Misbehaviour of the Congress

The day Pranab Mukerjee was sworn in as the Finance Minister, I had remarked in one of my writings that the intent of the Congress will now be to find ways and means to scuttle the demand of the nation to come clean on the ill gotten wealth of the Gandhi family and others.

Pranab Mukerjee is the oldest member of the inner circle from Indira Gandhi's era and a scycophant to the core. A former diplomat, a sweet talking schemer, Pranab is in the know of the stashed away wealth of the gandhi family.

As events unfolded and budgets presented, it became obvious that Pranab was at it. The grapevine alluded to the wealth of the gandh's being moved from known locations to unknown locations.

When Baba Ramdev launched his agitation, Pranab stayed in the background, preferring to let Kapil and others negotiate.

When realisation set in that Baba Ramdev was adamant about his demands, Kapil and others went into a huddle with Pranab again.

The congress was left with no option but to unleash state power on innocent people at Ramlila Maidan.

History is witness to such behaviour. When dictators are confronted they too misuse state power. Arrogance drives them during such times.

The language of the uncouth Digvijay Singh is testimony to the mindset of arrogance. But then, as a wag commented, what can one expect from a 'Dasiputra'.


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Comment Ravinder, one has to agree with your views about Pranbji. But is there anything new? Congress is, and was, since the times of Indira, a party made up of spineless, self serving individuals where even to think anything against the party leader, and in particular about the Nehru dynasty, was considered blasphemy. Anyone who dared the tenet was summarily dumped by the wayside to rot.
India will have to suffer as long as these enuchs stay at the helm of the affairs.Only the Kalmadis, Rjas, et al, will flourish in this septic environments.
However, i am yet hopeful that the day of reckoning will come and hope the almighty will not make me live that long to see it.

Khushroo Bharucha
09-Jun-2011 06:14 AM

Comment Ravinder, I respect your views regarding Digvijay. I am also of the view, that if opportunity permits Digvijay is like those people, who can sleep with wives of their cousins and to the extent with their daughters as well.
To say Dasiputra, is an insult to all the mothers in general. Knowledge does not flow by adage of cast or creed.
Corruption does not manifest in monetary terms only. To call someone a Dasiputra, is in itself being corrupt. Please be respectful of the services provided by those Das (sevak), the services which unfortunately we do not have the ability to provide. Sevaks have immense calmness and balance of mind. This is what is sought after by leading leaders.
Please go through Mahabharat, because at times we become complacent and deviate from our objectives.

06-Jun-2011 07:59 AM

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