Am I Really Free?

Life is beautiful. I am free to do what I want with my life. And I am aware of the fact that it is very important to determine how free I am. I can love everything about my life and at the same time I may also hate it.
Everything – decision and action begins with me. The ‘I’ in my life counts the most and the rest follows. The failure, the success, the joys and the sorrows-all are also the result of my own doing. Sweet and bitter moments are a part of life. They cannot control me but I can control them.
I have the freedom to look upon things with a positive or negative attitude. I also have the freedom to rebuild what has been destroyed. I only have to determine if I have the ‘right freedom’ to lead me in the correct direction.

As I was once told, “Your freedom is what makes you.”
Obstacles make me trip and fall on my journey. Do I get up and face it or do I let it push me down, deep?
Here, comes my freedom. My freedom of choice-“Get up!” it says, “Go through it all.”
When I think, contemplate and analyse, I realize that my life gives me the freedom to rebuild my inner being and love the people I meet everyday. My feelings aren’t governed by the people in my life, but by ‘Me’.
I know what to imbibe and what to discount. My heart enables me to choose the right and that, thus, makes my living worthy.
Many times, this beautiful image flashes in my mind when in vacant mood: I, in my elderly life, am with my grandchildren sitting by the fire and talking about my past life. They ask me- “Are we really free…as individuals?” to which I reply, “Yes, in reality we are free, to make all those choices that make us individuals, the choices made with a Heart and not just a Mind.”


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