0300 to 0330 hrs (AM) at Calcutta ,west Bengal . I am facing tremendous problem related to money I don't have stability in life was working started a business on 11/10/2010 which has gone for a toss now under a debt of almost 4 crore . Failing to understand what should I do. Many a times thinking of attempting suicide but when think of my wife and two little daughters cant take that step.
Request please help.

Samit Mukherjee
24-Jun-2013 11:17 AM

Comment Viswanathan ji,

I am very sorry to hear about the situation. I am not an ayurvedic healer. You should, if you have not, try to find an experienced healer with appropriate experience and hopefully he or she may be able to help. My sincere prayers with your child and your family to have the courage necessary to go through this difficult examination in life.

Love and Light,


18-Jun-2013 09:15 AM

Comment i have child of 7 yrs old ( 03.10.2006 date of birth). at the age of 5 we noted she is having brain tumour in mid brain stem, present condition of her is she has lost her sound,and in bed .can you suggest any remedies in ayurveda, we have been taking ayurvedic medicine from the day we came to know this.

s.kasi viswanathan
18-Jun-2013 06:01 AM

Comment Respected sir,
i have read ur post n pretty much impressed by the knowledge u have thrown light on , i would like to know something about myself and i wanna to ask about my career, i have completed my studies but i did not get a good job until, i am searching for job since 3 months but did not succeed, please tell me some remedies or when i will get a good job, will i be successfull career or not??? my details are:-
gender: Male
date of birth: 8th June 1987
time: 10:45AM
place:Mumbai, Maharashtra

sir please do reply..!!"
Thanks & Regards....

Vinayak Radhakrishnan
05-Jun-2013 12:54 PM

Comment my date of birth is 01/12/1988 and time of birth is 12:27 am, i'm facing lot of problems for my marriage and also in my work.please see to this and suggest me a remedy as per my jathaka.

sandhya g
04-Jun-2013 01:25 AM

Comment My date of birth is 14th september, 1963, 9.23 p.m.- I am currently going through moon dasha and jupiter antardasha and facing lot of health problems and personal problems. Please suggest suitable remedies and gemstones.


25-May-2013 11:12 AM

Comment Moni, Manya and others,

Kindly don't use up the space kindly provided to us for articles and comments with reading requests. We (authors and comment-providers and reading seekers) are all GUESTS here at and I feel it is my responsibility to request you all to please approach astrology and astrological readings with a little more respect and seriousness!

I provide readings at where a form needs to be filled for a reading by skype which is then processed by crystal pages under whose auspices I work and serve you all.

When and as often as possible I provide skype readings without any charge on Sundays in the afternoon. These are shorter readings, naturally, to accommodate as many as possible.

Requests are too many and made with a wide range of sincerity and therefore only a few of those get accepted, given my time constraints.

Please follow the proper procedure rather than flooding this space on Boloji.

Thanks for your support and kindness towards Jyotish and Jyotishi


14-May-2013 12:46 PM

Comment "Respected sir,
i wanna to ask about my career, i have completed my studies but i did not get a good job untill, i am searching for job since 3 months but did not succeed, please tell me some remedies or when i will get a good job, will i be successfull career or not??? my details are:-
gender: female
date of birth: 8 july 1989
time: 9.10am
place: dewas(mp) sir please do reply..!!"

14-May-2013 00:43 AM

Comment sir my birthdate is 19-12-1976 and my birth time is 6.30 am.
sir, there is no area in my life in wch i do not have problems, be it owning a house,a bank account,career,relationships, i have severe obstacles and am living a very troublesome life.

mrs chhaparia
11-May-2013 02:43 AM

Comment sir, my dob is 19-04-1965 at 18.00 hours at memari,west bengal. I am now facing various financial, physical and mental problems. kindly suggest me which gems stones are reqd. for me to overcome these hurdles. thanks.

subrata chakraborty
06-May-2013 03:34 AM

Comment I m impressed wd ur way of analyzing birth chart.i hv a q regarding my horoscope that when I will get dob-17.6.1968-1.30 pm Dehradun pls help me out .

reeta gupta
04-May-2013 06:02 AM

Comment My question is that - Do any remedy like pooja for an appropriate palnet or wearing stone works on your fate ?

24-Apr-2013 04:11 AM

Comment sir iwant to know which gem stone is best for me with weight and which work is best for me. my name is abhishek dob-3/11/85 time of birth is 4.06pm place new delhi

14-Apr-2013 01:42 AM

Comment My dob is28/08/1979 time morning 04:15am i want to know which stone in which metal
and finger is suitable for me and which business is best for me now a day i m in defence service as a soldier

11-Mar-2013 05:20 AM

Comment please suggest me remedy for my enemies who create obstacles in my life by all means.

my date of birth is 27/04/1971
my birth time is 10:43 morning
my birth place is pune maharashtra

15-Feb-2013 02:17 AM

Comment All members/readers,

Please do not post reading requests here, since this is not a readings request forum. Boloji is for articles and discussions and comments on those.

If you wish to request a reading from me, the details have been kindly allowed by Editor/Owner of

Please find the link in my About the Author page.

Thanks for your love and appreciations.


07-Feb-2013 07:49 AM

Comment sir,i m female,dob:11-07-1978,time:13:52,place:dhanbad,pls suggest me ways to get a good govt.job.Thanking you.

moushumi banerjee
07-Feb-2013 04:56 AM

Comment Use your heads, guys. If you could escape misfortune by wearing shiny rocks and 'fasting' once a week with juices and herbal teas, the law of karma, ie action and reaction, would not be coherent.

another sufferer
03-Feb-2013 03:57 AM

Comment pls suggest my which gem stone is best for me because i have no earnings in any buissness what i do and i have lot of financial problems and i have no success in my life my date of birth is 12 09 1978 time is 2 22 am pls suggest real gem which works for me thank u

21-Jan-2013 01:33 AM

Comment Sir,
Thanks for such insight. I am great believer of horoscope. Pls tell my prediction in my career and love and relationship. I m facng downfallbin both the front.

My dob is 13 feb 1985 birth timing 19.15 place is Raipur,chhartisgarh.

I recently had bad relation wid my closest friend and received a bad image alsomy work profile is low coz of which i m getting less salary.

Pls sir suggest me some remedy. Although my intensions r nt wrong still i have bear a bad identity.

15-Jan-2013 10:08 AM

Comment my name is c.raja dob 12/8/1973 time 1.07 pm place chennai.kindly suggest suitable remedies

07-Jan-2013 10:21 AM

Comment Dada Ji Namaskar,
I often read your articles written in Victorian English.Work of an Astrologer seems quite difficult to work of a doctor who prescribes only medicine to his patients admitted in the department of which he is appointed as an expert whereas an Astrologer often dares to visit and make inquiries in about 12 departments.Please give me links about your new articles...Regards

23-Oct-2012 15:12 PM

Comment Hello,
My biodata will be as follows
Date of birth:4th october 1988
time of birth:7:10 pm
place of birth:dandeli,uttara kannada district,Karnataka
My quiery is that is it good for me to wear navaratna pendent for life time?If so then suggest weight of each gemstone in carats.And one more thing is that i am also an astro student,kindly guide me on what basis we have to calculate weight of gemstone referring the kundli chart as per vedic astrology

11-Aug-2012 03:31 AM

Comment Hi,
Your article is an eye opener for me, I have had several astrologers prescribed different
gemstones, Rahu stone and Mercury stone but things are nothing working Ok.

DOB: Nov.14, 1990 at 6.22AM
Location:76W53:55 and 38N45:54

Could you please give a recommendation of the correct gemstone to wear or any other recommendations.


Saul Abbey
07-Jul-2012 20:12 PM


23-May-2012 04:10 AM

Comment My daughter's date of birth is 5th August 1983 born around 14.19(2.19pm, afternoon)at secunderabad,A.P India.Please tell me how her married life will be

23-Apr-2012 09:51 AM

Comment My date of birth is 27-03-1983 and birth plase bangalore time of birth is 9.50am, I am facing lot of problems in my life as well I am facing financial problem too please suggest for a suitable remedy AsAp.

04-Feb-2012 21:52 PM

Comment Dear Sir,
My DOB 19 Aug 1972 ,Time 12:15AM, Indore(MP).
From Sep -11, I have started facing nerve compression at lower back as the disc(L5-S1) has bulged out a little. This is causing numbness in my feet.
My Sade sati has started from Nov-11 Can you please advise if I can get any help from stones/upvaas/Pooja or any other way.
Currently I have to travel 3 hrs a day in train which is unavoidable and I am not sure if this is going to make the problem more serious. Will I come out of it?
Appreciate your kind advice.

Thanks a lot.

20-Jan-2012 03:55 AM

Comment Excellent article. Indepth analysis of malefic and benefic planets in chart. This article will be eye opener for those astrologers/online sites which prescribes the Gem Stone on the basis of 1, 5, and 9 lord and misguiding the innocent people due to their incomplete knowledge and blemishing the science of Vedic astrology. Very informative & knowledgeable article. Thank you very much for writting & sharing such article.

I will be grateful to you if you suggest suitable gem stones (or remedy) for me. DOB- 21st May 1976, Time- 22.34. Place- Kadipur (Uttar Pradesh, India). My ascendant is Capricon.

Pls. suggest as it is very difficult to find knoledgeable person like you who can give right suggestion in this regard.

27-Nov-2011 08:12 AM

Comment JYOTISH PRIMER by Rohiniran jan/Crystal Pa ges

Excellent work, just want to highlight few typo's on 47-48 during description of chart and planets in different houses.

Maybe you want to cross check again and rectify them ( if wrong) in new version.

Once again, excellent work

11-Aug-2011 14:53 PM

Comment i have read ur post n preety mch impresed by the knowledge u have thrown light on , i wud like ot know some thing bout myslf my d-o-b is 27/11/78 in mumbai at 3.00pm noon , even thought i have lots of praises , money , prosperity in my chart , i havent yet experienced it , i used to wear pukhraj b4 also pearl n wt we call ghode ki naal ki ring , now i dont use any
n when i feel like i jus prefer wearing pearl in my left little finger , turquoise in left head finger n lodestone in left middle finger but not always or often very rare , can u suggest some good remedy for me to get rid of hyprtension n anger .

Ragini Azavedo
05-Aug-2011 15:02 PM

Comment Dear Sir,
Im an ardent reader of your articles and highly impressed with your approach to astroloy which is crisp,accurate and scientific.l'd be obliged to you for life if you could throw the light of your priceless knowledge on my birth chart details. My name is NUPUR Srivastava./ D.O.B -24th may 1974, time of birth 10:40 am/ friday/place of birth-dalmia nagar(dehri on sone). currently im based in delhi.I also request for a personal meeting if possible.
Warm regards,

nupur srivastava
03-Aug-2011 12:17 PM

Comment ******************
My date of birth is 2-12-1974 and time of birth is 7.30pm, I am wearing Pukraj and Panna but still facing lot of problems in my life as well I am facing financial problem too please suggest for a suitable remedy AsAp.

Dear Mahesh,

You should approach the astrologer who advised you to wear those gemstones. Women have been wearing semi-precious and precious gemstones in ornaments for time immemorial! They should never have had any problems, but please ask around (or read the article I wrote :-))

So obviously, something was missing! Either the 'remedy' was not correct, or the medicine was not activated!

20-Mar-2011 14:54 PM

Comment My date of birth is 2-12-1974 and time of birth is 7.30pm, I am wearing Pukraj and Panna but still facing lot of problems in my life as well I am facing financial problem too please suggest for a suitable remedy AsAp.

20-Mar-2011 08:53 AM