Congress Govt’s Onslaughts

on Constitutional & Parliamentary Institutions

Perceptively in the minds of the citizens of the Indian Republic, the Congress Government today stands beleaguered by an unprecedented deluge of myriad political corruption scams involving billions of Indian Rupees. Perceptively, the Indian citizens expected the Prime Minister to ‘stand tall and be counted’ by ensuring that Reports and Observations of Constitutional and Parliamentary institutions on political corruption scams pertaining to his tenure were given due respect and consideration. Contrarily, the Congress Party, perceptively, has gone into an overdrive to launch onslaughts on such institutions to deflect references in such Reports to the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The latest ballistic onslaught on the Chairman of the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee and the sordid contrived scuttling of its Draft Report does not speak high of Congress Party credentials.

 Arrogance of political power has led Congress Ministers and Congress spokespersons with legal backgrounds to either resort to legalese and lawyers nitpicking in TV channels debates to deflect references to the Prime Minister or the PMO on political scams issues or obfuscate issues by what they perceive as that they are smart enough to play around with other people’s intelligence. Perceptively, in the minds of Indian citizens, what was required of the Congress Party was to address the whole issue of political corruption and political corruption scams from the ‘moralistic and ethical’ approach. Why the Congress Party was on the defensive and in a state of denial over political corruption issues, the Indian citizens can draw their own conclusions.

Strangely, when Congress Party spokespersons, perceptively not noted or renowned for reasoned debate, stand cornered by TV anchors, their standard response now seems to be that what they are asserting are the views of the Congress Party and would not comment on Government policies.

Are we then today witnessing a situation where the Congress Party is distancing itself from the Prime Minister who was brought in by the Congress President as an unelected Prime Minister on the sheer strength of her personal nomination?

Or are we witnessing today a calculated strategy of the Congress Party of “Double Deflection”? The “First Deflection” is to ensure that the Prime Minister and the PMO are not singed in reports and observations of Constitutional and Parliamentary institutions and the “Second Deflection” is to keep intact the public image of the Congress President on political corruption issues by distancing the Congress Party from the Prime Minister’s stands and decisions on political scams.

Perceptively, the Indian citizens do not seem to be misled by such a calculated strategy as outlined above. In their minds the Congress Prime Minister, the Congress Government and the Congress Party are viewed as one integrated complete whole functioning under the directions of the Congress President.

Perceptively, the Congress Ministers and Congress spokespersons onslaughts on Constitutional and Parliamentary institutions has not gone down well in the minds of India citizens, especially when they retort when cornered ,that what ultimately counts is the will of the Indian electorate which voted them into power for a second time in 2009.

Surely, the Indian electorate did not vote in the Congress Party to perpetuate political corruption? 


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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