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There is a popular SMS circulating to the people in NE India. Is this another hoax SMS, which is circulating in NE India? This time it is no about “eating charcoal to cure the sickness” (hoax sms probably originated from Nagaland). It is also not the hoax SMS about the girl who has delivered “a half snake-human baby” (probably originated from Manipur) nor the hoax SMS about “no to answer the call if the number flashes with red light” (probably originate from Nigeria).
Have you received the same SMS, which says that the failures in examination join underground and control all the sections of the people in NE India? Do you think that the failures join in underground and control the people in NE India? Today almost everyone is using Mobile Phone – both in rural and urban areas and hoax SMS is panicking the rural gullible folk around the world. Mostly the rural people around the world are prone to hoax SMS – the most recent hoax SMS was about the BBC flash news which says that one has to stay inside the room for next 24hrs in India if rains come; this is due to radiation in Japan. 
The popular SMS from NE India read as – (A) Those who passed in 1st division become the Doctor and Engineer.  (B) Those who passed in 2nd division cleared like MPSC, NPSC, APSC and become an Administrator and control (A). (C) Those who passed 3rd division join in politics and become Minister and control (A) and (B). (D) And those who failed in examination join in underground and control (A), (B) and (C) -By Anonymous 
The SMS from NE India may be a hoax SMS, fake or whatever it may be but it is a provoking message which will help for any normal person to ponder upon. Not all those who passed in 1st, 2nd, 3rd division or failures may become a doctor or engineer, administrator, minister and underground. Do you want to fail in the exam and control others? But we may no become a good leader if we don’t have a proper educational background. Whether we are working in MNC, become a minister or become a commander of underground or whatever profession we may be – our good educational background will enhance our working proficiency in all the fields and we should not be misguided by such kind of SMS.
It is possible that reading such kind of SMS may be disappointing to some people but it may be also appealing to some youngsters who have failed in their examination. Whether passing or failing in the exam – not everyone can become a doctor, engineer, administrator, minister and underground as we have our own competency and dreams in life. Instead of carrying away by such kind of SMS, we should work more industriously to change the prevailing corruption in our NE region. Many educated and uneducated people in NE India have joined in underground but they might have their own causes and reasons. But it is also possible that due to unemployment problem in NE, some of the educated and uneducated people might have been attracted to underground.
Whether willing to join underground or any other profession – one should not ignore the important of good education. Today, it is difficult to become a thief or gang leader without having proper education and good technical knowledge as the high security technology is now installed almost in every house and office. For e.g. last year one of the thieves was caught in Imphal while he was trying to steal the close circuit television camera (CCTV) which was installed for security purpose. 


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