Mockery of Democracy

The recently concluded Tamil Nadu elections was conspicuous for the very efficient vigilance of the Election Commission and by and large disciplined voting almost in the majority of the segments. But one cannot deny the fact that the major two Dravidian parties contesting tried their best to lure the voters with not just freebies of luxury, not essential items but also currency for a vote. Tamil Nadu has set a new trend in the world history by distributing cash to the public to exercise their franchise in their favor by open pay off. The ruling party had successfully demonstrated this in a by election and seemed to have continued this technique even during this election through ingenious ways. Nearly Rs. 23 crores of unaccounted and unclaimed money has been confiscated by the police and other officials before the elections and during the election campaign by the political parties which is nothing but a shame and blot on the Indian constitution and democracy.

If the Tamil Nadu people succumbed to this type of bribe for voting the state can be called the top one in the world for the corrupt politicians and also for the corrupt people. The ruling party family already in possession of many major fields like entertainment, television network, film industry and real estate can boast of the most public friendly and over indulgent government in the whole country (or in the whole world) where any criminal can come and walk away with crime just by greasing the palms of the every one. The minister from this state had been under arrest for a monstrous national scam and the enquiry is still on. Probably, the election results can tilt the scales of justice based on the people’s verdict.

We have corruption prevalent in every field and among individuals. Integrity in public life has become a rarity. The public also have been following the footsteps the unscrupulous politicians with an excuse that they too prefer to be corrupt in a dishonest ambiance.

In such circumstances a three day fasting and eyewash by the central government to mollify the fasting old man’s war against corruption in the country is nothing but a big laugh. India has always been a country of contradictions. So are the politicians and the public. What is happening around us is nothing but a mockery of democracy.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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