Pleasure and Pain!

Pleasure and pain, these two things have completely surrounded the human life. Everyone experiences both of these things.

Pleasure, happiness is what everyone needs. One always runs behind happiness. But is it possible to eliminate the pains from pleasure? Is such isolation possible? Unfortunate for many, but the answer is firm no.

These two are the poles of same phenomenon. It is just like positive and negative poles of electricity. North and south pole of a magnet cannot be isolated. This is same game. You cannot run away from pains, sufferings. No, you have to accept them! In fact, being happy or sad for anything, is whole about your mind. It is just the projection of the mind. One can be happy in certain situation while, at the same time, other may not.
So what is this miracle, magic?
This is the magic of mind. Such feelings are not the qualities of a person, situation. If they were, then everyone would have same feelings for the same. So here comes the role of mind. All these feelings, happiness or sorrow, are just the projection of one's mind towards the particular situation or person.
A person falls in love. Is it because the face, he is loving is beautiful? In fact it is because, the mind of person projects, pours the beauty to the face. So same person can be both, soothing or annoying to different people. This projection changes from time to time. The person to whom you say "I cannot live without you", may become the obstruction in your life after some incident. So that person is same, just your projection, interpretation varies.
So you are the master. You can handle the situation. If you decide to be happy in very difficult situation, you can be. This complete game is controlled by you then. Just projection is to be changed. For this, transcend the things which is possible only after becoming one , after completely dissolving in the situation. So become one with everything and simultaneously don't get attached to anything!


More by :  Akshay Patil

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