Being Oneself

To be oneself is the greatest achievement that can ever a human being have. Somewhere there lies some basic mistake in our total approach towards life where achieving something is promoted as the goal of life. I wonder why there should be some achievement or some goal in our life? Cannot we remain happy as we are?

There was a man, who took retirement at the age of 80, from the politics. He struggled a lot but couldn't be any minister. He had two son, of which one was in politics and very clever while other was not that much. The former one became minister at very early age of his life. The man was very proud of his minister son and he was not that much caring for his other son. 

To be very frank, the man was looking at his son as the extension of his own will. So he was loving the minister in the son and not him. This is very fatal. Society loves someone of you, within you, from you but very few love 'you'! So this approach of all make everyone very competitive, always aiming for something, always want something. No one is happy with whatever he has, whatever he is.   

Trees are happy the way they are.I am not saying that we must stop our progress or leave everything and just sit. We also should try to do something ... to raise our awareness, consciousness. To be totally in tune with life is I think the greatest achievement.

Have we ever thought that in the process of running behind achievement or some goal we are losing the very totality of life?For me, rather than running behind any future achievement, to be able to enjoy present without any worry is the real achievement. Because today we are never in one situation at a time. We think of tomorrow's worries while enjoying todays joy.

So it should be very clear that just becoming is not a big deal. One should enjoy the real bliss of life. If one just go on fetching the water by the container with hole, then at the top the container will be empty totally. So in this rat race of life, the real bliss is lost. Have the feel of it, enjoy it. It is the only authentic achievement.   


More by :  Akshay Patil

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