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Lokpal Debate Sinks Lower!
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

As it is the Lokpal debate has sunk very low. Mr. Anna Hazare has helped sink it lower.  In his letter to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi released to the media Mr. Anna Hazare wrote: “It seems that the corrupt forces in the country have united to derail the process of drafting an effective anti-corruption law through the joint committee.”

This scribe has serious reservations about the efficacy of a Lokpal as is being contemplated to effectively counter corruption

Mr. Hazare was provoked by certain statements made by Congress party officials and allegedly by UPA ministers critical of the manner in which the process of drafting the Lokpal Bill was proceeding. In addition there were the allegations made against Mr. Shanti Bhushan and Mr. Prashant Bhushan through the release of an allegedly doctored audio tape that have led to a court case and a counter court case.

Mr. Hazare’s anguish is understandable. 

However the observation contained in his letter quoted above is not. It betrays an attitude prepared to sink as low as might be exhibited by some of his detractors. Surely the lowest form of debate is to question the motives of adversaries instead of refuting their arguments. To tar all critics of the Lokpal soap opera as being corrupt segments uniting to derail an anti-corruption law does little credit to one who is widely being admired as a modern Gandhi. The Mahatma was marvelously correct with words and intonation in all his utterances and writings. 

This scribe has serious reservations about the efficacy of a Lokpal as is being contemplated to effectively counter corruption. There are others who have voiced similar reservations.

Does this make us all part of a corrupt nationwide conspiracy to derail the Lokpal Bill?

One can fearlessly state that this scribe has never been corrupt – possibly because he never had the opportunity to be corrupt! Why, he never even had the opportunity to divert Rs two lakhs from a trust fund headed by him to misuse it for celebrating his own birthday!

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Comments on this Article

Comment Dear Krish,

My understanding of this article is different:

Anna Hazare is follower of Mahatma Gandhi and since there is no one else doing as much as Mr. Hazare for this country today (following Gandhian path), he is bound to be compared to Gandhi himself. Mr. Hazare need not declare himself modern Gandhi, but he is understood at least as substitute of Gandhi himself to rescue us from corrupt rule as Gandhi did efforts against British rule.

(I think) we are witnessing similar issues with the movement now that Gandhi faced in 20s and 30s of the last century. (Gandhi & Congress realized need to demand independent India in 1930 (or 31 ?) only), decades after they started movement against British rule. Gandhi was also called by rulers to discuss issues many times, which never resolved the problem.

Gandhi was effective not because of his smart leadership, but because he carried so much influence on the Indian society that all his decisions and suggestions were obeyed religiously by masses all over India.

This influence superceded various strategic mistakes!

Finally, (in my opinion) it was also other compulsion (such as losses in 2nd world war) on British to quit India and not only the push from freedom fighters that resulted in independent India.

I think the scribe is pointing to the (strategic) mistakes being done now. (Probably, if we get another Subhash Chandra Bose, then these mistakes wont happen!)

And the Indian society is still at large moves by Gandhian methods than anything else. Swami Ramdev had rallied in east and South india so far against corruption in last few months, but what gathered more momentum was fasting of Mr. hazare than hot speeches by Swami Ramdev.

To make it success, we need something more than the current movement - it can be (stronger) leadership of the movement, it can be more public pressure or it can be other compulsions that can make these corrupt rulers bring a strong Lokpal bill.

More is needed to be done.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
04/20/2011 08:30 AM

Comment Sir, don't you think an expense of Rs 2Lakh on a birthday is peanuts compared to the billions rupees of corruption we are talking today? Sawant's reports seems like a dictated report just like the Bannerjee report in Godhra Train burning case.
What about the fake CD's circulated in the last few day's?
Anna Hazare clearly does not have the same command over words as Gandhi had but it is not he but others who are comparing him to Gandhi.
I thought you are one commentator who can separate wheat from chaff but here you disappoint us.

04/20/2011 06:41 AM

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