Magic of Life!

A lot of research has been done on the “body” - human body, animal body, plant body. The body has two states. It is just like matter and energy, two states of same things! They are - vital body and physical body.

Now consider example of plants. The plant has two states of body - vital and physical. In case of their vital body, always some energy current is flowing.It is open and not closed or isolated.  It has been proved that, the plant is more alive sometimes and sometimes it is less. Nowadays even scientists have agreed that, if someone who love the plant is in their vicinity then they are more happy, more alive. This is because there is a flow..flow of energy..flow of love..flow of being! This flow is both sided as it is not mechanical!

When a gardener comes in the gardener, the whole garden is happy. This is not a poetry only, but now this can be detected with the machines also. The change in the plant can be detected nowadays.  Suppose you love the flower and you are near it , then you are not the same now ... you are something more. You become deeply related in a communion.

Similarly human body has also this vital state that can be purified,enriched with “sadhana”,austerity, pranayama. Many times we fill more energetic or more fulfilled, happy with a particular person. Even we do not discuss with that person physically, outwardly, his intimacy is more soothing for us. This is because of this flow of being,flow love! Sometimes even dead master or even certain place, the bodhi tree can also help. This is Satsanga Buddhist have tried to save “bodhi-vriksha” for more than twenty five centuries.  This is not just a superstition. That tree is not just a memorial. There are some subtle reasons behind it. That tree has absorbed something from Buddha. And noe the real buddhist  feel those vibrations in the vicinity of this tree.

So make your vital body more pure…more clean…by breathing techniques, pranayama, sadhana or other and  feel the real bliss of life!  


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Comment Dear friends, Through Raja Yoga meditation (taught by the Brahma Kumaris) and its connected positive lifestyle and through a pure vegetarian diet, ill-health can be minimized. The removal of stress and tension has to be one of the most important advantages for a person who practices Rajyoga meditation.

02-Feb-2014 23:42 PM

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