Saibaba's Death! What's the Big Deal!

This amazing thought provoking article was written by my buddy Suresh Edavana. This is one big reason I admire him so much. Read and enjoy.

A great deal is being talked about Sathya Sai Baba. Prime Minister, President, Opposition leader, State CM's and lamentalby, even communist leaders like Achuthanandan are expressing their condolence.

It is a shame for us Indians to be so hyporcatic.

Death doesn't glorify anyone.

I have followed Saibaba's life and deeds from the 70's and pardon me for my frank and bold opinion- Sathya Sai Baba was one of the first Godmen who institutionalised the concept in India and altered its culture. I consider him responsible for the long list of fake Godmen who appeared in the past three to four decades and had very bad influence on Indian politics and judicial system, affecting its development.

Many politicians, scientists, judges and people of high ranking positions who could change India and its development were hooked to Saibaba and similar fake godmen!

I still remember the cheap magic he used to do by giving vibhoothi and laddu from his empty hand to the devotees. When Magician PC Sarkar went to see him in a disguise, he gave a rasagolla back to Sai Baba when he was given a laddu from thin air by him. Sarkar was nabbed by his devotees and thrown out from Puttaparthi. When AT Kovoor openly challenged him to perform a magic under his supervision, he refused.

See a link below to the news article and Youtube video on Saibab's magic!

Anybody can preach good things- even me and you. When you have weakminded people who look for solace or an excuse for their failures in life, the godmen hook them in. A few prominent businessmen, politicians, scientists, jidges and known personalities pronounce their devotism to them and suddenly, they become the most influencial persons in Indian society!

Matha Amrithananda Mayi, Sri Sri Ravi Sankar,Baba Ramdev,  there are many such living gods. Don't forget Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the godman who was recently involved in the Ranjtha sex scandal video episode:


Money pours in from the devotees and they build empires and give a little tip to the society as their great "charities" These deeds don't exemplify them! They are the curse of Indian Society.

Finally it proves that they are all mortal and die like the rest of human beings! And, after their death, the trust members fight for succession!They have their eyes on the billions of rupees worth assets, not the values.

Don't forget that Saibaba lifted his robe and ran for his life with his two legs like me and you a few years back when a disgruntled devotee tried to shoot him with a gun!

I think Lokpal Bill should extend to such Godmen and women who amass wealth from poor and wealthy, educated and yet ignorant people and tax them on their assets and revenues!

Don't celebrate their death as "samadhi". If Saibaba had donated one organ of his to someone who needed it, I would have appreciated him as a lovable human being!

Let us stop creating and promoting Godmen. We need more Anna Hasare's than Fake Godmen to take India forward!


More by :  Loy Machedo

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Comment I believe, if the world would spend more time in understanding Sikhism as a whole and then every morning repeat the "Mool Mantr" while understanding every word of it, next learn the Japji Sahib and understand every word it then we may have a progressive India.
It is all up to us all who have endless needs.

Ishvarlal Singh
26-Apr-2011 07:11 AM

Comment There is a verse in Gurwani:
"Ram Gayo Ravan Gayo, Jako Bahoo Parivar
Kaho Nanak Kutch Thir Nahin, Supne Jyon Sansaar"
meaning, nothing is permanent in this universe. Thus,
If all that is born, must die
Why then so much hue and cry.

25-Apr-2011 19:18 PM

Comment You are Very Much right Mr. Loy Machedo When the people of India will understand such things, I don't understand what is the use of education if you are falling onto the foots of such self made Gods the frauds. when the celebrities Like Sachin Tendulkar do the things like this people are bound to follow, so we can blame such people for dragging the common man towards the ditch. As far as the politicians are concerned they just use them for their selfish motives politicians are hands in gloves with such God-mans in corruption,it is very much open.
Sub Sale Drame baaj Bhagwan bane bethen hain. Aur hindustani janta pagal hai.

Suresh Vachani
25-Apr-2011 11:51 AM

Comment I shre and agree with the views expressed.

25-Apr-2011 10:54 AM

Comment I could not agree more with the article above. Even educated people are so gullible, the mind boggles as to WHY?????.

Last few days when told by a few believers that Sai Baba is Ill, my immediate reply (much to their dismay) was, he has been healing everyone else, why cannot he heal him self????

Re the presence of GOD, a small story - On his trip to Arabia Guru Nanak laid down to rest in the shade, when he was rudely awoken by a Mullah who accused him of having his feet pointing to GOD (towards Mecca).

Guru Nanak apologized and asked the Mullah to please point his feet to where there is no GOD.

Thus GOD or Godliness is every where. You do not have to go to Sadhus, sooth sayers, mountains & caves to find God.

A believe in the Supreme being, a short daily prayer, if able bodied engage in daily honest labour / work, spare a small portion of your earnings for the less fortunate, be of service to mankind and promote brotherly love. That's real Godliness & may the Good Lord bless you & your loved ones. Rgds - jagdev

B Jagdev Singh
25-Apr-2011 10:48 AM

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