Rama Navami Greetings

Today is sacred Rama Navami - the birthday of Lord Rama as well as the day when He tied the knot to goddess Sita, popularly known as Sita Rama Kalyan.
Lord Rama is just not another king to rule a state. He did not carry 'sceptre and crown' that will tumble down in the whirlpool of time. For He is the time, and He is timeless at the same time. He was the god and He was human in flesh and blood.
In India Lord Rama represents every thing that is good and ideal - ideal son, ideal prince, ideal brother, ideal husband, ideal king, ideal father and so on, rightly called Purushotham or Maryada Purusha.
During the struggle for independence Mahatma Gandhi dreamt of Rama Rajya, kingdom of Rama, considered the most ideal that can be thought of. 
Every body was important to Lord Rama, may he be the hunter Guha, his childhood friend, or the bird Jatayu who intercepted Ravan when he was abducting Goddess Sita, or Shabari, the poor devotee, who chose the sweet fruits before feeding the prince, or Sugriva, the monkey prince who sought His assistance. He was there to rescue noble Ahalya. His victory over Ravan is considered as triumph of good over evil.
In His kingdom there were no hunger, no suffering, no injustice and no evil feelings. The demons of corruption stayed away from that land of perennial bliss.
On this auspicious day we pray the Lord for His benign blessings and wishes Happy Rama Navami Day to 'boloji' family, writers, readers, patrons and all others. May our path be lighted by His ‘Sama Dristi’


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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Comment nicely composed! Happy Rama Navami Sir! May the 'good' in us defeat the 'evil'.

12-Apr-2011 09:40 AM

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