Shell Inside a Shell

“Put yourself in a closet, lock the doors and go within to explore the fantasies of the real world in You.” How true it sounded to the ears and appealed to the mind when it was receptive. The spoken words seem to be from Bible, a part of a prayer.
Rightly is it said in Guru Granth Saheb too “there is house in a house where you have to dwell to seek the truth, to find truth and to live with the truth.”  For only the truth exists, prevails and wraps all that is untrue.
Our efforts to discover or unveil the truth may be a stepping stone to what ever is to persued and achieved. The sincerity and the zest that lies in the efforts leads to the road that may help to create ways for us to work in that direction. In the laboratory of the body consciously the attention has to be transplanted from outside to inside. The word of God sustains the world and this manifests within when the soul comes in conscious association with the sound current through meditation. The flow of this sound current cannot be described in words. It is like describing the flow of a river, the turmoil in a whirlpool. It has to be heard and felt to substitute for the incomplete description. For this the mind has to incline and lean towards the truth that sustains us, with undivided attention and unconditional love and zest for that yearning. This eliminates the need for unnecessary thoughts that form a chain of conversational link even in sub-conscience mind.
Everyday a ceaseless effort put towards one and only goal of self-realization is a hope against hope but is so instant when achieved. All thoughts and deeds put together create saturation and produce momentum, and at some point the force applied will reap the sweetest of the fruit, that is unheard, unsaid and unparalleled experienced in the temple of the body.


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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