2G Spectrum Scam: Will Raja Sing?

There is very good news emanating from the 2G Spectrum scam being heard in court. Readers might recall that late last month this scribe wrote: “The established mafia gangs of New York were demolished when they fought each other while the police watched. Ultimately the looters of India will be destroyed not only by the police or by the courts. They will destroy themselves as they fight each other tooth and nail. So we must sit back and enjoy the sweet music as the canaries start to sing. One has great hopes of enjoying a musically rich May 2011.” 

Lawyer Ram Jethmalani who represents Ms Kanimozhi, Mr. Karunanidhi’s daughter in the case, pleaded bail for his client. The burden of his argument was that his client was innocent because she was unaware of all the corruption being practiced by former Telecom Minister A. Raja who is presently cooling his heels in jail. Ms Kanimozhi, as is well known, had the most cordial relations with Mr. Raja. The court has reserved judgment on the bail application till May 14th. Was Mr. Jethmalani’s defence argument made with the tacit consent of Mr. Raja? Or is it that under the heat the accused have started to rat against each other? If it is the latter, we will have to watch how Mr. Raja reacts. Being made the only fall guy by his close ally may not please him overmuch. Will he react like a mouse or a cornered rat? Will he start singing? One waits with bated breath for the sound of a canary’s sweet notes!    


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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