Understanding of  Known & Unknown Facts

Prayer:  is the song sung with utmost oneness even in the noisiest zone. It is the whisper that can reach the deafest year.

God:  is water in the wave. He is breath inside the breath that is found in the tiniest house of time, he is the fragrance in the air

Soul:  is nameless recognition. It is like a pitcher of water full to the brim with running water still pouring on it. It is what it is from inside and outside

Oneness:  as a river merges in the ocean, streak of light emerges from the sun at rise and merges back in it at sunset, the stir of my innersole to meet one within is oneness.

Faith:  is a passion that needs no reason and no proof. It only helps to knock at the Almighty’s door till it opens.

Sorrow:  that drops down as a tear from the eye of the agonized heart.

Light:  is not illumination, it is the vision that an experience gets to attain clarity.

Reason:  is light in darkness. It is wisdom when we let reason guide our lives.

Love:  is a fire that doesn’t let you sleep. It is an awakening pull.

Hate:  a constant flow of negative love, struggling to survive, and to prove its deception against the true existence that is love.

Liberty:  attaining freedom and salvation from the bondage of life before death.

Yearning:  is the sincerity and intensity of longing for attaining one sought for. 


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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