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The greatest treasure by Demi

Reading is a great boon, especially when it comes to reading of a book that is simple, directive with gives everlasting rechargeable message  to  all ages. Such is the book “The Greatest Treasure” written and illustrated by Demi. This illustrated Children’s book is relevant to ancient and modern and for all ages to read the traditional Chinese tale where a poor man receives a treasure of gold and discovers the true value of simple pleasures that life presented him by playing flute after his tedious work hours and the family would sing and dance around the melody of the tune. Very soon he realized that the false treasure had robbed his true joy and happiness.
The illustrative art work of this book is created by using Chinese  brushes and variety of paints and inks. The work is executed and reproduced by using four color separation and then overprinted with gold ink. The magnificent message is very well conveyed through illustrations which are valuable for its authencity, illustrative grandeur and textual clarity.
On the whole, the book with its content brings to light a rich man who has no time to spend with his family verses a poor man who after day’s work relaxes and enjoys playing flute and his family dances on the tune of the merry melody. But when he received the gift of money, he became like the rich man to the extent that he forgot to play flute and enjoy the small pleasures that came his way. 

Summing up it reveals to mind that the one who has heaven in his heart is never poor. Gold and silver have their price, but peace and happiness are priceless.  


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