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In the Laboratory of the Body

"We don’t see things as they are
We see them as we are"

The judgments are at times blinded by our perception. What we perceive reflects on our own condition to perform in wanted direction. When we think deeply and one pointedly on any good reason, good or bad, an unseen pull starts lingering and it does builds up to pull us in the direction of our thoughts to achieve, perform and sustain. This process ties the bonds of attachment more strongly in either way-positive or negative.

The only thing we have to be proud about in life is to understand the language that is silent, meaningful and never changing. The perishable body is a pitcher of water, when it gives way or cracks, the content is out and nothing retains it back.

In the laboratory of our body an unspoken language is understandable and more clear and meaningful to the senses free from all adulteration. Our own judgment is far better where the thoughts are clearly seen and applied in the required direction, where  we judge, criticize, humiliate, love, differentiate as we channelize our actions as per thoughts that develop to operate in the thoughtful manner.
Anything beyond life is unpredictable. We are left with no choices. When a person dies, his breaths stop functioning. None can add breaths to the allotted span of life. It is here in this life that we can achieve cash crops of good and bad.  Desire of love pulls us to objects or any strong passion for good or bad controls the performance as per the law of sow and reap. Reaping is not in our control as we have to attain the fruits of our harvest good or bad, but sowing is in our control. Though this takes a lifetime to understand what is good or bad, not from the worldly point of view but for the upliftment of moral self. It is only after evaluating self-worth, we start to trod the path which is thorny , intricate  but surely the best and shortest way to our destiny.
In the body is a channelized path that directs you to get to the destination but with care, tenderness, compassion and honesty towards the responsibility of reuniting with god. Death is an ultimatum, but by daily practice, stilling the mind and body we learn to be more fearless as we die or learn to die daily. We have to live and die on daily basis for the proper equilibrium. 
The only thing we have to be proud about in life is to understand the language that is silent, meaningful and never changing. The perishable body is a pitcher of water, when it gives way or cracks, the content is out and nothing retains it back.  So is life which  has real meaning when we are breathing, when we stop the existence of life comes to a stand- still.  Breaths make you do the functions in co-ordination to the life pattern. Hence our focus and priority should be towards the journey that life has after death. Our efforts to die daily pave the path to be alive till eternity.
The body is the utmost practical laboratory to explore a new world within us, while living and achieve the wanted goal. Water drop merges in the ocean transcending all forces when alive to see the living god in the body that is the temple of God.   


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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