India Persists in Pakistan Appeasement Policies

Disgusting is too mild a word to express an Indian citizen’s reaction to the readiness with which the Indian Government reaffirmed its readiness to resume the Peace Dialogue with Pakistan in the immediate wake of Osama bin Laden’s targeted liquidation by US Special Forces deep within Pakistan in a Pakistan Army garrison city. Nauseatingly, the Indian Prime Minister seems to enjoy a better politically- supportive constituency in Pakistan going by the statements of the Pakistani Foreign Secretary, than within the Indian Republic in which the Prime Minister is in a “State of Severe Disconnect” with his own people on his Pakistan policy formulations. Mahatma Gandhi would have shuddered at this appeasement approach.

While one United States dignitary has termed Pakistan as “Terroristan”, the Indian Government proceeded hastily and reflexively to its readiness to ‘talk peace” with this internationally condemned “Terroristan”. Has the Indian Republic under the leadership of a Congress Prime Minister lost all sensitivity to India’s Self-Respect and National Honor?

Pakistan Appeasement at any cost has been the hallmark of India’s current Prime Minster and bears his personal stamp. Reports in some circles indicate that many within the policy establishment have been demanding a re-think of the Prime Minister’s policy formulations on Pakistan, but he has obdurately been dismissive of such suggestions. It can be safely presumed that India’s Foreign Office too with career diplomats of long standing could not have been supporting the idealistic fixations of the Prime Minister for peace at any cost with Pakistan. Reportedly he seems to have stated somewhere that he would term his mission accomplished if he could bring about peace with Pakistan.

The bigger and most significant issue that stares the Indian Republic squarely in its face is that can the Indian Republic’s National Security, National Self-Respect and National Honor be mortgaged to the idealistic predilections of one Prime Minister?

“Trust Deficit” with Pakistan has been a new coinage in the political vocabulary under this Prime Minister’s regime of the last eight years. Has the Prime Minister ever cared to explain to his countrymen as to where the shoe fits in when it comes to the ‘trust deficit’ in Pakistan -India relations? 

Why is the Prime Minister silent on the Pakistani Foreign Secretary’s outburst at a Press Conference after Laden’s killing when questioned on Mumbai 26/11 that India should consider 26/11 as past and it is high time India stops harking on it.

Does the Prime Minister subscribe to this assertion and does he expect the citizens of the Indian Republic and especially the near and dear ones of those mercilessly gunned down in Mumbai 26/11 by Pakistan Army commando trained Jihadis, to forgive Pakistan?


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment I increasingly get the feeling that our political leadership is a coven of old senile ladies who are just trying to grab as much as they can.....

Afraid to take action against the corrupt, Scared to death at the prospect of a tough stance against the Jihadi terrorists and grovelling in front of the Pakis.... this Indian desposition is a sham....

Himanshu Ved
08-May-2011 02:58 AM

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