Modern Day Marauders

‘Family’ is considered as the biggest strength of India. Because, a person without a family is considered cursed, pitied, ridiculed and ostracized. A family man or woman is considered more a worthy citizen to the society and are treated as blessed souls. True, since whenever there is a crisis, he/she can rely on the family members for help, moral and financial support. A family man leaves his footprints in the world through his progenies. He also leaves many a legacy like name, fame and above all wealth.

But all these are great and acceptable as long as these are within limits of the societal norms.

What had left the whole nation agog are the ways the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and its patriarch M Karunanidhi and his family members have been indulging in all these years of power and position. He had successfully made ‘politics’ into unethical ‘family business’.

The octogenarian had never batted his eyelid to violate any norm to accommodate his family members in any area of money making. He had never given them his piece of mind at any point of time on how one should behave when they become public servants and represent the state or nation at large. He allowed them or even advised them to put the personal priorities before the public interest and try to make as much hay while sun shines.

He encouraged his lieutenant A Rasa to do flagrant violation of rules and bring millions of rupees as bribe to start a television channel in his name for his daughter Kanimozhi. He did not even think twice before making his wife and daughter as the managing partners of the channel started with the bribery. His grand nephew Kalanidhi Maran who was hailed as a smart and dynamic minister of telecommunication had tried all possible ways to loot the public exchequer without qualms to help his family business of Sun TV.

But even after the trading of allegations with arguments and counter arguments by CBI and other legal authorities, MK still has his arrogance to defend his family people without least humiliation.

The famous adage goes as ‘Blood is thicker than water’. True; ‘family blood’ makes even the human skin thicker than animal hides. What a shame!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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