God Concept

Believers say that god created the universe whereas the atheists say that it has come up by chance. Although logically, devoid of emotion, god and chance convey the same human ignorance about how this beautiful cosmos came about. But, what distinguishes the two, in practice, is the element of purpose. When an atheist discovers a deep purpose in life his chance becomes god. God or chance is, therefore, our choice depending upon our own mental states. We generally oscillate between them before maturity.

The Bible says that God created the universe in six days. Now, those six days of god may be 6 billion of our days. Isn't it too slow for an omnipotent God who only has to say 'Be'? Anyway god is an emotional issue not an intellectual one. Intellectually or rationally, nature is spiritually inclined towards matter and life alike. Believers do not ask how god came to be; rationalists need not ask how nature came to be. So, god is a human notion that serves as a strong emotional anchor for the believers.

The idea of a creator god inspired the moral judo called religions. Martial art Judo is supposed to turn one’s weakness into strength in physical combat. Likewise, fear and greed, the inherent human weaknesses, were taken care of by the ultimate fear and greed of heaven and hell. It worked for a while for the society of believers until it came into competition with other religions. Religious wars or crusades or jihad have claimed more lives than all other wars put together because blind faith and fanaticism go hand in hand. 

Now, faith is the fearless search for truth, so, it is not lost when one questions one’s beliefs. Blind faith makes the believers think otherwise; my dogma is the best dogma and my book is the best book. The mythical Satan must be damn pleased with this comedy of irrationality. The atheists are no better. They not only deny god but also spirit/soul and spirituality. In other words, they do not find any purpose in life in general nor any accountability for our actions. That we have a free will is beyond dispute and a spiritual vision is required to see and feel the grand purpose of human life in particular.


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Comment Thank you Arun Mehta ji for your valuable comment. Can you please point out what issues were left out?

Anand Rishi
25-Apr-2011 22:39 PM

Comment Anand!! you don't seem to have completed your article, you were going quite well but you've ended this surprisingly early.
Try to continue further

Arun Mehta
25-Apr-2011 13:49 PM

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